Book Review: The Forgotten Ones (Danaan Triology #1) by Laura Howard

Book to Review: The Forgotten Ones by Laura Howard
Stars: ★★★ (3/5)
Source: c/o NetGalley

Synopsis:  Allison has a lot going on. Her schizophrenic mother requires nearly around the clock care. Her best friend wants her attention. She’s in love with a boy named Ethan. Her grandparents are aging and she doesn’t want them to have to worry themselves with her mother’s care.

And then, her father mysteriously enters her life again, and he promises he can help her mother but won’t tell her how or why. Allison doesn’t trust him, but he sure is persistent and tells some interesting stories about the Tuatha de Danaan, the long forgotten people of Ireland. Should she take a risk and trust her father to help her mother?

Review: I won’t lie, I requested this because I liked the cover. I had no idea what it was about. Typically I’m not really into YA-fantasy types, or any fantasy for that matter, but I would say this was more on the YA side for the first half and more fantasy for the second half. If you’re like me and don’t typically gravitate toward fantasy novels, this may be a great read for you. Its quick and light, and an overall fun book.

I liked the sweet romance between Ethan and Allison. It was very teenager-y and light. The storyline was creative and captivating, so captivating that I finished this in less than a day. Love that.

A few things I didn’t like: The names. I had a really hard time pronouncing them in my head, and I got a few of the characters confused. This may just be because I’m not use to reading fantasy, and is probably something I just need to get used to. I did think it was great that there was a pronunciation guide included at the end of the book, but honestly it may have made more sense in the beginning for people like me. ;)

I do wish there was more back story about Allison’s mother and father. I know this is a series, so perhaps this will come later in the books, but it would have been interesting to find out more about WHY her mother was the way she was and why she would chant Allison’s father’s name so frequently. I also found it a bit odd that no one connected Allison’s mothers cries with the man that moved in next door to them. I’ll be keeping an eye out for the next novel in this series, and am interested to see where it takes the story.

Do you enjoy YA fantasy? What’s your favorite book in that category? I look forward to reading about your favorites in the comments!


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