Whole Body Weekender Travel Bag First Impressions & Giveaway

Product Sample: A beauty bag sample was provided to me in exchange for this honest review.

I’m pretty sure everyone knows about my beauty subscription addiction by now, so when I heard about the Whole Body Weekender Travel Bag from Whole Foods, you know I had to have it. Luckily, Whole Foods gave me a sneak peek before it launched and offered two to a couple of lucky winners!

For $6.99 starting today, you can snag one of these guys at your local Whole Foods. (Find your nearest store via their store locator.) With six deluxe samples, a travel bag, and coupons, it’s more than worth the value. I had a few days to test the products out, so while I can’t provide a full review, I thought I’d share my first impressions and thoughts on each of the samples inside.

Whole Foods Whole Body Weekender Travel Bag Review // hellorigby seattle beauty blog

Whole Body Weekender Travel Bag & First Impressions

Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer (.5 oz) – This thick moisturizer feels both soothing and hydrating. The scent is a little on the herbal/essential oil spectrum, but I don’t mind it. This left my skin feeling nice and hydrated, which is always welcome when you have dry skin year round. ;)

Acure Repairing Shampoo (1 oz) – This smells just like marzipan, which if you aren’t familiar, is a candy made from almond paste. Yum! While this doesn’t suds up as much as normal shampoo, I found it to be sufficient to leave my hair feeling cleansed.

Acure Repairing Conditioner (1 oz) – Like the shampoo, this one also smells like marzipan. Double yum! If you’re not an almond fan, I wouldn’t worry too much as I didn’t notice that the smell lingered. This conditioner left my hair feeling silky, soft, and shiny, which is just how I like it to feel after a shower!

Whole Foods Whole Body Weekender Travel Bag: Acure Shampoo, Acure Conditioner, & Juice Beauty Moisturizer Review // hellorigby seattle beauty blog

Alaffia Authentic African Black Soap in Tangerine Citrus (2 oz) – To be perfectly honest, I don’t think Tangerine Citrus is quite the right scent description. I’d say it almost smells more like lemongrass. While I can’t say it’s my favorite scent ever, I did like the texture and hydrating qualities, and the fact that it’s made in Olympia, WA.

Tom’s of Maine Simply White Toothpaste in Clean Mint (.9 oz) – This is my first time using a Tom’s of Maine product, and I’m loving this toothpaste! It left my teeth feeling nice and clean, and I love the non-artificial-tasting mint flavor.

Whole Foods Whole Body Weekender Travel Bag: Mineral Fusion Nail Polish in Blushing Crystal // hellorigby seattle beauty blog

Mineral Fusion Mini Nail Polish in Blushing Crystal (.25 oz) – I was most excited for this nail polish, as I’m forever in search of a pale pink nail polish that is opaque. Considering it doesn’t have any of the nasties (no formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP) AND is opaque after two coats, I’d say this is a winner!

ChicoBag Travel Zip TSA Friendly Pouch – I am so excited about this bag! I know that sounds nerdy, but when we were traveling to Europe, I realized I didn’t have a good bag for liquids and my plastic baggies were not cutting it. Of course when I needed a bag like this none could be found anywhere!

Also Included:
– Coupon for $5 off Juice Beauty Product
– Coupon for $5 off Nourish Advanced Facial Cleansing System
– Coupon for $1 off Naturtint Hair Color

Whole Foods Whole Body Weekender Travel Bag Review: Alaffia African Black Soap // hellorigby seattle beauty blog

And now a chance to win your own! This one’s open to those 18+ and residing within the United States due to shipping restrictions. Thanks so much for understanding.

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P.S. A second bag giveaway will be posted on my Instagram this weekend, so be sure to follow along & enter there too!

Which product would you want to try from the bag? Are you going to pick this up at Whole Foods?

68 thoughts on “Whole Body Weekender Travel Bag First Impressions & Giveaway

  1. Cat

    Wow, this is a whole lot of products for just $7! And since you bought it at Whole Foods, you know that you’re buying from respectable brands. I agree, though, the clear TSA bag is maybe the best part, haha.

  2. Shannon Hall

    This is super cool! I haven’t been to Whole Foods in forever but I might have to go check out their beauty products. I’ve seen that Tom’s toothpaste at TJ’s but have been too nervous to try it, so I’m glad to know you like it!

  3. Mickie Hinds

    I have been wanting to try the Toms toothpaste for a little while now, but I always chicken out and stick to what I know! lol

  4. Nataile Brown

    I’m most excited to try the Acure Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner. My hair is quite dry and this sounds really good. Thank-you. :)

  5. patricia c.

    Would love to try the Acure Repairing Shampoo. I have the Acure shampoo that smells like lemongrass and really like it.


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