10 Favorites From the 1990s

We were shopping at Target today when we saw a NES hat. Flashback, right? While I didn’t have a NES, or even a Super NES of my own, but I sure did play it whenever I went to my friends houses. Super Mario World, of course, was my jam.

I thought walking down memory lane and taking a look back at some of my favorite things might be fun to link up with for Erica’s Listed Tuesday. So without further ado, my 10¬†Favorites from the 1990s.

Spice Girls Spice Up Your Life by Eric Mutrie / hellorigby!Spice Up Your Life by Eric Mutrie, CC By 2.0
1. The Spice Girls (1994) РSeriously, this is #1 on my list for a good reason. These ladies were bad ass, they had their own personas, interesting fashion choices, and were marketing gold. But unlike a lot of Pop stars, they seemed like they were always having fun and were pretty real. Regardless, I wanted to be just like Posh. No, Ginger. No, Baby. Okay, forget it, I wanted to be any of them.

Super Nintendo SNES by Evan-Amos / hellorigby! SNES by Evan-Amos, CC by SA-3.0
2. Super Nintendo Entertainment System (1993) – Okay, so I already mentioned it. But come on, it was the inspiration for this post. I can’t get over how amazing Super Mario World is. This is probably the main reason I even have a Wii U now, or had a Gameboy Color growing up. My love for Mario runs deep.

Apple iMac G3 Artificial Colors / hellorigby!

3. iMac G3 (1998) – I remember the day we got these in my elementary school computer lab. I was in the fourth grade, and I was so blown away by these beauties. I mean, I still kind of am. Apple products will always make me swoon. #technerd

Tamagotchi / hellorigby!Tamagotchi by Tomasz Sienecki, CC by SA-3.0
4. Tamagotchi (1996) – My mom ransacked every Toys R Us with me to find one of these. Mine was teal blue, and was amazing… for like a week. Then I got another gold one (not an original Tamagotchi, but a spin-off) for Christmas and was hooked to both all over again. So silly, yet so much fun. I mean, they even pooped. Weirdly amazing. Runner up to the Tamagotchi was the Furby (1998), which I was too old to really “want” but for some reason, still totally did.

Clarissa Explains It All / hellorigby!

5. Clarissa Explains It All (1991) – Having a best friend that climbs up to your window is pretty sweet. Having a nerdy little brother? Probably not so much… but with Clarrisa’s awesome wardrobe, who cares? She totally had it made.

90s Game Shows / hellorigby!

6. TV Game Shows (1990s) – I think Double Dare (1986-1992) may have been my ultimate favorite, but Marc Summers also hosted a funny one called What Would You Do? (1991) That one involved a lotttt of cream pies to the face and was super silly. Legends of the Hidden Temple (1993) would have been my #1 choice to actually participate in though… I mean seriously, it was like the ultimate treasure hunt! Finally, can’t forget about GUTS! (1992) Making it to the top of the Aggro Crag was pretty awesome.

Ty Beanie Babies / hellorigby!

7. Beanie Babies (1993) – I refuse to tell you how many of these creatures I had, but it was A LOT. I thought I was going to be so rich for all the “rare” ones… turns out, the craze (like anything else) didn’t really last, and now I will forever be stuck trying to give away these things. Oh well, at least they’re cute.

Super Soaker CPS4100 / hellorigby!

8. Super Soakers (1991) – I was obsessed with these. I wanted to plan elaborate pool parties at my house in the summer just to have a need for one of these. I probably should have had brothers, we would have had so much fun.

Dunkaroos Lose Your Mind Meme / hellorigby!

9. DunkAroos (1996) I’m pretty sure the meme above pretty much explains it perfectly. Cookies that you dunk in frosting? What can possibly be wrong with that? Absolutely nothing.

…And one last one to play out this post:

10. Barbie Girl by Aqua (1997) – Good luck getting this out of your head. You’re welcome ;)

I could have gone on forever (and maybe they’ll be a part two)… but what are your childhood favorites from the 1990s?

26 thoughts on “10 Favorites From the 1990s

  1. Ashley

    OMG!!! YES!!! Ahhhhh Clarissa and those goofy game shows on Nic!! LOVE IT! I really wish Apple would come back with the colorful computers.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Yes! Loved it all, I always had dreams of getting on those game shows. The colored Apple computers were so my fave. :)

  2. Madison

    Just found your blog from the Shiba Inu forums….Wow, it is so adorable!

    As a 90’s kid I just love this post….. I’d have to say my favorite 90’s thing would be all nickelodeon cartoons….one of my favorites being Doug!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Aw, thank you so much Madison! So happy to have you here. :) I absolutely LOVED Doug. I think I will be doing a part 2 because there were so many things I could add to this list!

  3. Kasey

    I also wish Apple would come back with colorful computers! I think I missed the colored macbook bus by about four years — I wanted one like Elle Woods! I may or may not still have Aqua on my regular playlists…

  4. Rebecca

    I used to rush to get to school early in 5th grade to be able to play on the iMac. It was always the worst when someone else took my favorite color. Double Dare!!!! That whole get the flag out the snotty nose challenge was the best! Oh I miss the 90s!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Yesss Double Dare had the funniest challenges, like the one where the contestant had to dig through dog food to find the flag. So silly!

  5. Rebecca B. Bird

    Oh yes, I was very enamored with the candy-colored iMac G3 computers. Except I was in high school when they came out. The school also purchased a bunch of zip drives, so there was a constant campaign to get students to buy zip disks so they could write papers at school and save them (News flash: Most kids didn’t.) Obsolete tech amuses me greatly.

  6. Amy @ Amy and the Great World

    Oh man! There are still so many Beanie Babies in my parents’ basement…I should have sold them when they were WORTH something. I also loved Spice Girls, like any self-respecting 5th grader. I just recently found a Tamagotchi app for my phone…and just like old times, I killed it very quickly and for unexplained reasons haha!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Tamagotchi app?! Ha, I must find that, sounds hilarious! Yep, my parents still have a huge tub of Beanie Babies in their spare room that I couldn’t get rid of at garage sales. Oops!


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