12 thoughts on “7+ Tips and Tricks to Up Your Photo Game on the ‘Gram

  1. Ashley | Honey & Pine

    I’ve tried to focus more on IG lately but I am still having trouble with it. I hate that social networks don’t just keep a linear timeline. I hate having to compete against AI for my pictures to be seen.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Totally know what you mean! My “likes” are way down from what they were a year ago, which honestly feels like a failure. But, instead of feeling down about it, I’m really trying to just put more energy behind the content I do share and get more creative/out of the box and try new things. For me, that makes the platform fun again. :)

  2. Sarah

    I have been debating getting a light up case for awhile. They seem fun! Your photos are always so good. I just found the “collections” capability. I save a lot of home decor photos, so it’s great for me from that standpoint. I like the idea of saving other things!
    ColorStory is my favorite app to edit with. There are so many awesome preset filters, plus I can still manually fix them. Snapseed is my go-to for dog photos. Or anything with uneven lighting. It has the capability to select an area and brighten (or darken or change the contrast, etc.) of just that area, so I can make it so my dog’s black face is visible against her light gray body!
    Oh, and I am so bad at making stories. I hate filming myself. Some people are so good. It’s like they’re talking just to you! I bet having a light up case would improve those, too!
    Great post, Jenn!

  3. Arianna

    I definitely need to get one of those Lumee light up phone cases! So cute, and it doesn’t look bulky at all

  4. Roz

    Love my Lumee phone case. It works best in lower light ive noticed but the selfies come out incredible!! Im for sure going to keep these tips in mind. :)

  5. Sarah

    I just started getting into social media accounts, so all of this will help me immensely. The LuMee case is something I will definitely be looking into.

  6. KJ

    Lumee cases are so cool! Makes seflies much easier instead of sitting there with my girlfriend trying to get the perfect lighting. Her birthday is coming up…


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