happy monday! weekend recap


this weekend was spent catching up around the house, and doing a lot of not-fun chores.

we did, however, take rigby to marymoor park to test out his ‘off-leash’ skills… or lack thereof. sadly, it was the latter, and we learned we have a lot more training to do.

yes, we were those owners. yelling desperately for their shiba, whilst rigby ran around making snark face and probably thinking ‘na na can’t catch me!’ oh puppies.

we also scoped out alki beach (on leash, thank god.) it was a gorgeous day. rigby loved sniffing all the grass, fire hydrants, etc. and tried to roll around in some unknown substance.

so. what’s on tap this week? stay tuned tomorrow for a two-fer on Tuesday, which will be my first crack at two reviews; one for humans, and one for the rigbys of the world.



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