10 Ways My Dog Embarrasses Me

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, then you probably have figured out that it’s named after my dog, Rigby. And if you’re new here, then hi, my name is Jenn and I’m a crazy dog lady.

As much as I love Rigby, however, sometimes I think he gets deep joy out of humiliating me. I mean, I know he really can’t possibly, but I still like to think he does.

I mean, what else could explain his interesting behavior?

10 Ways My Dog Embarrasses Me / hellorigby!

I know I must not be alone. At one time or another, I’m sure your furry friend has left you a “present” at an inopportune time. Or maybe he decided he forgot all of his, manners as he steals the steak off of someone’s plate at your dinner party. While these occurrence used to really embarrass and upset me, these days I try to just laugh them off. But what’s wrong with a little laughter at my expense? I thought I’d share with you 10 ways my dog embarrasses me.

1. The barking.

I mean, bless his heart. Sometimes it’s more forgivable, like when there’s some stranger on our back patio. Other times it’s just embarrassing. No, the vacuum cleaner is not going to eat you, just your “snacks” on the floor and under the couch.

2. The peeing.

Oh boy dogs… they are special aren’t they? He got the special snip, but he still thinks every pole, fire hydrant, electrical box, tree, bush, and leaf needs a squirt of his special blend.

3. …And to go along with that, the marking.

While he never does this at home, he does at doggie daycare, and it’s just so embarrassing. The worst was when I witnessed him marking the water trough. And not just the outside, but he was leaving his mark inside too. Really, dude? Gross.

4. Rigby was the class clown of his dog training classes.

And by that, I mean he was a little terror. He was the one dog that would not allow me to handle him. He was the one dog who would not walk on a loose leash. He was the one dog that didn’t care what cookie I had, he was not going to do a down stay. Sigh.

5. Rigby is also a huge drama king.

When he got the snip, he hated his cone and was irritated from the shave site so much that he refused to use the outdoor facilities for days. I thought he was ill, and called the vet totally freaked out. Needless to say, he was fine, just being extremely dramatic.

6. He also has some, um, boredom issues.

If he thinks our walk is too boring, he will spice things up inciting some ninja moves, for a lack of a better term. He’ll turn and nip my knee, bark, and jump when he feels things are getting a little stale.

7. Three words: White Coat Syndrome.

I guess he learned that one from me, because I can’t blame him, I’m the same way. But he now has to pop a Trazodone before we hit the vet’s office so we don’t get asked to leave. I guess along with being dramatic, he’s also high maintenance. ;)

8. The walks, or lack-thereof.

Most dogs get overjoyed when their owner grabs the leash and says “time to go for a walk!” Not Rigby. Oh no, he runs away and pouts when he has to wear his harness. The minute he’s outside? Totally fine and he’s loving it.

9. His selective hearing is second to none.

Taking him to large dog parks is out because he acts like he’s completely forgotten his name, has no idea who we are, and has gone deaf. We’re the idiot dog owners running around trying to corral our dog.

10. The obsession with his parts.

What is up with boy dogs and their own parts? It’s really cute when he decides to splay out in the middle of the room when we have guests over and go to town. Stay classy, Rigby. ;)

As much as I love my dog, there were definitely some days when a trip to the proverbial farm seemed like the answer. I’m so glad he’s growing out of so much of this – he just turned two last month and he’s a much better behaved little dude than he was at a year.

Does your dog or other furry friend embarrass you? I’d love to hear if you can relate to any of these in the comments!

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