Dailylook Elite August 2015

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Another month, another Dailylook Elite box. I received this in July right around the same time as Stitch Fix, but I hate inundating you with too many reviews in one week so held this one back. This month was my first month with a new stylist. Rita, my former stylist, moved on to a position elsewhere, so I was assigned to Diane L. I didn’t ask for anything in particular this month. In fact, I meant to delay this box until right about now due to vacation, but by the time I realized my error, the box was already on the way.

Either way, it worked out okay because there were some winners (and some losers, as always) in my box. So onto what Diane sent me!

Dailylook Elite August 2015 Review & Styling // hellorigby seattle fashion blog

Dailylook Elite August 2015

Dailylook Elite August 2015: Quay Round Lens Sunglasses in Copper // hellorigby seattle fashion blogQuay Round Lens Sunglasses in Copper, $44.99 – Returned
I think these looked alright on me, but as much as I wanted to try this brand, this style wasn’t what I had in mind.

DailyLook Elite August 2015: Beck Lightweight Cardigan, Sinatra Faux Suede Fringe Bucket Bag, Rifle Paper Co. x Paper Crown Fluttered Blooms Swing Dress // hellorigby seattle fashion blogBeck Lightweight Cardigan in Ivory, size Medium, $49.99 – Returned
Sinatra Faux Sueded Fringe Bucket Bag in Black, $59.99 – Kept
I went back and forth on the sweater, as it seemed like a good basic to have in my closet. However, the sheerness made it difficult to style with some pieces, and it also had a kind of high-low shirttail hemline going on which I didn’t love. That bag, however, I love. I don’t own anything remotely like it, so I kept it. :)

Dailylook Elite August 2015 Review & Styling: Quay Round Lens Sunglasses in Copper and Bryce Paisley Shift Dress // hellorigby seattle fashion blogBryce Paisley Shift Dress in Black, size Small, $59.99 – Returned
I thought this was cute, but unfortunately it was too big and not in a flattering way.

Dailylook Elite August 2015 Review & Styling:  Schutz Emyly Tranca Slip on Heels & Rifle Paper Co x Paper Crown Swing Dress // hellorigby seattle fashion blogSchutz Emyly Tranca Slip-On Heels in Tan, Size 7, $199.99 – Returned
These were too loose and too expensive. I also wasn’t crazy about them, which for the price of them, I’d have to be. These went right back in the box.

Dailylook Elite August 2015 Review & Styling: Sunset Sons Striped Skort in Multi-Colored // hellorigby seattle fashion blogSunset Sons Striped Skort in Multi Color, Size Small, $54.99 – Returned
I would never use the word “preppy” to describe my style. In fact, I didn’t even know what Lilly Pulitzer was until I started blogging/her collaboration with Target. To me, this is very preppy and thus very not me.

Dailylook Elite August 2015 Review & Styling: Lavender Brown Silk V Neck Top in Navy // hellorigby seattle fashion blogLavender Brown Silk V-Neck Top in Navy, Size Small, $132.99 – Returned
I really liked this, but it was awfully low cut to be work appropriate. That coupled with how long it was and the price forced me to send it back, even if it was a high-quality staple. (And eek those wrinkles!)

Overall, I think Diane did a great job with picking items for me. However, I did find that the price points of most of the items that were sent were higher than what I had seen previously.

Ironically, a few days ago, I found this in my inbox:

Dear Client,

We’d like to thank you for being a member of Dailylook Elite, and share some news with you. As Elite continues to grow and service more clients, we wish to provide you with a high level of service and a premium experience that is truly customized to your lifestyle needs. Beginning August 17th, the monthly styling fee will increase to $40. This $40 will still be added to your account as store credit, and can be used without exclusions on any Shop or Elite order.

As an Elite client, you will continue to enjoy the convenience of your own
personal stylist and be the first to discover new trends and emerging brands, in addition to the following benefits:


You can conveniently manage your delivery preferences to receive an Elite box as frequently as you would like: every month, every other month, or quarterly.

We sincerely hope that you choose to continue your Elite service. However, if you wish to cancel, or would like the change the frequency of your box, you may do so below.

Thank you,
Dailylook Elite

To me, this reflects the idea that Dailylook wants to continue sending higher end and premium items (Equipment and Vince are both out of my everyday price range.) Unfortunately, that is not the buying decision I would make in a service like this. When it comes to mid-range or higher end items, I prefer to pick them out myself, hem and haw about them forever, and/or find them on sale.

While I love trying out and reviewing subscription services, I really don’t need a personal shopper, so for this reason I have canceled my Dailylook Elite subscription. I may try it out again in the future for specific needs (i.e. if I struggle finding dresses to wear to the fall weddings we have this year, or if I need a party dress for Christmas) but for the time being, I am unsubscribed. Sorry, Dailylook!

What do you thnk about the items I received and Dailylook’s service changes? Have you tried out Dailylook Elite before?

24 thoughts on “Dailylook Elite August 2015

  1. Julie

    Some of those price points were pretty insane! And for them to then up the cost to $40 as well, yeah, I would have cancelled too. That’s a bummer! I really do like that bucket bag tho

  2. Ashley L

    I haven’t tried dailylook but honestly (and sorry!) I didn’t love any of those items either. Those price points were also way out of the range I would be comfortable spending for items from a subscription box. Plus, $40 styling fee? That’s ridiculous. To me that just screams that people aren’t purchasing much from their box thus they are losing money. By increasing the styling fee they either 1) make money even when people don’t purchase anything or 2) force people to purchase something they only kind of like to avoid losing their fee. Either way, the company makes money. It’s a business decision but I bet it causes more people to cancel the box.

    1. Jenn Post author

      I would think a lot of people would be cancelling as well. I do like some of their lines and would definitely shop from their website again, but the subscription service isn’t a need for me so I had no issues cancelling it.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Definitely agreed. Maybe I didn’t do a good enough job of setting my price range, but it seemed like it was consistently all over the place!

  3. coffeeslag

    I also subscribe to this (and so funny, my friend received those shorts in her box also and hated them) but I kind of like it. My “stylist” has been pretty good at guessing what I would like and opening me up to other options. The $40 increase did kind up upset me but I messaged them and apparently the $40 can be held for 60 days before it expires and I think you can combine them for an item (IE $40 from Septembers box + $40 October’s box). And you can also use it in their store which I thought was cool. They have a lot of brands that I like (For Love and Lemons!) which is why I don’t mind staying. If the boxes start to get shitty, I will cancel though haha. I was subscribed to the Popsugar box which was also $40/month and the quality of that one was horrible so switching isn’t a big deal.


    COFFEESLAG What’s In My Bag

    1. Jenn Post author

      That is funny that your friend received the same shorts! I don’t hate them, just not my style at all. I don’t think $40 is necessarily awful, I just have noticed all of the items I have received are slowly increasing in price and for the price, I’d prefer to pick things out myself. I used to receive PSMH as well and like you, cancelled as it was going downhill.

  4. Christine

    I think it’s great that you realized it wasn’t exactly giving you what you wanted, so you cancelled it. Many people keep going thinking that they’ll get something they like eventually but I think that’s a waste of money!

  5. Julie

    OOh, I’ve recently picked up a pair of Quay sunnies, but mine are cat eyed and I love them. Round would be so bad on me, round on round just ain’t a good look!! But you look really cute in them!

  6. Stephanie Volkert

    I can’t say I liked anything that you were sent (those shorts are awful), and the prices were ridiculous. It definitely sounds like they’re wanting to cater to people with more money to spend on clothes than you or I are willing to do.

  7. Cat

    Damn, girl, those are some SERIOUS prices!! I totally understand why you canceled. That silk v-neck top is adorable, but I don’t even buy pieces I absolutely LOVE for $130! I think I’ll stick with my Stitch Fix, thx…

  8. Rita

    Hi Jenn! Diane was one of my favorite stylists at Dailylook, so I’m glad she was assigned to your last box. That fringe bag is definitely a keeper! I had no idea the styling fee was going to increase. I totally understand why you decided to cancel though. I will say that Dailylook was lucky to have you as a subscriber! :)

    1. Jenn Post author

      I absolutely love the fringe bag and am so glad I kept it. Thanks Rita, I enjoyed my subscription and will probably be back one day to try it again! :)


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