flower power for fashion friday

oh hi. back to my regularly scheduled friday outfit post. to all of you bloggers that post outfits on the daily, i just don’t know how you do it! teach me your ways. plz?

flower power / fashion friday / hello, rigby!

flower power / fashion friday / hello, rigby!

i still have some work to do on getting past the awkward outfit poses. i never know what to do with my feet and hands. in normal photos? totally fine. outfit photos? hot mess. i imagine i will get better at this… some day? haha.

flower power / fashion friday / hello, rigby!

you may recognize this dress from my budget post earlier this week. it’s probably my favorite purchase from last month!

what i’m wearing:
dress: lulu*s (similar)
booties: report
tights: betsey johnson
lips: nyx butter lipstick in hunk (love these so much!)

so, what’s your favorite thing in your closet right now? i’d love to hear in the comments!

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14 thoughts on “flower power for fashion friday

  1. porcelina

    I just adore those florals on the dress, my kind, nice and bold and tropical looking rather than wishy-washy. Looks great with the coloured tights! P x

  2. Renae of Simple Sequins

    Hey, thanks for being at Fashion item Friday, today. You know I didn’t know what to do with my feet. One day I took a about 300 pics to figure out how to find the pose. Now I just move around a bunch and let the timer setting taking the consecutive shots do their thing. lol

  3. Rachel G

    Your dress is adorable and I love the color of your tights!! I couldn’t handle daily outfit photos, either. I love dressing up, just not taking the time to take photos. :P I keep outfit posts to once a week, because of that!

  4. Mica

    That is such a lovely floral dress on you! I really like it with the bright tights :)

    I take 5 minutes every morning to take outfit photos – otherwise I’d never feel I had an outfit “good enough” to share. If I take them every day, I have to share them all…haha! :) It’s easy now I’ve established a little routine :)

    Away From Blue

  5. jackie - jadeandoak

    looove the dress – so pretty and springy :) and thanks for posting the giveaway. also, not sure if it’s just my computer or what, but your photos are wider than the post and overlapping onto your sidebar, at least this post on my computer…. if that makes any sense. so maybe something to just check out in your design!


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