The 10 Best Christmas Movies & Giveaway!

I think you can probably guess by now that Christmas is my favorite of all the holidays. There’s nothing better than grabbing your favorite snacks, cozying up in a warm blanket with your pup, and drinking some hot cocoa while watching the best Christmas movies. I thought it’d be fun to share my top 10 that I almost always try to watch before Christmas comes (or have on all day on Christmas. I may or may not have looped A Christmas Story all day last year…)

The 10 Best Christmas Movies

The 10 Best Christmas Movies / hellorigby!

1. It’s a Wonderful Life – This is probably one of my favorite movies of all time, regardless of its holiday theme. It’s relatable, heartwarming and overall a great story. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor this year and watch it.
Where to watch it: Netflix Add to Queue, Amazon (Buy $6.99 (SD) or $9.99 (HD)), iTunes (Buy $9.99

2. A Christmas Story – My all time favorite Christmas movie. Mostly because it’s so cheesy and hilarious. You’ll shoot your eye out!
Where to watch it: Netflix Add to Queue, Amazon (Rent $2.99 (SD) or $3.99 (HD) / Buy $6.99 (SD) or $8.99 (HD)), iTunes ($3.99 Rent / $9.99 Buy)

3. The Original Christmas Classics: Rudolph, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Frosty the Snowman, & The Little Drummer Boy – I always try to catch these when they air every year on TV, but since we don’t have cable this year, I’m tempted to pick this one up to keep.
Where to watch it: Netflix Add to Queue here, here, and here, Amazon (Buy the collection $14.99 on DVD / Buy episodes from $5.99-7.99)

4. White Christmas – This movie is a lot of fun. The music, the dancing. You really can’t beat a holiday musical. Plus, I always love the costumes!
Where to watch it: Netflix Instant, Amazon (Rent $2.99 (SD) or $3.99 (HD) / Buy $6.99 (SD) or $9.99 (HD)), iTunes ($3.99 Rent / $9.99 Buy)

5. Elf –  This movie is just too much fun. I mean anyone who pours maple syrup on their spaghetti is cool in my book.
$2.99 (SD) or $3.99 (HD) / Buy $7.99 (SD) or $9.99 (HD)), iTunes (Rent $3.99 / Buy $9.99)

6. The Holiday – I had to stick a romantic chick flick on this list… it was between this or Love Actually, and my heart is just with this one.
Where to watch it: Netflix Add to Queue, Amazon (Rent $0.99 (SD) or $0.99 (HD) / Buy $6.99 (SD) or $7.99 (HD)), iTunes ($3.99 Rent / $9.99 Buy)

7. Home Alone – I saw this for the first time last year… if you can believe that! I just didn’t grow up watching this one, but it’s a new fun favorite.
Where to watch it: Netflix Add to Queue, Amazon (Rent $2.99 (SD) or $3.99 (HD) / Buy $9.99 (SD) or $12.99 (HD))

8. Christmas Vacation – Another new one for me – Dave introduced me to this cult classic last year. How I hadn’t seen it before is beyond me.
Where to watch it: Netflix Add to Queue, Amazon (Rent $2.99 (SD) or $3.99 (HD) / Buy $7.99 (SD) or $9.99 (HD)), iTunes ($3.99 Rent / $9.99 Buy)

9. How the Grinch Stole Christmas – The book was a favorite growing up, so it only makes sense that the real life acted version is a yearly favorite.
Where to watch it: Netflix Add to Queue, Amazon (Rent $2.99 (SD) or $3.99 (HD) / Buy $9.99 (SD) or $9.99 (HD)), iTunes ($3.99 Rent / $9.99 Buy)

10. Jingle All the Way – While this may not be on everyone’s list, this reminds me of the crazy hysteria of toys that happened in our youth. Beanie Babies and Furbys come to mind… I still think this movie is hysterical.
Where to watch it: Netflix Add to Queue, Amazon (Rent $2.99 (SD) or $3.99 (HD) / Buy $8.99 (SD) or $9.99 (HD)), iTunes ($3.99 Rent / $9.99 Buy)

Which Christmas movies are at the top of your list?

118 thoughts on “The 10 Best Christmas Movies & Giveaway!

  1. Mika

    I’d be so happy with anything in the box! But I especially use mascara, nail polish, and any shower supplies like body wash or bubble bath, etc. (:

  2. Kenzie Smith

    This is a hard question to answer because I love so many things! I think I would love to see a great shade of lipstick or maybe some glittery eye shadow with New Years coming up :D

  3. tima

    i need to get into bold lips, so that would be awesome. i’m trying to find a neutral eye palette too. and i’ a skincare addict. tbh i’d be happy with a cleanser, LOL

    1. Jenn Post author

      You’ll have to watch it this year – pretty sure they usually play it on at least one of the cable channels on Christmas! ;) It’s a pretty good one.

    1. Jenn Post author

      I totally forgot about Just Friends! That’s a pretty funny one. I haven’t heard of Mixed Nuts, will need to watch that one this year! Do you own it? :)

  4. Cara of Stylish+Geek Blog

    Love all your selections! Don’t know why but I still really enjoy watching Home Alone. :) I wonder if you’ve seen The Family Stone. It stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Dianne Keaton. It’s one of my favorite holiday movies :)

  5. Paige Pierog

    Oh my goodness I love Elf and The Holiday! These are all great movies!
    As for the surprise box, I always love trying out new products, especially hair stuff! It would be exciting to get fun new hair product to mess around with!

  6. Cindy A.

    I would love to see curly hair products and body lotion/butter. Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful giveaway!

  7. Andi

    I am not big on the holidays but I love The Holiday. I also love all the Friends Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes (I know they aren’t movies!).

  8. Julie

    I love all of the claymation holiday classics! I HAVE to watch them every single year. lol! I’ve never seen The Holiday but everyone told me I really needed to so I just picked it up in the $5 bin at Walmart with The Family Stone (it’s one of those double feature ones). I’m really excited to see a new Christmas one this year too. And thank you for such an amazing giveaway! I would love to try out a new mascara or some fun eyeshadows!

  9. Erin

    Don’t judge me… but I’ve never seen White Christmas. It’s always been on my list but I just havent gotten around to it. Maybe this will be the year???

    1. Jenn Post author

      No judgement at all! It’s a good one though – if you like musicals! It’s usually on one of the cable channels on Christmas Day, or stream it on Netflix if you have it! :)

  10. Traci U

    Lately i’m into nail designs & fingernail polish…so i’d like to see fingernail polish, fimo canes, nail designs & how to do them.

  11. Starla B

    What a great list Jenn. I actually haven’t seen a few of those, I will def have to be on the look out! I would actually love to see anything in the box. Surprises are so much fun! :) xo


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