September PopSugar Must Have Box

This is my second PopSugar Must Have box, and I really love the random surprise factor of this box! This month was perfect for me, since it focused on home items, and I’ve been in the home-decorating-mood lately.

First look:


And, paper removed:


…and here’s what’s inside:


P.S. – you’re invited… by Erica Domesek – I love DIY, however I’m kind of lazy and rarely complete projects. I did, however, make us a fall wreath for our living room during the summer, so I can get my craft on when I feel like it. I saw a few projects in here that I could get down with (I’m looking at you, Mercury Glass and woven clutch!) But I’m a little split on this book because it really wasn’t about home entertaining and more about just stuff that fit into different entertaining type things like Sexi Mexi and Picnic Party. (Value $17.59 via Amazon)

Barr & Co. Diffuser – How did they know I’ve been dying for a diffuser? They discontinued the scented oil product we were using from Glade (Dave is super paranoid that those plug-in wall scent things will burn our house down & neither of us like burning candles)… So I’ve been looking for a diffuser set for us. So, awesome timing. I already have it scenting our living room & I love it. (Value $45 via Anthropologie)

Kitsch Hair Bands – These are cute & I love the colors, especially the coral & purple. I’ll wear these during work outs, and probably on days when my hair is a mess and I don’t want to deal with it. (Value $11.99 + 20% off coupon)

Rifle Paper Co. Botanical Coaster Set – So I’ve loved Rifle’s designs forr awhile. Their cards are super cute, and I’ve been thinking about getting the Homegrown Garden set for our kitchen to frame. These coasters are also adorable, however because they’re paper, our dog will destroy them (well, he already ate 2 and destroyed the box so…) I’m planning on looking into framing them  for the bathroom. (Value $16 via Rifle Paper Co.)

Sharkies Energy Gummies – These look and sound good! We haven’t tried them yet, but I’ll probably eat these as an after work snack before dinner. (Value $2 via Amazon)

That’s it Fruit Bar (Pear/Apple) – This was just ok. I like the concept (that it’s just made of apples and pears), but it just wasn’t anything special to me. Oh well. (Value $1.33 via

Shoptiques Gift Card – $25 – I used this to purchase this. I have a couple of dresses I think it would work well with, and its hard to have too many belts. Best of all, it was free. (Value $25, but shipping is almost $9 on the site, so its really more like $15)

And that’s a wrap for September’s box. Did you get September’s PopSugar box? What was your favorite item?


(Please note: This post contains affiliate links, however this post was not sponsored by PopSugar. All opinions are my own!)

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