Crochet, Stripes, + Skinny Pig Designs Giveaway!

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I want to say a big thank you for all of the really great feedback from my I’m not Skinny, I’m Not Fat, and I’m Okay With That post from earlier this week. It was one of those things that I almost didn’t post because it was different. It was outside of my “normal” and I didn’t know what people would think. But it’s also me. When I have something to say, I usually will say it. So I did. Thanks for reading it. :)

Crochet Coverlet + Navy Stripe Maxi / hellorigby!

But, I am so thrilled it Friday. This week has felt so long, and I still feel like I have so much to accomplish this week. Something I may never get used to is how much time everything takes. Blogging. Working. Playing with the dog. Cleaning the house. Sometimes I feel like I never get anything at all done.

Golden Tote Maxi + Coverlet / hellorigby!

I am also really excited to introduce you all to Moana-Marie of Skinny Pig Designs. She’s from Hawaii, makes beautiful jewelry inspired from the nature around her, and she has a super cute dog. I basically want her life, I mean, I’d love to wake up in Hawaii everyday, wouldn’t you?

She was so sweet and sent me these beautiful Coral and Freshwater Pearl Hoop Earrings, as well as this adorable Bird on a Branch Necklace. She’s also offered one of you a $25 credit to spend in her Etsy shop.

Skinny Pig Designs Coral + Pearl Hoop Earrings / hellorigby!
What I’m Wearing
Top – Love Stitch via Golden Tote
Maxi – Puella via Golden Tote
Sandals – Birkenstock Mayari
Earrings – Skinny Pig Designs, c/o

What are your big weekend plans? Happy Friday!

65 thoughts on “Crochet, Stripes, + Skinny Pig Designs Giveaway!

  1. Jennifer Reed

    My favorite item from Skinny Pig Designs is the Leather chain and crystal wrap bracelet in the silver leather/gold/light blue design.

  2. Renae of Simple Sequins

    hi Jenn! Great sweater and skirt. Did you know when long skirts were all the trend about 20 yrs back, I tripped and did the splits down my stairs. I swore I would never ever wear a long skirt again. nope, not for me. Perhaps there is some wisdom in that. …hmmmm?

    Thanks for joining our “Fashion item Friday” so faithfully.

    1. Jenn Post author

      oh my gosh, how awful! i can’t blame you, that would probably scar me for life too. thanks for having the link up, hope you are feeling better, Renae! :)

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  5. Natalie Brown

    Hello! Gorgeous jewelry! My favorite item are the turquoise and hot pink planet, silver star, and pink Swarovski crystal earrings. So cute & bright. Thank-you!

  6. ADA

    Jen, you look beautiful. There is something of a chic elegance and casual coolness to this Outfit that screams Summer & Nautical at the same time. The B+W Striped Maxi Skirt (a must for a Summer Wardrobe and I should get one) looks beautiful with the White Crochet Top. I loved this Outfit so much, I want to feature it in our Spring Must Have Special Recap Post this Wednesday June 18th. I will link back to you, of course. If you like you can mention the feature on your blog on Wednesday or later this week. Thanks again for linking up.

    <3 Ada.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thank you so much, Ada! I would be honored to be featured! You are so sweet for thinking of me, I will definitely link to it on Friday with my outfit post :)

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  8. Erin Madigan

    Oh my gosh I LOVE the Silver band charm ring with pink coral, crystal, freshwater pearl, seashell, and sea green glass! So beautiful!


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