Meet Plated

So, I have a new BFF. It’s name is Plated and they bring me ingredients for delicious meals once a week.

The last year I have struggled A LOT to feel motivated to cook every night for dinner. I just don’t find it all that enjoyable – the shopping for ingredients, forgetting something, having to go back to the store. Ya know, it kind of sucks. Baking? Baking’s my jam. That’s fun.

Plated provides a meal delivery service – they send you ALL of the ingredients you need with the exception of olive oil, salt, pepper, and water. You purchase on a per plate basis the meals that you would like to make, then it’s overnighted to your door on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Here’s what I made last week:


Teriyaki Salmon with Carrot-Ginger Salad – I’m not even a big fish fan, and even I liked this.


Wild Mushroom Pappardelle – So simple, yet tasty. The portion was also very generous. I had this for lunch today and have enough for half a lunch tomorrow!

Already this is making my life so much easier. That was two nights we didn’t have to “discuss” what take out to get or what we should have for dinner. I knew everything was already waiting for me at home in the fridge. Thank you Plated!

If you’re interested in trying Plated, use my referral link for two free plates to get you started. They also sent me four free plates for two people, so if you’d like that instead, leave an email in the comments!

Would you ever subscribe to a meal delivery service? How do you battle the “what should I make for dinner” question?


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