French Toast & Pirate Ducks: A Day in Miami

I thought about doing one large photo dump… but I thought I’d spare your computer the heart attack of loading my 500 photos and split it into two posts.

I’m really not posting 500 photos though, promise.

If you haven’t been around here in awhile, I was gone last week on a trip to Miami Beach Florida, then boarded a cruise ship to the Bahamas with my friend and fellow blogger, Sarah.

Miami, Florida Beach Skyline and Water / hellorigby!

Our two days in Miami kind of ended up being only one day… we took a red-eye to get there Friday night our time, and ended up in Miami Saturday afternoon. We got our rental car, almost got killed driving on their scary highways (honestly, Florida residents, do all people drive like maniacs there?!), drove around to not find any street parking near the hotel at all, dragging our bags like the tourists that we were from the parking garage a million blocks away, and arrived at our hotel. We then did a little shopping, got some food, took a nap, got some more food, then watched the Seahawks game. At some point, we fell asleep and didn’t wake up until 2pm the next day. Yeah, seriously.

Eleventh Street Diner, Miami - French Fried French Toast with Strawberries and Condensed Milk Syrup / hellorigby!

Then this happened. Holy yum. French fried french toast with strawberries and condensed milk syrup. Be still my heart, I happily ate the whole thing.

Miami Ride the Ducks Pirate Duck Tour / hellorigby!

Oh and then this happened too. In Seattle, we have Ride the Ducks, but I found that Miami had the “Pirate Duck Tours” which sounded much more festive. So we took that to see the sights, which was pretty fun honestly.

Miami Art Deco Architecture / The James Hotel / hellorigby!Miami Holocaust Memorial Statue / hellorigby!Holocaust Memorial

Miami Boat Marina and Dock / hellorigby! Miami Boat Marina / hellorigby! Miami, Florida South Beach from the Water & Skyline / hellorigby!Elizabeth Taylor's Former Miami Mansion Home / hellorigby!Elizabeth Taylor’s former home

Abandoned Miami Mansion - Addams Family Movie House / hellorigby!…And next door, this abandoned mansion, formerly owned by a woman who left it to 14 cats. When the last of her cats died, they then used it as a set for the Addams Family movies

Miami Beach Fifth and Alton Romero Britto Installation Art / hellorigby!Jenn of hellorigby! and Sarah of SarahChristineStyle - Miami Trip 2015 / hellorigby! Miami Beach, Art Deco District - The Viscay Hotel / hellorigby! Miami, Florida Sunset Skyline / hellorigby!

We also did a little more shopping, ate some good Bolivian food, walked through the World Erotic Art Museum (thanks for the tip, Kati Rose! I have a great picture sitting on the, um, “throne”.), and picked up the most delicious cookies from Insomnia Cookies. Go there if you’re in Miami and have a cookie for me.

And, that was Miami in a nutshell. It was a quick trip, and while it was fun, the weather definitely could have been warmer, the people could have been nicer, and I probably won’t be running back anytime soon. What can I say, I like Seattle. ;)

On a slightly (okay, totally) unrelated note, my friends from HurryOut, a new Seattle event calendar app for iPhone, are hosting a launch party the week after next, February 3rd from 6:30-9pm in downtown Seattle. They’ve offered up¬†5¬†tickets to local readers if you’re able to join us! No following or funny business required, just enter the Rafflecopter form below with the best email address to contact you at on Monday and I’ll contact you then if you won. ;)

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Oh, and be sure to check out Sarah’s trip recap that she posted yesterday too. She has some super fun photos, I especially love her animal shots and one of the stories surrounding it… I’ll let you read that there though. ;)

And tell me… do you like doing “touristy” things on vacation, or do you prefer to explore a city on your own? I’m super curious – I usually fall in the latter group!

36 thoughts on “French Toast & Pirate Ducks: A Day in Miami

  1. Heather B

    How beautiful does your trip look?! Also, I’m loving your hat in that picture- is it a recent purchase? Perfect for a cruise around Miami!

    Heather | Style Prescription

    1. Jenn Post author

      It’s from 2 years ago at Target, but they seem to bring it back every summer, just in different band colors! I love it, I take it on every sunny vacation!

  2. suki

    Fun! We have our very own Ride the Ducks in SF too. :) I’ve only been to Miami with the fam a LONG time ago. Definitely don’t remember much about it.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Have you ever been on the Ride the Ducks? It’s definitely fun, but you get a lot of funny looks while riding them. It always seems like it would be fun, but I’ve never done taken the tour here in SEA!

      1. suki

        I have! ;-) It is a little silly, but we didn’t care too much because when we went, the sponsor had managed to bring on a keg. Alcohol is normally not allowed though. lol

  3. Cat

    OH MY GOODNESS, that french toast looks sooooo good. It’s always my go-to at breakfast spots, but that one looks especially mouth-watering.

    I’m glad you guys had such a good time! Miami sounds like a cool city, and I’m sure you didn’t mind getting away from the cold Seattle weather :)


    1. Jenn Post author

      Oh my gosh it was so good! I told Sarah I could hear my arteries clogging (this one was deep fried after all!) but no cares, so good.

      I definitely didn’t mind, though I wish it had been a hair warmer! The wind is much more forceful there then it is here, and it did rain a bit! Guess I just can’t escape it ;)

  4. HEATHER My Little HEA

    Miami is definitely not the first place I would want to travel in Florida but for a cruise it’s where a lot of people end up. I’ve been there twice and was not impressed either time. I love that you took a tour, that sounds like the best way to see the sites and your hat is so cute!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks Heather! Yeah, Miami is not my #1 choice for traveling in Florida if I go again. We were actually hoping to fit Orlando in but realized it was too far away from the Port to make work. Maybe next time!

  5. Naomi

    I loooove your pictures! I’ve been to Florida a few times but never reached Miami. Maybe one day. And to answer your question. I usually do a mix of both. I love getting lost & finding cool & fun little restaurants or shops you wouldn’t have found otherwise. I also always google for local things to do instead of the typical tourist thing. But if you’re visiting for example Rio, you just HAVE to visit the Redeemer, super touristy, but so worth it!.


    1. Jenn Post author

      I like your take on traveling to new places – I always try to do a little bit of that too. Generally will use Yelp to find the restaurants, sightsee on foot, and then do one or two touristy things to see the famous stuff. :)

  6. Chelsea M.

    Love your blog! I found it on Twitter when someone posted your article on responding to brand email inquiries, which was super accurate btw! I’m thinking of getting a “real” camera for my blog, can I ask you which one you use? Your images are on point!

    Chowing Down by the Bay

    1. Jenn Post author

      First of all – thank you, and so glad you liked the post!

      And, secondly, of course! These were taken with a Canon 70D, which I just upgraded to after 5 years with a T1i. Depending on what you use now, I’d recommend starting with Canon’s Rebel DSLR line (or Nikon, if that’s more of your thing, I won’t judge :P), getting some good glass (nifty fifty which is about $100 and the 35mm which I shoot with almost always but is a little steeper at $600) and then upgrading later if you are really enjoying the photos and have a need. I actually have been meaning to do a post on what’s in my camera bag, but haven’t had time to shoot the photos for it yet! I could blab on for days about this, but I’ll wrap it up and say you can always email me if you have any more questions! ;)

  7. Tami

    I have never been to Miami, but I’d sure love to visit at least once. I would agree with you on exploring the city by yourself…however, I do throw in a few ‘touristy’ things as well. :)

  8. Kati Rose

    I’m glad you enjoyed the suggestion of the museum! I have a picture on the “throne” too and I just look at it and laugh. Oh my goodness why’d you have to bring up Insomnia cookies! Now I want one again. Those were so delicious. I agree about Miami in general. While I had fun and enjoyed it, I’m glad I went – but I don’t know if it will be on the top of my list for must visit again places.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Ha, me too, it still cracks me up. Sorry to bring up Insomnia Cookies, but I had to. They were so good! And yeah, Miami = not my favorite, but not terrible either. I could never get down with dressing how the young women seem to dress there. No wayyy.

      1. Kati Rose

        I am with you on not understanding how the girls dressed down there. I spent our entire trip just being amazed at the outfits. Especially when they went out clubbing. I would die in those heels walking, let alone dancing.


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