The Street Style Way to Mix Prints for Everyday Wear

Ah, New York Fashion Week. What a wild adventure that was. From watching the street style queens peacock their way across streets and down sidewalks to the hustle and bustle inside and outside shows, there’s nothing quite like it. I’d be lying if I said I totally fit in, as my style is less street style and more comfort with a dash of quirk.

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The Street Style Way to Mix Prints for Everyday Wear

Going into Fashion Week, I definitely considered buying a bunch of new pieces to try to fit in. Sure, I could blow a bunch of cash to catch someone’s attention or feel like a completely different person, but honestly, that’s just not me. While I love watching and using street style for inspiration, I often tone it down a bit to satisfy my desk to drinks (more likely coffee or one glass or rosé, honestly) lifestyle. And I think that’s the same type of person you are. I’m betting that like me, you work some sort of 9-5 or a variation of it, enjoy hobbies and getting together with friends outside of your office life, and like for your clothes to express your personal style without being too in your face.

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That’s why I thought I’d share one of the ways I’ve been super inspired this season to mix prints again. (And yes, I know this is not a new trend, but it’s one I’m continually experimenting with!) I wore a couple of outfits during Fashion Week that combined pattern mixing, and I loved both of them so much that I’ve already re-worn the look, with a few tweaks of course, since!

The first outfit is the one I’m highlighting today. I like to fancy myself as looking very London-esque here. Something about the small black and white stripes feels very British to me. It’s no surprise I’d want to channel some of those vibes – when we visited Europe back in Summer 2015, London felt just like home to me. It must be something about the similar climate and demeanor of the people who live there. Oh, and the food. Nothing like a little English Pub Fare to make you feel all comfy and cozy!

Other than feeling like I was channeling my inner Brit, what I loved most about this outfit is how easy it would be to recreate it in so many different ways. I find that stripes tend to be the great equalizer, and I love that the neutral tones in this outfit keep it from feeling too busy.

So how do you mix prints within your own closet? Here are some helpful tips I’ve found to always work out for me:
– If you’re new to print and pattern mixing, start small. A scarf, printed shoe, or patterned bag are great to mix with one clothing item!
– Mix simpler patterns like stripes and dots with busier patterns like floral, plaid, or paisley
– When selecting additional pieces to go with your outfit, opt for neutrals like black, tan, olive, blush, and gray
– Mix prints and patterns of different sizes. Smaller stripes look great with bold florals or oversized plaid, for instance!
– When in doubt, try it on. If you feel like it looks great, then it probably does!

Honestly, my biggest suggestion for mixing prints and patterns is to just try it. So often I hear other women say that there’s no way they could pull something off. I know sometimes every single trend isn’t right for every single person, but mixing prints, even subtly, looks great on everyone! I have yet to see mixed prints look terrible. I mean, even when people try to make them look awful, I typically don’t mind it! And if you’re worried that someone may not like your outfit, then so what? We live in a world where we care far too much about what others think. If we feel like we look good, then what does it matter what others might think? Confidence and self assurance is the key! Say it with me: I LOOK GOOD! ;)

And that’s it! Honestly, I know mixing patterns and prints can be a bit intimidating for those who aren’t used to doing it, but once you try it, I know you will love it. Pretty soon you’ll be dreaming of mixing prints and patterns and coming up with all sorts of fun combinations! Okay, maybe not, but still. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Are you a fan of print and pattern mixing? What are your favorite combos to put together? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “The Street Style Way to Mix Prints for Everyday Wear

    1. Jenn Post author

      Aw thank you so much, Maria! I really love it too. I couldn’t wait to re-wear it once the weather finally cooled down again! :)

  1. Maddy

    I love that you stayed to true to yourself at NYFW – I feel like the pressure to buy the newest and nicest could be overwhelming, but this outfit looks like you and is also stylish and realistic for fall! All about the mixed prints :)

    xo, Maddy


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