Book Review: Hush by Stacey R. Campbell


Book to Review: Hush by Stacey R. Campbell
Stars: ★★★★ (3.5/5)
Source: c/o NetGalley

Synopsis: European high schooler Max discovers a secret his recently deceased Aunt was hiding in a desk drawer. Blakely, a high schooler all the way around in the world in Anacortes, WA has a secret identity that even she doesn’t know about. When Max is sent to America to go to Lakeview by his professor and is sworn to secrecy, he meets the potential answer to the mystery that his aunt hid away all these years.

Review: This was a really sweet book. It was a little bit Princess Diaries and a little bit Harry Potter. I read both of these as a middle or high schooler, and this book is absolutely perfect for the teen/YA group (…and for early twenty somethings like me who like cute stories!).

I really liked the interactions between all of the characters. I liked that it was lighthearted and fun (especially after just finishing the Book Thief for my book club. WAY different book.) I also liked that this book was based in the Pacific Northwest (and hello, I’m from Seattle!) and that instantly gets it a star in my book!

Some things I didn’t like as much though: The friends of Blakely weren’t really introduced at first, and many of them had gender neutral names which threw me off a bit at first (Tyson, Angelo, Riley), and so I struggled to keep it straight at first. Once there was a bit more character development about each one, it wasn’t a problem.

I also had a hard time following the character dialogue at times. I found myself reading back to see who was saying what because for whatever reason it didn’t say who was saying what dialogue. This could have been due to a formatting problem in the eBook ARC I received.

I would definitely recommend this for any 15 year old, or for someone who is 15 at heart! Great for those who enjoyed Princess Diaries, the Tragedy Paper, or Harry Potter.


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