catch up time + humpday confessions

confessional time… because, well, it’s humpday! and since i missed out on the fun last week, i have some serious confessing to do.

Futurama Not Sure If I should Go to Bed or Watch More Veronica Mars Episodes Meme

1 / … that has been me all weekend. i started veronica mars and i’m so glad i finally did. why on earth did i not watch this when it was like, actually on tv? i would have loved it. #firstworldproblems for real.

Trader Joes Shopping Trip

2 / i finally grocery shopped yesterday. Trader Joes for the win. i’ve been SO bad lately and we’ve been living off leftovers, take out, and scraping together weird meals based on what’s in the fridge and pantry. it was so bad that i pulled what was once a bag of oranges out of the fridge last night. admittedly, i knew nothing about them, but still. ew.

3 /  and… our house is a disaster zone. D’s brother moved out so now its just the two of us (and the little fur ball). its empty, messy, but glorious to have all of the space! we’re going to be remodeling our living room, getting new flooring in the bedrooms, and getting all new furniture this summer so… that should be interesting.

4 / after turning my nose up in disgust at the Birkenstocks trend, i all of a sudden kind of want some. granted, i don’t want the super-granola-hippie looking ones, but i do kind of dig the Gizeh sandals and i kind of like these knock off Sam + Libby for Target ones. pretty sure i’ve lost my mind…
linking up with vodka + soda and fitness blondie for humpday!

what do you have to confess this week? happy humpday! :)

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20 thoughts on “catch up time + humpday confessions

  1. kathy@vodka and soda

    omg birks are SO comfortable!! i used to be all “ew, gross!” but then they came out with nice bohemian-like styles and i love them now. getting them in pearl white also off-sets the ugly factor.

  2. Kristen

    veronica mars! i never watched it either, but i think i should start so that i can watch the movie. lol. it obviously had a pretty big following!
    i am not a huge fan of the birkenstock thingys, but i love those target ones! cuute.

  3. brittney

    Hahaha I find old shows on netflix all the time and then Im like why didnt I watch this when it was on TV such as nip/tuck ,SOA, dont trust the B in apt 23…. but its fun to binge watch so theres always that :D

  4. Jess

    TJ’s is where I buy almost allll my groceries. I love that they are super cheap. I have been itching for a pair of Birkenstocks, too. They look soo comfy.


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