The $150 Budget Challenge in March / Clothing, Beauty, + Accessory “Low-Buy”

Remember when I mentioned that I may try to challenge myself to a “low-buy” and actually budget how much I spend on clothing, beauty products, and accessories? Welp, it’s March. I’m taking the dive.

Here are my rules:
– Things that I have already signed up for do not count towards the total (I currently have Rocksbox ($19), Julep ($20), and Birchbox ($10) delivered monthly)
– Anything I sell (clothing, shoes, accessories, whatever) adds to my budget.
– Whatever is earned or saved can roll over to the next month (so say I spend $100, I would have an additional $50 in the Bank of Jenn the next month.)
– Purchasing gifts or giveaway items for the blog do not count, since its not for me
– Gift cards, credit card rewards, etc. do not count against my total budget since they do not come from of my personal savings.

My goals:
– To consider my purchases even more than I already do.
– To save money.
– To feel less “wasteful” in the amount of things I own and don’t use/wear
– To be challenged!

I see a lot of wishlist-making, pinterest stalking, and cart abandoning in my future.

Have you ever participated in a no-buy or low-buy? How did it go? Any tips or tricks for me on how to survive?!


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10 thoughts on “The $150 Budget Challenge in March / Clothing, Beauty, + Accessory “Low-Buy”

  1. Alyssa @ Barnwood + Brick

    I know it can flood your inbox, but seriously, sign up for ALL the email alerts from shops like BR and Ann Taylor. Occasionally they offer discounts of 30% – 40% off that can be used on already marked down items, meaning you get the goods for ridiculously cheap. Case and point, I’m wearing an Ann Taylor loft skirt today that I purchased for $5 dollars—that’s as much as I spend on a latte from Starbucks that lasts 20 minutes! :)

  2. D.j. Reynolds

    I need this challenge in my life!! LOL I’m trying to save for a small vacation and a large vacation (think Walt Disney World). Saving is not going so well because I spend money on stupid stuff like a domain and hosting I will never use. :P

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