Stitch Fix June 2017

I know it’s been a little quiet around here, but if you caught my last post on home ownership, then you might have figured out that this past month has been a little bit overwhelming. So much so that I think I’ve now come down with a summer cold because of it. Stress doesn’t do […]

Stitch Fix May 2017 | Stitch Fix Reviews

Well, it’s better late than never, right? I’m posting my May Stitch Fix review a bit later than normal, but such is life. April was a month of big changes, more on that soon, which meant sometimes other areas of life suffer. You know, adult problems. Anyway, a monthly delivery from Stitch Fix is always […]

Stitch Fix April 2017 | Stitch Fix Reviews

Happy April! I hope no one fooled you too much over the weekend. ;) I honestly can’t believe how fast March went, and I’m still writing down March as the month whenever I’ve needed to over the past couple of days.  Hopefully, that means real spring weather is on the way, but until then, I […]

Stitch Fix March 2017 | Stitch Fix Reviews

Well, it’s March. And if I’m being perfectly honest, it’s already been a bit of a weird month. I should have known something weird was up when I awoke to a snowy sight earlier this week. It’s not often it snows here in Seattle, but fortunately for you, it made an appearance just in time […]

Stitch Fix February 2017 | Stitch Fix Reviews

And before I knew it, it was February. The month of my birthday (yay!) among other fun things like Valentine’s Day. Honestly, though, I can’t believe a new month is already here. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the start of 2017. With a new month always comes a new Stitch Fix for […]