Today is a sad day. And also the most ridiculous.

In remembrance of my phone. We were only together a short 1.5 years until you took a tumble down the cement stairs and were forever gone. May you rest in peace.

But really, here’s what happened:

I was making a pizza in the oven from Trader Joe’s. It wasn’t any normal pizza, but a mexican inspired pizza with a cornmeal crust. The little sucker was kind of flimsy, so I put it on parchment paper instead of just straight on the oven rack. I think you know where this is going… but I grabbed two sides of the parchment paper to pull it out, and splat. The thing sunk into the crevice between the oven and the oven’s door. Awesome.

So I hopped into my car to go get some dinner from Five Guys down the way. I got my delicious Little Cheeseburger, and am carrying it inside when my phone slips from my fingers, which may have been greasier than normal from the deliciousness inside. Bang, my phone fell face first onto the cement stair. I said a quick prayer to the iPhone Gods, but they laughed at me and said better luck next time, I guess. So here we are. Sad and mostly iPhone-less. Thank god for the Genius Bar, who will be seeing me tomorrow.

Hope everyone’s night went better than mine! I will be back to my normal/better posts tomorrow.

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