the internet is weird + other humpday confessions

ever have a ton of ideas for blogging right before bed, in the shower, while you’re driving, basically anywhere that you can’t really write them down? and then when you actually sit down to write, nothing comes to mind? yeah, that’s totally happening right now. pretty sure i had at least 10 humpday confessions. and now, here i sit, typing away hoping something will come to me.

Carol Get Your Shit Together / Bridesmaids Quotes / hello, rigby!
in that same light, i have about 50 things i want to update on the blog (about page anyone? like who am i anyways?) and i never can seem to find the time to actually do them… yet i will think about them randomly and actually go so far as to write sentences/paragraphs in my head. i’m jealous of the bloggers who seem to always have their shit together.

so last wednesday i told you guys how bad of a dog mom i was because i found a flea on rigby. good news? no more fleas. even better news? he went to the vet, and it went well! so, no confession here really except to say that i was so stoked about him not being a meany pants bad dog to the vet and not having to feel like a failure for owning a monster. #win

i’d like to confess the fact that i am probably the palest person in the world right now. i took outfit photos for this week over the weekend, and i basically blended in with my outfit. pale girl camo, anyone?

Seagull Steals Bag of Chips GIF / hello, rigby!
also, has anyone heard about these weird shoplifting brag blogs on tumblr? apparently its a thing. i’ll confess i was never a badass child/teen. i have never stolen anything (knowingly at least) and don’t plan to, yet was oddly fascinated with this “culture”. not judging anyone who has, but just saying, these kids are pretty serious business.

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what do you have to confess this week?

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25 thoughts on “the internet is weird + other humpday confessions

  1. Kristen

    seriously the amount of blog ideas i get while i am trying to go to sleep, i think im gonna be the best blogger in the world, and in the morning cant remember shit. but i dont want to leave a notebook or anything on the side of the bed because that would be smart. i got a fake tan the other day and it didnt go so well (surprisingly, because i love the person who does it, and have had it before) and i scrubbed my skin bare, and i am rocking the white pastyness. no shame.

    1. Jenn @ hello, rigby! Post author

      ooh no, see this is why i’m scared to get a spray tan! i had a friend who sprayed himself in school and he had no idea what he was doing – he had orange drips everywhere and he even sprayed his hands! not a good look.

  2. lisasweiback

    Hey Jen!! Awww i’m so happy Rigby got a clean health bill!! What a cutie! :) And I neverrr have time to make my about me page stellar. A few fun facts about me and the blog are there, but that’s as far as I get.. I’m out of idea’s and i’m kind of stuck. I know I have to add photo’s and update it but It’s a little awkward for me though.. Almost self indulgent. Its weird, lol! Great read Jenn and talk soon! <333


  3. Lynsey @ Eternally Wanderlyn

    I get so many ideas when I’m doing anything else but blogging. Or I’ll work out exactly what I want to say in my head. Then I can’t even think of a single word to write when I finally get the chance to sit down. It’s so frustrating sometimes.

  4. Kenzie

    I don’t think I’ve ever had my shit together the whole time I’ve been blogging ha ha!
    I too am incredibly pale, but I’ve heard wonderful things about Banana Boat self tanner!! My son’s preschool teacher uses it and her legs always look AMAZING. Kids are strange bragging about their thefts.

  5. Sarah Christine

    Ugh I always have thoughts at the worst times too. I can write entire blog posts that are witty and funny and smart and just all around perfect while I’m driving to work, but by the time blogger is open in front of me, completely gone! It is so unfair!

    1. Jenn @ hello, rigby! Post author

      i know right?! it seems like there should be an easier way to come up with posts and actually get them recorded without, you know, crashing your car while driving or something!

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