Adam Levine for Kmart Men’s Collection

Buffalo Plaid Cardigan $21 | Buffalo Check Flannel $15 | Gray/Blue Plaid Flannel $15

Ok, so obviously I’m not a dude, and I don’t write much about men’s fashion, but when your boy hates to shop, someone HAS to do it. And that someone is me.

Enter Adam Levine for Kmart. I swear, this collection was MADE for Dave. Shawl cardigans, flannel, plaid… it had his name written all over it!

So I ordered A TON of it. 7 shirts, 4 cardigans. Mind you, I haven’t shopped at Kmart since I was in elementary school, so this was a little crazy, even for me. I was sure this was going to be amazing and I would have his part of the clothing Christmas gifts locked down, and it was such an awesome deal! So imagine my surprise when I open the box and the size Large looks… well, funky.

I really did not want to put it under the tree without knowing if this was going to work – I mean, I would be so disappointed if nothing fit after the work of wrapping all of it, ya know? So… I blindfolded him and I dressed him.

Good thing I trusted my intuition – this stuff fit so weird! The sleeves were SO long. SO long. And he doesn’t have short arms, in fact many of his shirt sleeves are a bit on the shorter side. The chest was a lot tighter than typical shirts of the same size (Express Fitted men’s shirts, for instance.) The shoulders were also much more narrow in comparison to his other shirts (I compared to a Kenneth Cole plaid button up and an Arizona Men’s flannel in his closet; the flannels from Adam Levine were at least 1.5 inch smaller.)

The total length of the sweaters were also strange – the Aztec print seemed too short, and the Buffalo Plaid seemed too long.

So all of this leads me to the question – who on earth CAN wear this stuff? I seriously am so disappointed. I will say – the quality seemed great for Kmart, and the prices (at 40% off regular prices + an additional 20% with coupon code) were also super. These pieces are really great, if you know someone who is tall, with a narrow chest and shoulders, and really, really long arms!

Do you shop for the man in your life? Where’s your favorite place to shop for him? Let me know in the comments, I’m on the lookout for some good last minute Christmas presents! :)


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