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For most of my life, I have been the cautious one. I wouldn’t say no, but I wouldn’t say yes either. Instead, I would hesitate.

Don’t get me wrong, I still do. I’m not always the most decisive. Ask me to pick a restaurant and I’ll deflect for you to choose. Ask me my opinion about which restaurants in Seattle are the best, and you’ll get a totally different answer. I don’t like to make decisions, but I’m probably too opinionated for my own good.

Clinique Start Better Campaign - Just Say Yes / hellorigby Seattle fashion & lifestyle blog

Alright, alright – there is a point to this. A couple of weekends ago, I buzzed over to Nordstrom at Bellevue Square to check out the Allure Magazine and Clinique Start Better event. I loved the concept – how can we, as women, start better? What will we start, and not just wish for, tomorrow? The positive message really got to me, and I couldn’t help but want to be a part of it. Plus, they were offering free makeup consultations, and you must know by now that I absolutely love trying new beauty products. ;)

Clinique Make Up Artist Applies Make Up at Start Better Event at Nordstrom Bellevue Square / Vivian Hsu for Team Photogenic © 2015 I will never turn down an opportunity to have someone do my makeup. Brooke was awesome, and I couldn’t help but want to buy nearly everything she used on me. Photo: Vivian Hsu for Team Photogenic © 2015

I also had the opportunity to chat up Ariana Lallone, a retired ballet dancer with the Pacific Northwest Ballet, current Barre instructor and performer at Teatro Zinzanni. Ironically, I had already “met” her – at least through her art! We were able to catch her most recent show, Teatro Zinzanni’s Hotel Hacienda.

 Ariana Lallone Interviewed by Jenn Haskins at Clinique Start Better Event in Bellevue / Vivian Hsu for Team Photogenic © 2015
Photo:  Vivian Hsu for Team Photogenic © 2015

As you can tell, she’s about double my height and probably a million times more graceful. And also really fit. Talk about intimidating! But she really was so warm and inviting, and had some beautiful words to share about her experiences in saying yes. See, I told you there was a point!

What stuck with me was what she said about trying new opportunities after she left PNB: “I was in the mode of saying yes.” It really captured a lot of what I’ve told myself through this blogging “career.” Just say yes. Learn from the mistakes, and of course, be true to yourself. When I started, I didn’t know what opportunities would or wouldn’t come. Of course, I am cautious to not take EVERY opportunity because there is only so much time in a day. But being in the mode of saying yes is a good place to be. It takes you out of your comfort zone sometimes but can also be incredibly rewarding.

And that’s why when she retired from the ballet and was offered a show at Teatro Zinzanni, she said yes. She shared how she didn’t normally branch out, and how Teatro Zinzanni changed that. What started as aerial work soon expanded to ballet and dance in that space, and how her Lyra Hoop became her partner, not just a tool. I mentioned how I wasn’t a fan of heights and she told me “neither was I!” But what she was a fan of was “[doing] something different,” so she said yes to Teatro again when the first run of her show ended. “People create their own acts,” she told me.

Now back to the #StartBetter concept. What could be better than saying yes to something new? Whether that means asking for a raise, making a new connection or taking on a fashion trend that you’ve been hesitant to try, we all deserve  to treat ourselves and take a risk! I’m encouraging you all to #StartBetter by indulging yourself in one of your dreams, whatever that means to you.

And hopefully one of those ways is through makeup because Clinique and Allure Magazine sent me a VIP Swag Bag to pass on to one lucky winner! (And they were sweet enough to share one with me too, and I must say, there are some amazing products in here!)

Clinique Start Better Campaign VIP Swag Bag / hellorigby Seattle fashion & lifestyle blog The VIP Swag Bag Contains: Clinique Super City Sunblock, Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser, Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum, Clinique Baby Tint Chubby Stick in Poppin’ Poppy, Clinique High Impact Mascara, Allure Magazine March 2015 issue

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*Apologies International friends, this one’s open to U.S. shipping addresses only due to shipping restrictions of liquids in certain countries. I’ll catch ya next time!

How are you going to start better today or tomorrow?

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219 thoughts on “#StartBetter by Saying Yes & Giveaway

  1. Kasey

    true life: the only time I wear more makeup than lipstick + a little mascara is when someone else does it for me… Also I’m totally on board with saying yes. Just yesterday I played softball with people I’ve never met before + it was the most fun!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Haha! I think that’s totally fine. Lipstick instantly makes anyone look a little more made up!
      Love that! I think taking risks (okay, within reason) is important!

  2. Chelsie

    Wow, I love the idea of being in a “yes mode” and constantly trying to “start better.” I think that’s a great question to ask every night, so that I can prepare for a better morning. I would like to start better by being open to creative opportunities. I’ve had several friends approach me to take their photos and I’ve always been so apprehensive because I’m not confident in my photography. But, I need to embrace the opportunities so I can become better! Thanks for the thought-provoking post, Jenn!

    1. Jenn Post author

      I love the idea of thinking about that every night before bed! I’m going to have to try to do that – maybe it will make my morning wake up calls a little easier. ;) Get out there and take those photos, I bet they’ll be great!

  3. Ashley Bree Perez

    The Swag Bag looks amazing!! I am very excited about this giveaway! I have entered. The makeup remover from Clininque is my all time favorite. :D

  4. Nadine

    I have been trying to get in to yes mode lately. You never know what outcome you are going to get in life unless you try new things!

    That swag bag is fabulous! I am all about trying some new serums.

  5. Grace

    Clinique Moisture Surge is one of my holy grails! I also love the Dramatically Different gel formula – both are fantastic for combo skin.

    1. Jenn Post author

      I love Moisture Surge too! I haven’t tried the gel forumla of Dramatically Different, but it came with my GWP so I’m excited to try it! :)

  6. Breanna

    What a great giveaway! That is really sweet of you! :) I’ve never really splurged on any of Clinique’s products, but I hear such great things about them that I might have to sooner rather than later :)

  7. Kim Pincombe Cole

    I really want to try the Smart Custom Repair Serum. Clinique’s Moisture Surge has been a fave of mine for years!

  8. Melanie Rhoades

    I haven’t worn makeup in ages. When I did it was Clinique. I felt like everything was weightless. At that time in my life I wasn’t ready to put the time into feeling better about myself. Now I’m ready to try again. I need all of it, starting with mascara!

    1. Jenn Post author

      I haven’t tried the serum, but the eye cream in the All About Eyes is my favorite! I get awful dark circles during allergy season!

  9. ouida stokes

    Oh God, I love the Clinique Chubby Stick. I am a lip addict, obsessed. Gotta have. Thanks for the chance.

  10. Neha Kaul

    The Clinique High Impact Mascara is truly the most underrated mascara there is and it should get the publicity it so deserves. I’m excited about trying the Chubby Stick!

  11. Tracy Robertson

    I’m most excited to try the foaming cleanser. I think I am developing allergies to some facial cleansers lately because after I wash my face in the shower I come out with an angry red mark on my face. This is recent, and I’ve thrown away a few facial cleansers while trying to find a good one. Since Clinique is such a nice brand and a foaming cleanser sounds very light, maybe that will be my new brand.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Oh what a bummer! Clinique is pretty great for sensitive skin. I would also look into Cetaphil or CeraVe if you haven’t – both are for sensitive skin and are generally recommended by Dermatologists.

  12. Natalie Brown

    Hi! I’d most excited about the Clinique Baby Tint Chubby Stick in Poppin’ Poppy. I’ve been wanting to try this out. Thank-you for this super fun chance. :)

  13. Rhonda R

    I look forward to trying Clinique Baby Tint in a chubby stick. I love tints and I had no idea Clinique had them!

  14. bianca roman

    i’m excited for the chubby cheek stick! i’ve never owned one of these, so it’ll be new and beyond amazing, i’m sure!

  15. Samantha Daleo

    I am most excited about the foaming cleanser. I have yet to find one that I like and I am hoping that will be a perfect fit.

  16. Ashley C

    I”m super excited about the Clinique High Impact Mascara! I live for great mascara and am always searching for a better one!

  17. Patricia C.

    Always searching for the best sunblock so I’m looking forward to trying Clinique Super City Sunblock

  18. Melissa Mazzur

    I can’t live without my clinique eyeliner! It is all I have ever used! Looks perfect. Thanks for the giveaway!


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