i’m a bad dog mom / humpday confessions

i’m totally a bad dog mom. i found a flea on rigby this weekend. i about barfed, then proceeded to flea treat the crap out of him. well, maybe not exactly that, but i did flea treat him and proceed to obsessively check him for more fleas, which i never found. these are the gross things they don’t tell you about dog ownership.

jenn + rigby the shiba inu / hello, rigby!

the better days, when things simpler + my cute doggie didn’t have evil fleas. melodramatic much?

i’m also a terrible planner. i forgot there’s a fashion show this weekend, and i have no business cards to pass out just in case i name drop this little blog of mine while mingling with other show-goers. while that probably wouldn’t happen because i’m a big chicken, it definitely won’t now that i lack anything to leave behind. yayyyyy.

Scott Disick Who Wouldn't Want to Hang Out With Me Gif / hello, rigby!

i also have been a bad blogger. i have all these ideas of posts i want to write and pictures i want to take for them, but then when i actually have the time, i don’t have the energy to do it. i had a bit of a stressful day today, so i’m hoping now that things are better, i will be more motivated. fingers crossed!

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its a damn good thing i’m not a housewife for a living. i would fail. currently our bedroom has a mountain of laundry that needs folding and putting away. i will not tell you how long its been there, but it disturbs me and is #1 on my to do list tomorrow. right after i knock my dog out with Clonazepam. yeah, that’ll be a story for later.

ok, your turn. what are you confessing this week?

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humpday confessions / hello, rigby!

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28 thoughts on “i’m a bad dog mom / humpday confessions

  1. Krystal R.

    aww you arent a bad dog mom for finding one flea! haha Also your last confession is one of mine. Maybe not as bad as mine. I hate to clean, yet I like a clean place. The struggle is real!

  2. Em

    You’re not a bad doggy mom girl! Fur babies just love the outdoors a little too much and get things like ticks or fleas. And oh man…thank goodness I’m not a housewife either…I have two mountains of laundry, laundry still lingering in the dryer getting all wrinkled and random crap EVERYWHERE. Sigh…I need a cleaning lady haha.

  3. daniela @ dkeveryday

    You found the flea, actually knew what it was & did something about you..you = awesome dog mom!!!

    Totally agree on your last two there – I can’t seem to match up having blog ideas & having blog time meaning the blog is seriously lonely :( And my apartment…not so lovely these days. Although I have big plans of cleaning it – tomorrow…

  4. Sarah Christine

    I am so glad that I am not the only one on the bad blogger front, my list of ideas and the picture ideas and everything for them is so long, but at the end of the work day or on the weekends I find myself doing so many other things!

  5. Lisa

    I have all of these ideas for posts, but then don’t do them and write an “easier” post instead. Haha…I’ll probably be a bad blogger next week because I don’t have any days off. Busy work weeks always result in fewer posts, oh well!

  6. jackie

    ahhh I’ve had to deal with fleas before too and freaked out! I used a furminator on the dogs outside to get rid of most of them. I swear now they will never have fleas again. so gross.

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