Hello, Fall!


So, fall must be officially here because I’m back to feeling cold all the time, yet forgetting to pack my coat, constantly wearing these boots, craving PSLs every other day, and looking forward to carving some pumpkins!

With Autumn in full swing, here are some things I’d like to accomplish this year:

1. Throwing a Halloween party. We’ve talked about this every year, yet I never feel motivated enough to clean, decorate, and plan for one. We’ll keep it small and fun this year.

2. DIY Decorating. I saw these color drip pumpkins on Curbly and totally want to make these. I need to get a few other ideas as well, like for lighting, a wreath for the door, and maybe some sort of leaf garland to hang. Time to scour Pinterest!

3. Visit a Haunted House, go to the pumpkin patch with our friends, and keep up with my reading list. It’s growing by the day!

4. Bake some pumpkin bread. I’ve tried, without success, to find the perfect recipe. I’m convinced I’ll find it this year.

5. Go on a hike with the pup. First on the list is Cougar Mountain, since we’re pretty close.

What’s on your to-do list this fall?


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