have my underwear been hanging out all day + other humpday confessions

humpday confessions time, because this link up with vodka and soda is one of my favorites.

humpday confessions / hello, rigby!

1 / due to some unforeseen weirdness with my hosting, i had to write my blog post in a text editor. pretty weird, i must say. i got used to my happy little blue wordpress editor. luckily, everything is back up and running, but seriously, technical glitches suck.

Beyonce Nope GIF / hello, rigby!
2 / ever leave work and reach down to pull up your pants to find your underwear are totally hanging out? yeah, me neither. that would never happen. nope.

mossimo supply co ankle booties / hello, rigby!
3 / i wore the same pair of shoes two days in a row. for me, that’s pretty weird. but i blame target, i found these sam edelman knock offs on sale for $30 and can’t stop wearing them. it’s true love, obviously.

4 / i finally am trying to remedy the i-can’t-remember-what-i-wanted-to-blog-about problem by starting a reminder list for this blog. so far its working, as i wrote down a few of these confessions and its kind of awesome how quickly i can type when i actually remember things.

Say What Again Veronica Mars GIF / hello, rigby!
5 / i’m getting a little sad… i’m almost done with veronica mars and what will i do after i watch the movie?!  tv show suggestions available on netflix or amazon prime are welcome and very much appreciated. (game of thrones, house of cards, and west wing are out though… not my thang. #sorrynotsorry)

what do you have to confess this week?

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27 thoughts on “have my underwear been hanging out all day + other humpday confessions

  1. smfarris

    I started watching all of Veronica Mars and finished just as the movie came out! I was so bummed about the show ending, but the movie was great (for fans–it would have been weird as a stand alone).

  2. lisasweiback

    Oh the underwear situation! I was at a gala with my bf a few weeks ago and the slit in the back of my dress was such that it was very probably my whole ass/underwear was showing. I didn’t even know it had a slit bc I was in a rush when I bought it! I went to the bathroom and when I pulled my dress down I felt slit/underwear. I.almost.died. lol!


  3. Kristen

    i need new tv recommendations as well, i think i will try veronica mars (and then the movie) but not sure if its my cuppa. i do watch game of thrones but i dont love it. greys, vampire diaries, hart of dixie, 2 broke girls, true blood… i cant think of any more right now. doctor who is obv always the fave!

    1. Jenn @ hello, rigby! Post author

      i loved grey’s anatomy, but i left off on season 7 i think and haven’t gotten back to it. i’ve never seen vampire diaries, hart of dixie, 2 broke girls, or doctor who (gasp, i know) so will add those! :)

  4. kathy@vodka and soda

    tech glitches suck large. my platform went down for a while and now i can’t get any email notifications for comments :( how am i supposed to respond to readers??

    you know you’ve found a great shoe when you wear them all the time. those are adorable!

    1. Jenn @ hello, rigby! Post author

      ugh how annoying! luckily mine was all fixed in about an hour, but my hosting went down and then for some reason i couldn’t access it from my home wifi IP address. hope they figure out your email notifications ASAP!

  5. Krystal R.

    I wear the same shoes in a row all the bloody time. haha and Im a shoe person! Kudos to you for that! Also Ive starting jotting things down in the notepad on my iphone app or even in the blogger app as a draft when they pop into my head! Otherwise I tend to forget!

    1. Jenn @ hello, rigby! Post author

      well i’m glad it socially acceptable then! my co-workers do it all the time, but they’re boys so i figure it doesn’t work that way for them. writing things down as you think of them is definitely the word these days, so helpful!

  6. Em

    Oh man I must say Law & Order it up on Netflix! I definitely needed to start a reminder list for my blog too! My life needs to stop being so crazy and busy haha.

  7. Kenzie

    I am thinking about starting Veronica Mars when I am done with Sherlock (definitely check out Sherlock, I LOVE that show)! I used to watch it when it first came out and loved it. I am always having to set reminders when it comes to posts. If I don’t write it down I forget ha ha.


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