Hello, 2014: My New Years Resolutions


Well, hello there Day #2 of 2014!

This year instead of setting “resolutions” for myself, I’d prefer to set challenges for myself. Most of all, I just want to do better at the things I already do – learn, read, eat, exercise, and blog.

Challenges of 2014:

1. Get out there and learn more things. I’d really love to go to a blogger conference, especially BlogHer 2014 since Jenny Lawson of the Bloggess is the keynote speaker.

2. Read more. Make better habits for reading by setting aside time each night to read before bed, and get through my huge reading backlog! On Goodreads I’ve challenged myself to read 100 books this year.

3. Eat better. Last year I went Gluten Free for the month of January. We also tried the Paleo diet for a few weeks. It was a good experience in thinking outside of the box, but I’m not going on any particular diet this year. I just want to challenge myself to incorporate more fresh fruit and veggies into my meals, and to eat out less during the week. I think we may try Plated to help jump start the meal cooking at home.

4. Be more active. I don’t want to join a gym or commit to some crazy work out routine, but I want to make exercise a bigger part of my life. I’d like to go on a hike with Dave and the pup every so often.

5. Be a better blogger. I still have no idea what I’m doing, but I hope to find out more this year. My first challenge? Blogging everyday in January, via NaPoBloMo. If you have suggestions or comments about this blog, good or bad, I’d love to hear them!

What are you challenging yourself to this year? Did you set resolutions or do you think it’s a silly tradition?


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