How much do you spend on clothes each month?

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Last night was laundry night. I was folding clothes, and decided it’s about time to do another closet purge since I just bought a few things for myself to celebrate my birthday (Which is today, btw. Just in case you were curious.)

While I was sorting the stuff I was thinking about donating/consigning, D asked me, “How much do you think you spend on clothes each month?” It’s something I think about every once in awhile. I try not to drop a ton of money on clothes that often, but lately there have been a lot of good sales and sometimes it makes me feel guilty. And let’s just be real, clothes are my favorite thing to shop for. Always have been and always will be.

So how much is too much to spend on clothes?

For me that’s a super hard question to answer, as I don’t particularly have any financial commitments besides a dog. D pays the mortgage, and I contribute food and household supplies. He doesn’t like either of those things, so it’s just what we agreed on when we started living together.

With that in mind, I think $200 seems reasonable on a monthly basis. D thought $100 was reasonable. Obviously I don’t buy haute couture or anything, because my budget would be gutted immediately. I just don’t make enough money to think that Chanel, Alexander Wang, etc. is even remotely reasonable for me.

This got the wheels in my head churning – should I set a budget and stick to it every month? What happens if I spend less one month? Do I get the leftovers the next? Obviously since I didn’t have that plan this month, I won’t be doing it for February. But maybe I try it for March. And April. Maybe even May. Then see where it goes.

Since I won’t be starting this budget until March, it gives me a bit of time to ponder my “budget” and the terms So, that brings me to the big question – how much do you spend on clothes every month (or season)? What do YOU think is reasonable?


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