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Something I’ve been keeping my eye out for is the perfect convertible tote bag for spring/summer adventures. I’m not the type of girl to lug around a huge camera bag, I prefer something a bit smaller and more multi-use. Typically I will shoot with one or two prime lenses and call it good. Sorry, I guess I’m not the next Ansel Adams after all. ; )

Not only do I carry around camera stuff, but I also tend to have pockets and bag stocked with dog treats, poop bags… you know, that crazy dog lady stuff. Not to mention all the crazy stuff that ends up at the bottom of my purse. I’m sure you know the drill.

Anyways, while shopping around, I’ve found a few convertible tote bags that I think may be the right fit for me. BUT, I’d also love to hear how you lug around all of your on-the-go goods!

Convertible Tote Bag / Spend, Splurge, Save / hello, rigby! Splurge
Coach $398 / Rebecca Minkoff $325Kate Spade $478 / Rebecca Minkoff $295

Dooney & Bourke $199 / Lulu’s $59 / Dooney & Bourke $139 / Modcloth $45

Mossimo Supply Co. $30 / Old Navy $25 / Forever 21 $25

Which one is your favorite? Or, would you choose something completely different? Let me know in the comments!


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2 thoughts on “convertible tote bag / splurge, spend, save

  1. Emma R

    I adore the pale blue in the top left – so springlike! At the moment I’ve been searching for a structured tan bag that’s big enough to hold everything from glasses case to purse to camera. I”m a sucker for pretty handbags!


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