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Complimentary Service: Complimentary services were provided in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

Have you ever heard of a… sweat spa? Because that’s how I spent my Saturday two weekends ago. I had my usual every-other-month facial, then popped over to visit City Sweats Seattle in the beautiful Madison Park Neighborhood where I was treated to a Lymphatic Drainage Treatment and Infrared Sauna Treatment. Just say yes to sweat, I say!

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Having a little treat-yourself afternoon is something I don’t do often. I’m not one to have a spa day, I just always feel like there’s so much to get done on weekends that I often leave the “me” time for last… and often, I don’t get much of that. But really, I’m not complaining – what I’m getting at is that when I do get time to indulge, I really appreciate it. That Saturday at  was no different.

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Two hours of uninterrupted massage and sweating was incredibly rejuvenating. Upon arrival, I was greeted with a shot. A Hot Shot, that is, full of cayenne and aloe to increase circulation and packed a punch. I was then led back to a private room where I was to have a Lymphatic Drainage Treatment. I laid down on a bed, then had massage cuffs strapped to my appendages. The machine turned on, and the massage began. I would equate it to one of those massage chairs from Brookstone but on    steroids.

When I was done with the Lymphatic Drainage, it was over to the next private bed to start the sweating. I was wrapped up like a burrito underneath the Infrared Sauna Wrap. The heat sneaked up slowly – at first I was thinking I wasn’t going to sweat much, but about 20 minutes in, I was feeling it. My heart rate started to climb and I started seriously sweating. It was a good thing I had a Netflix-enabled TV to indulge in a little Pretty Little Liars and David Tutera’s My Fair Wedding. :P

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At the end of the treatment, I spent a few minutes in the relaxation room, where I was treated to tea, another shot, and fruit. It was such a nice way to end the experience, even if I was a sweaty mess. They offer showers, but since I didn’t pack a change of clothes, I opted to shower at home.

I’m sure you’ve heard that sweating helps with detoxification. You know, all the bad stuff out. What I didn’t realize is that I would see and feel the results. Whether it was a reaction to the heat or toxins, I had a mild rash show up on my arms. Upon googling, I found that it wasn’t an abnormal reaction. It was gone by the next morning, and I do have sensitive skin and eczema so go figure. I also was a little sore the next day from the massage. I probably didn’t keep as hydrated post-treatment. I drank a lot of water there, but I always have a hard time remembering to drink it at home too.

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Besides the mild dehydration, I noticed was I felt way less bloated and blah. I definitely didn’t want to take a nap that day – I felt like I had much more energy and wasn’t carrying around a bunch of extra water weight. The benefits of a little r&r time and sweating it out, I guess!

Have you ever tried an Infrared Sauna treatment? If you haven’t, would you?

This post was written in exchange for a complimentary service at City Sweats Seattle. No further compensation was received, and as always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

22 thoughts on “Getting Sweaty at City Sweats Seattle

  1. Jae

    This sounds like an interesting spa! I’ve never heard of a sweat spa before unless you consider resting in a sauna after a good workout as one. Haha!

  2. Angie

    Jenn! I just had my first treatment there and LOVED it!! My post goes up this Sunday. I just did the cabin, not the lymphatic drainage but I think I’m hooked! With this nasty weather we’ve been having it’s the perfect pick-me-up!

  3. Julie

    I’ve never actually heard of anything like this, but I do know after a good workout or dance session when I sweat a ton, I feel so great afterwards! My daughter has very sensitive skin so she sometimes gets a sweat/heat rash in between her shoulder blades. Scared me the first time I saw it!

  4. Kasey

    oh this sounds interesting! my sister + I are thinking about trying a Korean bath house in town out, from what I gather it’s a similar sweat it all out thing!

    1. Jenn Post author

      I don’t either, and by the end of this I was pretty antsy to be done but it was much better than I expected! You can also end it early if you’re feeling uncomfortable, or have them start off with lower temperatures, which is nice!


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