To Do Tuesday: 10 Things

This to-do list isn’t a to-do list at all. It’s 5 things I’m loving and 5 things I’m hating right now. Maybe its the gray skies that showed up today, or the rain that was on my car window on the drive home, but January has been kind of “meh” and I’m kind of over it.

5 things I love:

1 / My dog’s fuzzy butt cheeks. Seriously, they are so fuzzy. When summer comes and his fur falls out, i will be all :(


2 / Floral print, as evidenced by this post. It reminds me that spring will be here one day soon.


3 / Cupcakes. I had one at Book Club on Sunday, and they are just so delicious.


4 / Audiobooks. They help me make it through a boring work day. I’m reading this right now:


5 / Nail Polish. Specifically this one:


I need it in my life. Ulta, you better not disappoint me.

5 things I hate:

1 / Sickness. Dave seems to have come down with a cold, and blurgh, we just went through this last month with me! We had gone (almost) 3 years without being sick… whywhywhy.

2 / Lazy designers. I found way too many lazy “mistakes” in my former co-workers files today to not be slightly perturbed.

3 / Getting up in the morning. Seriously, why do I have to wake up and actually get ready for work?

4 / Paying bills. Christmas credit card payments are being made. I never know when to stop… Oops.

5 / Vehicle tabs. Whoever came up with that fun idea was seriously disturbed. I always forget about them until they are due and then they charge you extra to pick them up somewhere convenient. Thanks, guys.

What are you loving right now? And lay it on me, what are you hating?


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