15+ Things to Do in my Favorite Seattle “Tourist Trap” // A Complete Pike Place Market Guide

If you haven’t been to Seattle yet, I’m sorry, but we just can’t be friends.

Just kidding.

But really, you should come visit my favorite city. I’ve been to a lot of great places, but there’s nothing like coming home to Seattle. It’s not all doom and gloom and rain, I promise. And when the sky lights up and the sun comes out, it’s pretty much the most incredible place to be.

Photos of me by Kailin of Cordially K

And beyond our beautiful weather during the spring, summer, and fall, we also have some amazing things to do here. If you love being outdoors, you’ll love the multitude of hiking trails, parks, and beaches. If you’re into shopping, we have lots of that too. And if you haven’t heard about Pike Place Market, or are curious to learn more, then read on, because this post is for you!

A stop at Pike Place Market can be as short as 15 minutes, or an all-day affair. The choice is yours, so I’ve broken this post into the top 15 things, and maybe a few extra, things you can eat, see, and try around Pike Place Market and the new Market Front.
And before you go: the first rule of Pike Place Market is that it is just that. Not Pike’s Place, or Pike’s Market. Pike is a street name, not a person. ;)

Visit Beecher’s Cheese Shop

The Mac and Cheese is killer. Also love the cheese curds. The sandwiches are good, but I’ve had better, so I’d recommend skipping those and sticking with the cheese.

Snap a photo at the “original” Starbucks

The biggest tourist attraction, other than the Pike Place sign, is probably the “original” Starbucks. Little known fact? The original Starbucks actually was one block over on Western Avenue. But, it was relocated to where it is now (1912 Pike) and is the location of the first cafe with the Starbucks name. You’ll know you’ve made it to the right place when you see a line outside.

If you’re looking for a more luxurious Starbucks experience, try visiting the Starbucks Reserve just a few blocks away on 1st and University. Or, take an Uber or Lyft up the Hill to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and indulge in the new Princi baked goods and specialty drinks. There’s one that opened at Starbucks HQ in SODO as well that also serves adult beverages!

Indulge your pastry cravings

Who doesn’t love a good pastry?! I’ve got a few suggestions for you:
– Le Panier – French macarons and twice backed almond croissant
– 3 Sisters Bakery – traditional American favorites like scones, brownies, and tasty sandwiches
– Piroshky Piroshky – for Piroshky, my favorite is Potato and Cheese {P.S. Don’t want to wait in the long line? Try Piroshki on 3rd & Cherry in downtown instead. They make the best borscht, and I love their Smoked Turkey Piroshky!)
-Mini Donuts from the Daily Dozen (my favorite are the fresh cinnamon and sugar or plain!)

Browse the shops underground

Tucked away underneath the Market you’ll find shops of all kinds. My favorite is Ventures Marketplace, a collective marketplace of Pacific Northwest artists and artisans. A great place to find a gift for a friend to take home, or a handcrafted souvenir for yourself!

Treat yourself with a sipping chocolate or truffle from indi chocolate

A respite from the hustle and bustle of the Market, indi chocolate serves up delicious dark chocolate, coffee, and sipping chocolate. My favorite is the sipping chocolate with rose!

Visit the new Market Front for a killer view of the city

Newly opened, the Market Front is home to shops and restaurants, and a gorgeous view of the city!

Grab a bouquet

Either to take home or dress up your hotel room, Pike Place bouquets can’t be beat! Most are under $10 and absolutely beautiful.

Catch a flying fish

If you’ve ever seen anything about Pike Place, then you’ve most definitely heard about the “flying” fish. Catch one and take it home! Most of the fish markets can package them up for your flight or ship it.

Eat the best greek yogurt at Elleno’s

I’m not lying. It’s really that good. My favorite is Lemon Curd!

Sample fresh local fruit and vegetables

Don’t be afraid to ask for a taste from the market vendors. You can ask to sample almost anything and they’ll cut you a slice!

Visit the Pike Place Magic Shop

Get your fortune told and take a photo with the tallest man on earth!

Indulge in some clam chowder at Pike Place Chowder

Creamy, fresh, and hot, the New England Clam Chowder is my favorite! Get it in a bread bowl while you’re at it.

Taste wine at White Heron Cellars and olive oil and vinegars at Sotto Voce

Love experiencing the finer things in life? White Heron Cellars has a beautiful tasting room with views of the Sound. And don’t miss tasting olive oils and vinegars at Sotto Voce. They have something for everyone!

Get sticky at the Gum Wall

Located just a few steps below the Market, follow the crowds to the Gum Wall. Stick a piece of your own on for good measure!

Grab a walkable lunch

My favorites? Country Dough, Mr. Z’s, Indian Samosas, or Los Agaves. Or, indulge in a luxurious sit-down experience at Cafe Campagne or Maximilien!

Sit down for a Moscow Mule or Ginger Beer at Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Have you tried Ginger Beer? Skip the grocery store and come into RGB for an out-of-this-world ginger experience. The Pink Guava is my favorite, but try their seasonal special when you come in too!

Take home the flavors of the Market at Market Spice

Not much of a coffee person? You’ll love Market Spice Tea, full of spicy and robust flavors. They also have many other

Get goodies for a picnic at DeLaurenti Food & Wine

Set up a picnic at one of the many gorgeous parks within walking distance (Myrtle Edwards, Pier 62, Denny Park, or Victor Steinbreuck Park) and grab some delicious snacks at DeLaurenti.

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And with that, I hope you enjoy your Pike Place Market experience. There’s something for everyone, and while it may be a “Tourist Trap”, I promise it’s worth the crowds!

Have you visited Pike Place Market before? What’s your favorite thing to eat, do, or see there? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Rachel Teodoro

    Ellenos is hands down my absolute favorite greek yogurt and I don’t even like yogurt! I love the mixed berry. I will go out of my way to track some of it down too! Glad it made your list!


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