7 Favorite Face Masks & Giveaway

Affiliate Links / Product Sample: A sample of DermaE’s Purifying Mask was provided to me. I was not obligated to include it, however.

If you’ve gathered anything from reading this blog, it’s probably an understanding that skincare is important to me… and that I love to try new things. It’s probably why when I decided to write about my favorite face masks, pulling out 1 or 2 products just wasn’t working for me. It’s hard to narrow down your favorites when your skin is challenging and likes to break out, be dry, and freak out at random moments. These days, my goal with any facial treatment is to make sure my skin is hydrated, but balancing that with acne prone skin can be a struggle.

One of my tricks for preventing any potential issue is double masking. What this means is using one mask in your most troubled areas (like the t-zone, chin, forehead, jaw line, or any combination of these.) Then, use a hydrating or calming mask on the areas that need it most (between the brows, cheeks, around the eyes, or anywhere else you might need some hydration.) More times than not, on the one day a week I dedicate to masking, you’ll find me with two or even sometimes three different masks on my face. High maintenance? Probably. But my skin has never looked better, and I hope to keep it that way.

7 Favorite Face Masks // Hello Rigby Seattle Beauty & Skincare Blog

For Deep Pore Cleaning:
Derma e Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask

When I received this from Derma e, I was a little skeptical. I’ve used a lot of charcoal masks, and most feel drying with little to no results. After using this, I noticed my skin felt smoother and softer (I often have clogged pores in my t-zone that feel rough and bumpy) for many days after using it. The exfoliation isn’t too harsh to use 1x a week, however because I do suffer from dryness, I tend only to use this in my t-zone and apply my moisture mask everywhere else.

For Calming a Freak Out:
Skoah Kalm Down Mask

When my skin is beyond angry, nothing calms it quite like Skoah’s Kalm Down Mask. I’ve also used this on Dave’s skin several times when one of my skin experimentations has gone awry. (He has incredibly delicate skin and really can’t use much, if any, products outside of his routine.) If you have skin that’s easily upset, it’s a good idea to have this around because I’ve never seen anything take care of red, inflamed skin quite so quickly.

7 Favorite Face Masks // Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask & Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask Review // Hello Rigby Seattle Beauty & Skincare Blog

For Something Different:
Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask

Have you ever put a mask on your face that instantly bubbles and foams up? I hadn’t either until I tried this one. This mask claims to purify, clarify, and balance the skin, and while I don’t notice a huge difference in anyone particular area, I do find this is 1. a fun experience and 2. leaves my skin feeling nice.

For Troubled Skin:
Origins Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask

When my skin is breaking out badly (typically around my chin during that time of the month) I put a nice layer of Out of Trouble on. I’ve also been known to dot it on impending mountains of doom brewing under the skin, and it stopped my most recent monster in its tracks. The smell of this mask is not my favorite (it smells medicinal) but it works, so I really can’t complain.

7 Favorite Face Masks // Lather Honey Moisture Mask & Clinque Even Better Brightening Moisture Mask Review // Hello Rigby Seattle Beauty & Skincare Blog

For Overnight Moisture:
Lather Honey Moisture Mask

I picked this up as a reward in my last Ipsy bag, and I’m glad I did. The recommended use is at night, so I’ve been using it right before bed and then sleeping in it. The next morning, my skin is glowing and feels incredibly plump and moisturized. The scent of honey isn’t bad either! ;)

For Moisturizing:
Clinique Even Better Brightening Moisture Mask

I love a good moisture mask, and what I like about this one, in particular, is that you don’t need to remove it. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes, and then pat it into skin without rinsing. My skin drinks this up and looks so much more luminous, and feels hydrated. I’m also a big fan of Clinique’s Moisture Surge Mask.

7 Favorite Face Masks // First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask Review // Hello Rigby Seattle Beauty & Skincare Blog

For Sensitive & Reactive Skin
First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask

Last summer I used a new skin product (I honestly can’t remember what, but it came in a one-time use packet, so I never used it again) and my skin freaked out. We’re talking about a full on face rash. I turned to my First Aid Beauty Oatmeal Mask, and the results were instant. My skin looked 10x better after leaving the mask on my skin for the ten minutes required, and by the next morning, there was no sign of trouble. If you’re prone to reactive skin, I highly recommend this.

Want to try a new mask? Lucky for you Derma e sent me two extra purifying masks in my PR package. I wanted to pass those along to you (along with some goodies that I’ll be providing) so you can experience the pore-clearing goodness! Want to win? Just enter below. Giveaway is open to US addresses and will end on 3/2. Good luck!

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Do you have a favorite face mask? Have you tried double masking? I’d love to hear about your favorite or least favorite products!

46 thoughts on “7 Favorite Face Masks & Giveaway

    1. Jenn Post author

      Charcoal masks are great for clearing out pores! I like double masking since different parts of my face have different needs. :)

  1. Meegan

    I have never heard of double masking but it sounds like a great idea! I have been loving Origins Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay! ♥

  2. Chelsie

    Have you tried the black charcoal mask from Boscia? It seriously has done wonders for my skin; it made my pores vanish after a week! I also love the oatafix mask from Lush when my skin is having a freak out!

    1. Jenn Post author

      I used to have their luminizing mask (the one that you peel off) and I didn’t notice that much of a difference after using it. I’ll have to try the Oatifix Mask from Lush! That sounds like a good one! :)

  3. Brittany

    I absolutely love the Aztec Healing Clay! I use it 1-2 times a week and it really helps my acne.

    It can be drying so I make sure to put on a thick night cream afterwards!

  4. Kristyn

    I love the Origins mask. I love how much it tingles. I use Lush’s Mask of Magminty (?) unless I have bad breakouts or feel them coming…then it’s to the Origins one. And I hear you on the smell…the sulfur can be sort of overpowering, but still it WORKS so well!

  5. Ashley Bree Perez

    I have used Lush masks and I love them. I would love to try this one. I love masks and the way it makes my face feel. (:

  6. Leanna

    I really want to try that oatmeal mask from First Aid Beauty. I’m in love with their overnight mask and pretty much everything else i’ve tried from their brand.

  7. Cortney

    I love love love the honey mask! It helps my skin from feeling all “slept on” and cracked when I wake up! I’ve tried a few different charcoal masks as well, and they’re always good for a deep clean! Definitely want to try more of these now! Thanks for the tips!

  8. Christy Peeples DuBois

    I am currently using charcoal mask by Clinique and Origins and I like them both. I often wonder if the charcoal actually works like it is said to work.

  9. Annamarie V

    My go to face mask is Origins clear improvements charcoal mask. I do love trying different mask’s and I love that you can buy one use ones now.

  10. suki

    There’s a new one I tried recently called Trefiel. They are based in Australia, but you can have them ship them to the States. They do a monthly subscription box that I’m really excited about. :)


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