Bad Date Stories with Hinge + a giveaway!

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Something I absolutely do not miss is bad dates. I’m sure we all have had them, right? I thought I’d share one of my most awkward dates, and a way to stop them forever, with a new app that’s launching today in Seattle called Hinge.

Bad Date Stories with Hinge / hellorigby!

So first off, my bad date wasn’t really that bad. It was just incredibly awkward. Picture the shyest boy you’ve ever met. Got him in your mind? Okay, so that’s who I went out on a date with. He was really sweet, and meant well, but it was painfully awkward. While I’m no extrovert, carrying on a conversation with someone who looks to be physically ill at the thought of small talk is painful.

Not to mention, he had absolutely NO idea what we were doing for our “date”. He feebly handed me a coupon to Buca di Beppo and told him his mom suggested getting food from there. The only problem? The coupon was only good for take out. So, we went and perused the menu, ordered take out… and had nowhere to eat it. I suggested we take it to a local park (because um, eating in his car on the first date would have been even more awkward) and we ate it on some play equipment. At a park. We were definitely too old for that, but I digress.

He really was a nice guy, just maybe not the nice guy I was looking for. I will admit, I did give him another chance… and I can’t say that date was any better. (I’m pretty sure it involved teriyaki take out for one, because he “wasn’t hungry” and a stroll around the waterfront. Pretty, but way too much awkward silence for me.)

Hopefully he’s found an equally shy lady, or has broken out of his shy-guy shell by this point. Regardless, if you’re trying to avoid your polar opposite, you should really try out Hinge!

Hinge is a new service to find a partner that could be a perfect match for you. What’s awesome about Hinge is that you’ve got a huge safety net – as it uses your social networks to match you up with friends of friends. Unlike apps that show you randos nearby, Hinge shows you only people in your extended social circles – the types of people your friends might introduce you to, but haven’t had the chance yet.

Hinge will send you 20 potential connections each day from your extended social networks. It’s way easier to meet and connect with friends-of-friends, right? You also can favorite or pass on profiles, and get full details on your potential match’s friends, jobs, photos, religion, and more. And you know how I mentioned my awkward date with a lack of destination? Hinge has got you covered. They’ll introduce you two, plus suggest a meeting place to break the ice. Now if only this had been around when I was dating…

Clearly if you’re looking for a date, Hinge is your wing-woman. And you’re in good company too, as most Hingers (is that a thing? It should be) has 30+ friends already on the app in 10 cities (DC, NYC, Boston, Philly, Chicago, SF, Atlanta, Dallas, LA, and today, Seattle.) Hinge also has some mad bragging rights – they’ve made 3 million matches and have celebrated several engagements already!

Don’t take my word for it though… click here to download and try Hinge out for yourself. Happy matching!

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Thank you to Hinge for sponsoring today’s post. For more about Hinge, download their FREE app on your iPhone or Android.

And in other news, Sarah from Venus Trapped in Mars and friends are giving away $100 to Lululemon, so before your hot date with your match from Hinge you can get your sweat on in style!

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So, tell me, what’s your most awful (or awkward!) date story? I know you have them!

68 thoughts on “Bad Date Stories with Hinge + a giveaway!

  1. Kate

    Oh yikes. That does NOT sound like an enjoyable experience. I’m somewhere on the extrovert-introvert line, and that situation wouldn’t work for me at all. I would feel so awkward for him on top of the awkwardness of the situation overall.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Yep exactly, I’m the same way (somewhere in between) so it’s hard to deal when someone is just super awkward at having conversations!

  2. Chelsea

    Ahhhh, so awkward! I’ve totally had a date like that! The guy was SO nice but I am fairly shy myself and he was even more shy so it was just absolutely painful, haha!

  3. Alisha Hodges

    I think my most awful date was one my sister set me up on. It was a pity date, because I only went because I felt sorry for the guy. During the movie, he kept laughing way too loudly and slapping my leg over and over again every time he laughed. The entire date was awful. Then on the way home, we didn’t speak the entire time, not even to say goodbye. After that, he spread rumors about me because he couldn’t take rejection.

  4. Paulina

    I hear ya with going on dates with awkward guys. I went on a date with one guy who I left like he never talked to a girl before. It was so awkward. I really wanted to force him to drink so it wouldn’t be so dang awkward.

  5. estherjulee

    oh no.. i could not do that. it’s pretty painful when you have to drive the conversation.. and i don’t usually like to talk if it’s someone new. hmm i can’t remember the last time i’ve had a super awkward date. i usually have the opposite problem and end up going on first dates with guys who think they’re smoother than they really are.

  6. JoAnn

    This looks like a fantastic idea for an app! My worst date was when I didn’t even realize it was a date until the guy tried to hold my hand during a movie. Very awkward.

  7. Lisa

    That wasn’t too terrible, but it didn’t exactly sound fun!! Why would you go on a date just to watch a girl eat take out, though?? I would have felt so awkward, haha. LOL, this post reminds me I need to tell my bad date story #2 on my blog!

  8. Nina

    I am so frightened to try dating websites, but this app sounds awesome! Granted, I’m not on the dating market anymore. But if I were, I think this is the app I would most gravitate towards.

  9. Stefany

    I am married but this is such a neat service. I love that the people you meet are all those in your extended circle of friends. That is a nice reassurance on who you are meeting!

  10. Christen

    That is very interesting about being hooked up with people who are friends of friends….although that could end up being awkward for other reasons. Like the person could be an ex of another person or something or might have access to embarrassing stories of your past LOL. I am a shy awkward person too. It takes a special type of person to put me at ease and get me talking. Once I start I don’t stop, but I have a hard time getting started. Thank goodness I am married and awkward first dates are behind me!

  11. Katie Matthews

    This app sounds absolutely genius!

    Your date is hilarious by the way. I had some pretty awful dates in my time, I have to admit. I can’t believe you had to get takeaway with nowhere to sit!

    Katie <3

    1. Jenn Post author

      I think so! I saw him a few years later and he seemed much more comfortable in his own skin in general, which I’m sure helped!

  12. Myrabev

    Sounds like a cool app, their is nothing worse that being on a date and he ain’t gat no clue what to say or behave even when you showing him the way lol.

  13. Lynette

    I think I’ve lucky to say I’ve never had a bad date, my second date with my now husband was a bit touch and go at the beginning, but by the end of it we were hocked

  14. Lauren

    LOL this post made me feel all kinds of awkward just reading it!! I cannot believe you ate pasta on a playground. LORD!

    Also, I am so happy you added outbound links on your Rafflecopter so I didn’t have to copy and paste entries. THANK YOU!!

    1. Jenn Post author

      I know right? So much awkward!

      Haha, I didn’t make the Rafflecopter, but I know what you mean… that’s one of my biggest giveaway pet peeves!

  15. Renée

    I think everyone has a bad date story (or five). All I can say is that I am so glad to be past the dating phase in life. This sounds like a pretty neat service for those still in the game though.


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