5 Shopping Tips for Scoring a Deal at the Outlet Mall

Affiliate Links / Product Discount: Seattle Premium Outlets provided me a gift card to put towards my purchase in exchange for sharing my selections. All opinions are my own!

A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure of visiting the Seattle Premium Outlets, located north of Seattle for a little shopping and Instagramming. Seattle Premium Outlets just started their Instagram account, and so I did a little takeover of what I was up to while shopping too! It was fun checking out the new additions and remodels that have been happening there recently. For my fellow Seattle shoppers, don’t miss the Promenade Shops located out front. The likes of Vince., DVF, Theory, and Ralph Lauren shouldn’t be missed!

Kate Spade Stelli Dress Outfit // Tips for Shopping Outlets // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion & Style Blog

What I’m Wearing
Cape: Jenna Split Front Cape c/o Boohoo
Dress: Kate Spade Stelli Dress c/o Seattle Premium Outlets
Shoes: Corso Como Del Pumps via Macy’s
Bag: Kate Spade Newbury Lane Sally c/o Seattle Premium Outlets
Photography by Erickson Visuals

I couldn’t help but be immediately drawn to the recently remodeled Kate Spade store. The bright colors amongst a black and white backdrop were perfection, and the wallpapered dressing rooms were way too cute. I won’t lie – seeing the bright pink sale signs all over the place was a welcome sight too! ;)

Spring Floral Dress with Cape & Pop of Bright Pink Outfit // Ways to Save at Outlet Malls // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion & Style Blog

I scored a couple of fun things on my shopping trip – this Kate Spade Stelli dress, which is such a fun pop of color, feminine cut, and just a fun piece to have in my closet. I couldn’t leave without adding a matching bag to the mix, and opted for this Newbury Lane Sally fuchsia crossbody. It’s small yet spacious enough to fit the essentials – key, card wallet, lipstick, and my phone! I peeked at the original price for this dress, and it debuted last spring at a cool $450. It was on the clearance rack, marked down to $224 and an additional 60% off that. Then, the unthinkable happened. It rang up for even less! Total outlet mall score.┬áThe price I paid? Just $80.

With that said, outlet mall shopping can be an amazing way to score a bargain, but you do have to be careful too. Sometimes things that seem like a good deal may not be. While I don’t outlet shop all the time, when I do, I arrive prepared. I thought I’d share a few suggestions for getting the most out of your next outlet mall adventure too!

Kate Spade Newbury Lane Sally Bag in Pink // Shopping Tips for Scoring a Deal at the Outlet Mall // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion & Style Blog

Get your shopping list

I think it’s always a good idea to have an idea of what exactly you’re shopping for. Are you looking for gifts for mom and dad? A special occasion outfit? A new pair of boots? Whatever it is, either write down your list or make a mental note of what you’re shopping for and stick to it. It can be so easy to get sidetracked and overwhelmed!

Check for coupons and special offers

Before you leave the house, check to see if any of the stores you’re planning on shopping at are offering additional discounts or coupons! If you can plan ahead, sign up for the email list of the stores AND the outlet mall you are planning to shop at to be aware of any additional discounts and sale dates. Additionally, stopping by the customer service desk of your outlet mall once you arrive is always a good idea. Often they have savings passes or other incentives that can be purchased for a small price or are free. And don’t forget about social media! A lot of companies are promoting sales and outlet coupons on their social media channels, so it never hurts to double check, even while you’re in the checkout line!

Kate Spade Stelli Dress // Outlet Mall Shopping Deals // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion & Style Blog

Check the tags

Did you know not all outlet store items were ever sold at the full line store? Many outlets actually have a factory store selling items specifically made for the outlet so the items you see may not be the same quality you’re used to. You can usually distinguish the items that are specifically made for factory stores by a series of dots on the label tag found inside the garment. While this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it, it just means it may be made with different materials than you may be used to. (Polyester instead of silk, for instance.)

Try it on

I’ve found that most outlet malls are a bit off the beaten path, and sometimes getting back to make a return or exchange will fall out of the return window. Instead of hoping things will work out, make sure you try everything on. Inspect each garment to make sure there are no holes, rips, or stains and that the piece feels well-made.

Kate Spade Outfit in Pioneer Square, Seattle // Tips for Outlet Shopping // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion & Style Blog

Watch those sales

I think nearly every store advertises a sale of some kind, so make sure you’re actually getting a good deal! A quick Google search will tell you what the item is being sold for at other stores. In doing this, you may also discover a whole new set of color and size options that aren’t available at the outlet. It never hurts to double check!

What have been your favorite outlet mall scores? Any special tips or tricks you utilize to get the best possible deal? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! Happy shopping! :)


26 thoughts on “5 Shopping Tips for Scoring a Deal at the Outlet Mall

  1. Anna Clarke

    Love this post, Jen! Love the pix & bright colors!! You are stunning. I could not agree more when talking RESEARCH! Apps, Google, Social Media, Company Site – EVERYTHING. Do you use any particular apps that you find helpful? Also, I think creating a budget for each item – nut just a budget as a whole can make a difference. Shopping can often be something that’s worked up so much, that when we actually set aside the time to go and we STILL don’t find exactly what we’re looking for, we settle and buy a piece anyway because we’re “there.” For me, holding back and waiting for the right thing is better in the long run because then I know I will LOVE it , and it won’t end up in the back of my closet ;)

    1. Jenn Post author

      I’ve always liked RetailMeNot for coupons. I almost always use it while I’m waiting in the checkout line just to make sure there’s no coupon before I pay! I don’t do as much in store shopping, so I’m not sure what else is out there to be honest! I do also use ShopKick to get points when I do go into stores that go towards gift cards. Not sure if you’ve used that one before!

      Absolutely – I have a hard time with that too, especially when it feels like such a good deal! Holding out for the perfect piece is definitely worth it though! :)

  2. Chelsie

    What a STEAL for that dress! It’s the perfect spring dress, too! I love shopping outlets, I used to live relatively close to an outlet mall back in NH! But you are right; so important to try stuff on before driving away!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Right?! I couldn’t believe my luck! I think it’s probably a good thing I don’t live closer to this one, I’d be broke! ;)

  3. Jenn

    Amazing finds!! Love that dress and purse. I think Outlet Kate Spade is the only Kate I can afford ;) Your tips are so great. I feel like usually I go into outlet shopping with this concept that it’ll be the best deal out there, but you really do have to check. Plus there are definitely coupons and sales there to consider too!

  4. A Peachy Sonder

    I just adore that dress! We have several great outlets in the metro-Atlanta area and I love to shop there! My favorites are definitely the JCrew outlet, Loft outlets, Pottery Barn outlets, and Kate Spade outlets!

    1. Jenn Post author

      I love the J Crew and LOFT outlets too! We don’t have Pottery Barn but wish we did, I bet there are some awesome deals to be had!

  5. Rittz

    How lovely!!! Thanks for sharing! The outfit is so sprint appropriate! And the bag is such a perfect match. I would need to shop there as I will be visiting later in the year :). Thanks for such great tips!

  6. marly

    I love going to the outlet mall because you can find some great deals at times. I am always careful though because I know some things aren’t always as great of a deal as it may seem. This Kate Spade dress you got is so cute! I love the print and the added purse it the perfect addition.

  7. Tiffany Khyla

    I love shopping at outlet malls! I can see why you were drawn to that store and this dress. It looks incredible on you! What a steal! Definitely using these tips next time I visit the outlet mall. I’m such a bad shopper!

  8. Laurel Larsen

    I liked your tip to check the sales with other stores in order to get the best deal. Shopping in person is a more enjoyable experience for me and I’m always looking for good deals. I’ll have to be more careful with potentially spending too much on something I really want.


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