confessions of a shopaholic

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so, remember when i said last month that i was not going to budget for may because i “didn’t need it”? yeah, i’m crazy. my confession this week? i definitely needed it. i think i may be a tiny bit of a shopaholic.

one of my favorite things about “blog land” is the camaraderie around interests. mine tends to focus a lot on things. clothes and makeup, specifically, are my weakness. some people have booze, the gym, sports… not me, i choose shopping. shopping is my cardio.

so one big confession this month: i overdid it. and i feel bad i did, but i like what i got. so sue me, i guess.

first it was Golden Tote. then it was the Nordstrom Semi-Annual sale. i don’t discriminate, i also spread the money around to Etsy and Ulta too. so who wants to see what i got? i figured.

what i (over)spent on in May:

may budget / confessions of a shopaholic / hellorigby!

Golden Tote / I picked up another Golden Tote this month and chose the Webbed Trim Tunic, Puella Classic Maxi + surprise items, and add on Crochet Coverlet ($30) / spent $179 (-$25 for selling one surprise item item)
Birchbox / Embryolisse Lait Creme, Dr. Jart Water Fuse BB Cream / $16 (used Birchbox Points to cover some)
Old Navy / Creme de la Creme Tee, Boyfriend Shorts, Boyfriend Cardigan / $24
Julep / Kyla and Something Blue Nail Polishes / $3
Target / Coral Belt, Mustard Belt, my new favorite Booties, Peter Pilotto x Target blouse / $59.75 (-$39 gift card) = $20.75
Macy*s / Corso Como Del Pumps (finally, found my perfect black pumps!) / $74.75 (-$39 gift card) = $35.75
Ulta / Little Amazing Concealer, Seche Vite top coat (amazing!), CND Stickey Base Coat (also amazing!), Real Techniques Blush Brush / $55.50
Forever 21 / Sleeveless Bodycon dress, Midi Skirt, Knee length bodycon skirt, 2x V-neck Camis, Braided Owl Bangles, Crescent Rings, Classic Ring Set, Stripe Cuff, Blogger PJ Set (so cute!), Art Deco Pendant / $48.20
Etsy: RSVPHandcrafted / Camera Strap (see my custom one on Instagram!) / $50 + shipping (-$30 gift card) = $28
Etsy: Wiggle Perfume / Buxom, Samples of Speakeasy Vanilla + Lila / $20
Nordstrom / Birkenstock “Mayari” in Antique Lace (yes, i did it, shut up.), Big Buddha Bag (new camera bag!), Painted Threads A Line Skirt, MAC Up the Amp, Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo / $190

yeesh. all totaled that’s over $600.

so, i think it’s time to hop right back on the shopping budget bandwagon. i’m going to challenge myself to spend under $150 in June to make up for my bad behavior.

i mean, let’s just face it. i have a slight shopping problem. it’s not going to put me in debt or bankrupt me anytime soon, but i probably don’t need to spend that much in the near future.

anyone else have a shopping problem they’d like to confess?

231 thoughts on “confessions of a shopaholic

  1. Sarah

    I definitely over did it during some memorial day sales! I definitely needed the bikinis haha! I rationalized it by saying a lot could double as work clothes, if I pretend like every day is Friday!

  2. HaleyFaye

    Honestly, I totally relate. When my grandma died in October, I never wanted to be at home alone or by myself ever, so I would just go shopping like, every day. However, I feel that I ended up using it as a coping mechanism and actually developed a kind of emotional dependence on it – so I definitely have officially been legitimately addicted to shopping. I managed to curb my impulses some, but now that I’m married and we joined bank accounts, I’m trying to go cold turkey. It’s really hard. Online shopping + unnecessary grocery shopping for the heck of it is basically where I’m struggling right now. But your challenge sounds like a good idea. =] i need to do something like that too!

    And, for summer, I’m looking forward to a big, new, exciting, and kinda scary new job! =]

    1. Jenn Haskins Post author

      so sorry to hear about your grandma, Haley. i’m really glad you were able to figure out your coping mechanism and make the changes that were necessary for your family. online shopping is probably my biggest weakness – its too easy and i absolutely hate shopping at the malls anymore! challenges definitely help me really take a second look at some of those impulse buys!

  3. Kristen

    oh wow you got a lot of stuff! i have a huge shopping problem, im getting better but it was really awful and bad and just not good. lol

  4. Lix

    Ha, I barely shop for groceries these days, though I do have a bad, bad, bad fondness for Starbucks iced coffee. My concerns about saving up money are immediate though – I’m not settled in London yet and rent is hella expensive. x

  5. lisasweiback

    Thank GOD I am not the only one who has a shopping problem!! I swear I spent the exact same amount for May alone! Phew sigh of relief I am not the only one lol! I have to stop hahahah!! Have a great day girl! :)


    1. Jenn Haskins Post author

      ha, i am so glad i’ve found my “tribe” with this post! seriously, i am the worst at shopping without a budget. have a great weekend, Lisa!

  6. Kristan

    I’ll confess. I’ve done two modcloth orders and a julep order in the same pay period (in addition to my intro box!) AND already have my treats for this pay period picked out! I’ve been trying to set and stick to my shopping budget, but keep finding ways to justify extra purchases. Example: I have to replace the Kindle that was stolen when our house was burglarized, so that doesn’t count as shopping, right? If I have to buy these Naot Union because they are just about the only semi- stylish looking comfort shoes and my other shoes are exacerbating my arthritis, they are a necessity and therefore don’t count as shopping, right? Oh boy, I think I have a problem. ;)

    1. Jenn Haskins Post author

      i am glad i’m not the only one with this issue! those shoes are probably the cutest comfort shoes i’ve ever seen. so sorry to hear you guys got burglarized, that sounds awful! i would probably be shopping extra if that happened too :(

  7. Kenzie

    I somehow managed to not spend any money last month.. I don’t know what happened ha ha.
    I’m looking forward to hikes this summer!!

  8. Tara

    I should be hearing about a new job sometime soon, everyone keep their fingers crossed! Then I can justify some of my shopping…

  9. Kim Pincombe Cole

    I’m looking forward to spending time outside with the family this summer ~ winter was so brutal this year :)
    Trips to the lake & lots of baseball games are on the calendar!

  10. Em

    Girrllll I’m such a shopaholic. It’s so bad. I online shop on my lunch break allll the time! I mean come on, a girl needs to replenish the summer wardrobe right? Haha. My weakness though is handbags….cannnoootttt pass a good one up. I should probably join a support group or something haha.

    1. Jenn Haskins Post author

      haha, glad i am not the only one! i had a terrible time with not spending when i worked in retail. when its right in front of you its so hard to say no!

  11. Michelle B

    I am most looking forward to long days, lots of sunshine, and picnics :) Of course, there are also a few summer weddings that will be the events of the year!! Yay!
    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  12. Mica

    I am definitely a shopaholic too! I’m never brave enough to tally up all that I buy each month, but I’m sure that it’s a lot. Although it has slowed down with being pregnant, I spend less on clothes now which helps! :) Hope you manage to stick to your June budget!

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  14. Kassie Harris

    I’m looking forward to being warm and spending time outdoors. I excited to go camping and kayaking and hiking! I adore summer!

  15. nicole dz

    Im looking forward to visiting my sister and brother in Fort Worth Texas this summer. It’s been a while since i seen them and im so excited to see them.

  16. Dana Rodriguez

    Nice haul! I didn’t get to do much shopping myself last month but I did find a couple of cute outfits for summer on sale.
    I am looking forward to going to Myrtle Beach this summer with my fiance’ for a much needed vacation!

    1. Jenn Post author

      thanks Dana! I’m definitely taking it easy this month to make up for it ;) Myrtle Beach sounds so fun – hope you have a great time!

  17. Debra S

    I am looking forward to going to visit my Sister and getting away from everyone else! Sitting somewhere, drinking a glass of wine……. NO men or kids about..

  18. Erin M

    This summer I am looking forward to spending time with my family and friends! Also, I plan on tackling some projects I’ve been putting off!

  19. Abigail

    So many things! beach, bike rides, hikes, gardening… and just not having to bundle us all up to outdoors will be glorious!!!

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  21. Talia

    Nice group of products! After a harsh winter, I’m looking forward to enjoying the warm weather, from my porch, of course, with a drink in my hand!

  22. Natalie F

    This winter was such a long one that I’m looking forward to sunshine on a consistent basis, lol! I’m also looking forward to taking a 2 week staycation/vacation with my family. We are going just a few hours away to do some local stuff. :) Great giveaway, thanks for the oppty.

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  24. Natalie Brown

    Hi! This Summer I’m most looking forward to swimming. I don’t care if it’s the beach or the pool it’s always so fun & refreshing! Thank-you for this generous giveaway!!

  25. Jessica Menster

    I’m looking forward to some relaxation time- maybe even a few days sleeping in- and the pool!

  26. Daraya

    I’m looking forward to spending more time with family and friends, and going on a vacation to Oregon! :)

  27. Danielle Jones

    This summer i’m looking forward to lots of swimming, fishing and gardening. I also look forward to wearing my sundresses (which I can’t seem to stop buying).

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  29. Patricia C.

    my second child is due at the end of july so i am looking forward to meeting him! also, i am looking forward to our family’s fourth of july party and going to the ice cream festival on my birthday. :)

  30. stacy

    I can’t wait to get out and do some of my favorite activities like kayaking, hiking, camping, and just being outside enjoying nature.


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