Disneyland Paris, Sightseeing, Shopping, & Verasailles // Final Europe Trip Vlogs

As much as I’ve enjoyed reliving our European trip through making vlogs of our time there, I’m also happy to be sharing the final three with you! I am going to warn you… be prepared for photo overload!

Eiffel Tower at Sundown // hellorigby.com seattle travel vlog Sacre Couer from Parisian Street // hellorigby seattle travel blog

Once we returned to Paris from London, we spent the entire next day at Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios. Disneyland Paris reminded me so much of Disneyland in California. It even looked the same once you walked into the park! It was amazing how many different languages we heard here as well – this was a melting pot of cultures. We had so much fun, but my feet were more than sore by the end of the day and sitting down felt luxurious. ;)

Selfie at Walt Disney Studios Tram // hellorigby seattle travel blog

After our Disney fun, we headed back and got McDonald’s. Yes really. It was pretty good… I felt like the burger tasted better than American McDonald’s, but it could have just been how hungry I was.

Shopping in Montmartre // hellorigby seattle travel blog Selfie at the Eiffel Tower // hellorigby.com seattle travel blog

The next few days we spent seeing the sights including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Montmartre, Sacré-Cœur, and Père Lachaise Cemetery. I think my favorite was seeing the Louvre, where we spent 6 hours walking room to room in complete awe. To be perfectly honest, though, we were both a little horrified at how some of the visitors treated the art with such disregard. Sitting on statues, taking selfies with their arms wrapped around sculptures. It was a bit shocking. I’ve never seen anything like that in any American museum, and to see it happening in such a historical place made me sad.

View from Top of Eiffel Tower at Night // hellorigby.com seattle travel vlogger Selfie at the Eiffel Tower at Night // hellorigby seattle travel blog Eiffel Tower at Night // hellorigby seattle travel blog

Obviously we couldn’t visit the Eiffel Tower without going to the top! While I am glad we did it once, I think next time I’d prefer to pack a picnic and drink wine in the park below the tower instead. ;)

Montmartre was one of my favorite areas to walk around, and I only wish I had done a little more research before we left so we could have visited Moulin Rouge and caught a show. I know they’re insanely expensive, but I want to go to one in my lifetime.

View from Sacre Couer Montmartre // hellorigby seattle travel vlogger View from Sacre Couer in Montmartre Paris France // hellorigby seattle travel blogger Sacre Couer from the Bottom // hellorigby seattle travel blogger

I had two days to myself (Dave was there for a work conference after all!), and I spent one of them shopping. I was the only one really interested in any extensive shopping, so I went out on my own to Publicis, the biggest (and most luxurious) drugstore I’ve ever seen. I also visited Le Bon Marche, Paris’ oldest department store. That’s where I found my Proenza Schouler beauty (on sale of course), and I’m so happy I brought it home with me. I also checked out Galeries Lafayette, which was quite the sight to behold! I’ve never seen so many luxury brands under one roof.

Père Lachaise Cemetery // hellorigby seattle travel blog Jim Morrison's Grave in Paris Cemetery // hellorigby seattle travel vlogger Jim Morrison’s Grave at Père Lachaise Cemetery

On our final day in Paris, I woke up with an awful sore throat. We already had plans to go to Versailles, and even though I was feeling pretty run down, I soldiered on. We cut our time there short because I was a party pooper, but it was probably for the best because it’s hard to enjoy sightseeing when you just don’t feel well.

Overall, we had an amazing trip, and both of us can’t wait to travel back to Europe. We’ve already thrown out a few possible trip ideas to take next year, but for the rest of the year we’ll be sticking to the States for a few weddings.

Have you visited any of these places before? Did we miss any of your favorite sites? 

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22 thoughts on “Disneyland Paris, Sightseeing, Shopping, & Verasailles // Final Europe Trip Vlogs

  1. Rosie

    Looks like you had a fantastic time. I’m going to Paris and Disneyland Paris in December, and I’m all excited about going after seeing this post. I really want to go to Versailles, we didn’t have chance last time I went, so it’s top of the list this time around.

    I still haven’t forgotten about an amazing cheese sandwich I had at the Earl of Sandwich in Disneyland Paris. It was the best sandwich I’ve ever had. Totally having it when I go back.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Oh man, I wish I had known they had an Earl of Sandwich in Disneyland Paris! They have one in Vegas but we didn’t have time to try it and I regretted it so much! Versailles was beautiful – I wish I hadn’t been sick! I would have loved to have spent more time in the gardens. Have so much fun on your trip!

    1. Jenn Post author

      It was insane! And the amount of tourists there was just unbelievable. So many different languages in one place! I loved Montmartre, I wish I had more time to explore more of the area.

  2. Valerie

    Wow your photos are amazing and so are the vlogs! You look so cute in the hat too, I hope I make it to Europe before I get too old..lol!

    Take Care,


  3. Jenn

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I dream of visiting Paris someday, but at least for now, I can live through your trip ;) Love that I saw a couple mini-version characters from Frozen on your Disney tour, and the fun studio tour. The shopping in Paris looks to die for! And stop with the food already. Just stop. That’s not fair ;) So amazing, thanks for sharing your trip with us!!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Aw, hope you are able to visit soon, Jenn! Paris is wonderful, and we loved our day at Disney. So much fun! Shopping in Paris is unreal, the department stores and malls are just so gorgeous on their own, let alone all the wonderful clothes and accessories inside. ;) So glad you enjoyed the vlogs!

  4. Marifer

    I love Paris!! I went once during college, while I was studying in Spain and last summer. The experience was completely different, just because this time I went with my husband.
    Sadly I didn’t have time to go shopping, maybe next time!

    1. Jenn Post author

      I can imagine it would be quite different between your college days and with your husband! Dave’s co-worker’s fiance (haha, what a mouthful!) had a similar experience – she went backpacking through Europe in college and this was her first time back in Paris since!

  5. Jae

    Isn’t it strange that I still haven’t been to Disneyland in Anaheim? I can’t wait to experience what it’s like to be in there!

  6. Priscilla @ myimPrissions

    I loved visiting Paris and am so excited we are going for our upcoming honeymoon. The museums were great and I just enjoyed hanging out in the different gardens. I was also not feeling well on the day I was going to visit Versailles, so I sadly opted out, but hope we get to visit this time. I’m really glad you enjoyed Disneyland Paris–we’ve been highly considering visiting while there! Did you have a fave attraction?

    1. Jenn Post author

      So glad you get to go back and experience Versailles! Hopefully you’ll be feeling better this time around! A lot of the rides at Disneyland Paris were the same as what is in the California park, so if you’ve been there recently, I would say you could probably safely pass. If it’s been awhile and you want to go, they have some of the favorites – Space Mountain, Rocky Mountain Railroad, Pirates of the Caribbean.

  7. Lindsay Living

    Jenn!!! I love love love this post and you’ve totally inspired me to take more video on my next adventure. How fun! It looks like you had a wonderful trip, one I’d love to take someday! I’m so sorry you were sick the day you went to Versailles, but your shots are beautiful.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Aw, thanks Lindsay! I’m really glad I took video and definitely plan to do the same on our future trips. Hope you’re able to visit Europe soon – we had never been and can’t wait to go back now!


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