A Couples Session with TMinspired Photography

Okay, I’m going to preface this by saying no, much to the chagrin of my mother and probably Dave’s too, we are not engaged. These are not engagement photos, I promise.


However, when Taylor of TMinspired Photography contacted me after seeing the Rig-monster and I on Erica Jacquline, I couldn’t say no to being photographed! Truth be told, I’m not actually a giant fan of being in front of the camera. Something that NEVER happens is Dave and I being in a shot together. One of us is always taking the photo, or we take those terrible selfies that you can’t exactly hang on the wall, if you know what I mean.


Anyways, I thought I’d share a few of these photos with you today, because I think they turned out great, we had a lot of fun, and I’d love for you to check out Taylor’s work because blog friends like to support other blog friends. :)

Jenn-and-David-Couples-Session-Seattle-Pier-Market-Place-TMinspired-Photography-8 Jenn-and-David-Couples-Session-Seattle-Pier-Market-Place-TMinspired-Photography-7

Butt bumping is encouraged in our world. I just can’t with being serious business all the time. I just can’t.

Jenn-and-David-Couples-Session-Seattle-Pier-Market-Place-TMinspired-Photography-9Jenn-and-David-Couples-Session-Seattle-Pier-Market-Place-TMinspired-Photography Jenn-and-David-Couples-Session-Seattle-Pier-Market-Place-TMinspired-Photography-6Jenn-and-David-Couples-Session-Seattle-Pier-Market-Place-TMinspired-Photography-4

Hopefully I didn’t lose you with all of the sap. I tried to keep it to a minimum.

In the comments, let’s play a game called name that Seattle spot, and tell me if you’ve been there! Have any of you been to any of the places in our photos? Have you visited Seattle?

86 thoughts on “A Couples Session with TMinspired Photography

  1. Sarah Christine

    I love these, you two are adorable!! I don’t think I could convince Bryan to do a shoot with me, he is already dreading the engagement and wedding photos we will have to take someday.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks, Sarah! HA, yeah Dave so didn’t want to do this. I peer pressured him a lot. I’m glad I did though! :)

  2. Breenah

    I used to live in Tacoma and Pike’s Place was my favorite, but I haven’t been there since I was 7 so the memories aren’t as strong as they used to be. I’m hoping I can take my husband and daughter there soon!

  3. Stephanie Loudmouth

    These are beautiful pictures of you guys, and I’m all about the sap so I didn’t mind it at all. :) I’ve never been to Seattle, but my boyfriend is from there and there are talks of us moving back someday!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Taylor is actually in California, she was just visiting her old stomping grounds! But if you need a photographer in Seattle, I’m sure I could hook you up :)

  4. Miriam

    Love these photos! I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t actually been to Seattle, just driven past it a few times – will need to change that.

  5. Betsy

    these are super cute!! seriously…love it! as a photographer, i am in the same boat….practically all of the photos i have of my boyfriend and i were taken on an iphone or are selfies not worthy of framing! great shoot!

  6. estherjulee

    these are too cute!! these should be engagement photos haha. we actually take couple photos every year now around our anniversary. i think it’s a great way to document how you’ve grown together.

  7. Mika (Oshiro Design)

    You guys take wonderful pictures! I LOVE all of them. I really would love to take professional pictures with my boyfriend, too- I might wait for an anniversary or another special occasion, though. (:

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks, Mika! Hope you get to take your own photos too! Besides these, we only have a single professional photo from my cousin’s wedding last summer, so I felt like we were due! :)

  8. Jess

    These are so sweet! Also, Taylor is so sweet too! She might be doing our engagement photos actually! So nice that you both have these pictures to treasure together :)


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