October Conscious Box Gluten-Free Subscription Box Review

This is my first Conscious Box. They describe their service as helping you to “discover the healthiest and most eco-friendly products every month.” I chose the Gluten-Free Conscious Box, but they also have a Classic box and a Vegan box.

Conscious Box was just as described – it had many products and brands I’d never heard of, and tons of samples. Most of my other boxes send larger samples, but Conscious Box promises 13-15 samples instead. I was expecting more variety in the types of products (I got more skincare than I expected), but it was great to try everything out!

Here’s the first look:


Everything inside:


Seriously, that is a lot of samples!

October Full Box Details:


Eat Green Tea 100% Organic Green Tea – So this is a little packet full of edible green tea that you’re supposed to sprinkle on your food or drink for one day’s servings of antioxidants. Seems a bit odd, but I think this would be good in a smoothie. (Value $.75; Full size $25)


Waxlene Petroleum Jelly Alternative – I used this on my lips (its a suggested use, don’t worry!) and I loved it! Super moisturizing, and this is a pretty big tube which is great! (Value $3.49; Full Size $6.99)

Honest Co. Honest Shampoo/Body Wash – I haven’t used this yet, but we love Honest products in our house so I’m sure its great. (Value $.15; Full Size $9.95)


Yoga Anne Calm Essential Oil Blend Sample – This smells very strong, but its very soothing to breathe in. I will probably use this on nights I can’t sleep for relaxation. It also came with a code to use for a free month of YogaAnne, which provides 8-minute yoga flows for people on the go. (Value $28)


Lotus Moon Vitamin B Hydrating Gel Facial Moisturizer – I actually just tried this and the scent is very herbally but also really soothing. It smells like tea and orange oil, which I kind of love. I may look into buying this in the future… (Value ~$2; Full Size $27.97)

Seventh Generation Boosts Natural Skin Serum – This was great! I would consider using this again. (Value $.25; Full Size $14.99)

Seventh Generation Natural Body Lotion – Haven’t tried this yet, but its lavender so I’m hoping its good.  (Value of both $.12; Full Size $7.99)


Bee Rescued Propolis Lip Balm – I hate containers like this, they are either too hard, or too soft and all the lip stuff gets under my fingernail! This one falls into the first category, you have to rub your finger in the pot forever to get any. Boo. (Value $2.49)

100% Free Range Chicken Poop Lip Balm – I haven’t tried this yet, I have too many lip products open right now, but I’m sure now that its getting cold this will enter the rotation soon. I love the ingredients though! (Avocado oil, jojoba, sweet orange, beeswax, and lavender) (Value $2.99)


AlliMax Allicin Capsules (2 ct) – These came kind of munched with some of the capsule innards floating around in the baggie. I’m also not sure how much I want to take pure garlic capsules… (Value $2; Full Size $30)

Biobag Biodegradable + Compostable Dog Poop Bag – This was kind of funny to receive in this box, but we have a dog (obviously :) ) and he does produce waste. We used this, and it works like our other biodegradable bags except you can’t see through it which was nice. (Value $.10; Full Size $4.99)


Becky’s Blissful Bakery Original Sea Salt Caramels (3 ct) – OMG yum. Loved these. I would eat these everyday. (Value $2.75; Full Size $10.99)


Outer Spice Original Low-Salt Blend -This was missed in my packing list, so I’m not sure if I was supposed to actually get this or not, but it looks and sounds really tasty. Low salt, gluten free, lots of spices for rubs or to add to a marinade… we’ll probably use this on our next steak. (Value ~$.50; Full Size $6.99)

LifeTree Citrus Dish Soap – This smells and works great. Not sure if I can find this locally and I find it a bit weird to go out of my way to buy dish soap online so… we’ll probably stick to our current soap. (Value $.16;  Full Size $9.99)

FruitsMax Whole Food Supplement (5 ct) – Haven’t tried these yet. I always find it a bit weird to get nutritional supplements in the mail. (Value $2.92; Full Size $34.99)


Primavera Life Intensive Seed Oil Capsules (1 ct) – I used this on Dave, and it seemed to work really well on a patch of dry, flakey skin he had on his face. It was pretty messy since you have to cut open a capsule and apply it though. (Value $2.60 ; Full Size $77.99)

Goddess Garden Organics Lavender Mint Daily Lotion – I haven’t tried this yet, but I like that it has SPF and is 91% organic. (Value $.48; Full Size $18.99)


Froose Moose Tropical Fruit Snacks + Coupon – These were tasty, but they still don’t beat my favorite organic gummies. (Annie’s!) (Value $.70; Full Size $3.49/5 ct)


Good Boy Organics Organicasaurus Baked Organic Corn Snack – I got these in the Love with Food box and didn’t like them. I gave them another try (and I was really hungry when I opened this box so sorry for the weird photo) and I still don’t like these. I appear to be the only one in the world with that opinion, so try them if they sound appealing. :) (Value $1.75; Full Size $41.99/24 ct)

And that’s all the goodies inside my October Conscious Box!

Conscious Box costs $19.99 a month. For October’s box, I got it free since it was my first month and just paid shipping ($7). You can do the same by entering code “FREEBOX” at checkout. The total value of my box was $54 , so well over the $19.95 price tag!

Have you tried Conscious Box or another eco-friendly box? What’s your favorite “green” product?


(Please note: This post contains affiliate links, however this post was not sponsored by Conscious Box. All opinions are my own!)

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