How I Keep Rigby Healthy with Freshpet

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When it comes to Rigby’s health, I refuse to compromise. After a few too many digestive upsets from questionable pet foods, I no longer like to take risks with his health. After all, if I’m focused on my health and working on feeding myself the best ingredients, why wouldn’t I do the same for my pet?! That’s exactly why we feed Rigby a nutritious, tasty, and healthy diet that’s fresh from our fridge. Made with all-natural ingredients, Freshpet is pet food that I can count on and trust.

Freshpet Dog Food for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs

I first discovered Freshpet at our local Target. I was curious, so I did what any rational person does: I Googled the brand. I already loved that the food was clearly fresh since it has to be refrigerated and at home, and was easily accessible at one of my favorite retailers that I shop at on a regular basis.

Through their website, I learned more about the company and its ingredients. We tried out Freshpet, and have made it a part of Rigby’s regular meal rotation ever since. For some of the other reasons why we love Freshpet so much, read on!

Freshpet food made with real ingredients

Refrigerator-fresh ingredients

Freshpet’s mission is to give all pets the benefits of real, fresh food. When you open a bag of Freshpet, their mission can easily be seen. After all, the first thing you notice is visible, recognizable ingredients. Cranberries, carrots, and real meat that smell appealing to both Rigby and myself are front and center. There’s no over-processed powdered meat or preservatives here! Instead, Freshpet gently cooks ingredients to lock in key nutrients. 

Because Freshpet is just that, fresh, the food must be stored in the refrigerator. When it’s mealtime, just zip open a bag or cut a slice from a roll for your pet! Opened food can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 7 days after opening, or can be frozen for later use.

Freshpet Healthy Dog Food

Freshpet is all-natural

Like any good pet parent, I like to ensure Rigby’s food is as natural as possible and sourced from quality ingredients. Freshpet is made here in the USA in Bethlehem, PA and 97% of their ingredients are sourced from the USA and Canada. They source vitamins and minerals from outside of the USA, but I was pleased to read that nothing is sourced from China. Everything they put in their food is all-natural, antibiotic-free, and preservative-free. They never contain artificial or chemical preservatives, BHA, propylene glycol, flavors, or colors that are often found in other pet foods.

When it comes to meat ingredients, you won’t find “meat meals” around here. Freshpet poultry and meat ingredients are sourced from USDA (United States Department of Agriculture)  and APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) registered suppliers who follow all USDA regulations for safe handling. I appreciate that you can easily find this information on their website under the Freshpet FAQ section and that they focus on finding the best possible ingredients for their pet food.

Freshpet Food for Dogs

Freshpet is easy to find at your favorite retailer

While we love the fresh, natural, and healthy ingredients, Freshpet is also a great option for pet parents because of it’s convenience. Pick up Freshpet food when you’re at the grocery store shopping for yourself! You can often find Freshpet at your favorite grocery store or retailer located in the refrigerator at the front or end of the aisle.

Check out Freshpet products in the refrigerated section of your local grocery store! You can find Freshpet at a store near you here.

Freshpet Reviews from Pet Parent and a Shiba Inu

Rigby’s take on Freshpet

While Rigby can’t exactly tell me with words what he thinks of Freshpet, he can tell me with actions. Let’s just say that actions speak far louder than his words could because he goes crazy when he sees the Freshpet bag come out of the fridge! He won’t leave me alone until he gets his serving at mealtime. Sometimes, that includes some fun vocalizations to tell me I’m taking too long. As a pet parent, nothing brings me joy more than making him happy!

If you’re like me and value your pet’s health, I recommend giving Freshpet a try. Above all else, it’s made with all-natural and high-quality ingredients. But it’s a great bonus that Freshpet is also convenient to purchase, reasonably priced, and appetizing to pets, too. Fresh from the fridge, it’s nutritious, tasty, and a great choice to keep your pet healthy. Visit to learn more!

Fresh Pet Reviews

Have you tried Freshpet for your pet? What do you do to keep your pet healthy? I look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments!

40 thoughts on “How I Keep Rigby Healthy with Freshpet


    I have a Northfork Terrier. She was eating Pedigree wet food. She had gotten lazy and didn’t want to eat. Tried Bill-Jac frozen. She liked it better but was still lazy. I noticed Frrshpet new at my grocery store, bought that she loved it. . She has been on it for 3 months and is full of energy. Feels better. I wouldn’t feed her anything else. Thanks for your product
    Sharon Fincher
    Noble, Okla.

    1. Glenn Sills

      I have a Caviler King Charles. His name is Charlie. I’ve had him since he was 2 months old. We tried other quality health oriented dog food but found the best results Fresh Pet products. He has lots of energy and gets great check ups when we go to the vet. I love my dog. He’s part of our family. So we feed him the best. Thank you Fresh Pet.

  2. Janice Ancar

    Did fresh pet put extra weight on your dog. I have two chihuahuas and they are 10 years old and the vet put them on diet food. I have spent so much money on food for them and they have not lost any weight. Please inform me if it puts weight on the dogs or let them lose some.

    1. Tabbatha Pearson

      Hi Janice, I actually got 17 lbs off my pitbull feeding him fresh pet. I use the slice roll and feed him green beans and fresh carrots also . The green beans are filling and aren’t fattening. My vet actually recommended feeding him this with the vegetables to get the weight off. He says that dry food is full of carbs that put weight on dogs . I also have am American bulldog that could not stomach dry food and since feeding her fresh pet her stomach has straightened out. I love it and have seen the results myself

      1. Jenn Post author

        Thanks so much for sharing your feedback, Tabbatha! Super helpful and I’m so glad Freshpet and the fresh vegetables are helping. I’ve heard great things about green beans for weight loss, too! :)

    2. Jarvis

      If you feed according to instructions it does not. My 9 years old Lab/golden mix has lost weight on it as long as I can keep my other half from feeding him treats .

  3. Pamela Mason

    I have a chihuahua that absolutely loves Freshpet food! His appetite has increased since I have been rewarding him with the chicken treats!

  4. Peg Ring

    I have a pity pointer mix, we rescued her from the shelter..I’ve been feeding her Blue Buffalo dry, and some canned..She has gained 15 pounds..Now she is on Freshpet, 1 1/2 pound a day, and her weight is doing better..The only crazy thing is she has to beautiful poo a day..I give her 1/2 pound 3 times a day..She gives her undivided attention when I grab her dish now.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Hi Peg! I’m so glad to hear your sweet pup has been doing well on Freshpet. The poos from the food are much better on our end, too! ;)

  5. Luanne realy

    I have a 19-year-old Chihuahua that I had all her teeth removed because they went rotten I’ve been trying to find her the right food someone recommended this food I started feeding it to her and she absolutely loves it she’s got so much energy and you wouldn’t believe that because she is 19 but I’ll tell you what the food is a blessing I’ll keep giving it to her

    1. Jenn Post author

      Hi Luanne! I’m so happy to hear that your sweet 19-year-old pup has been loving Freshpet! What a lucky girl she is to have you. :)

    1. Julia

      Yes Walmart that I go to just put the refrigerated Freshpet food in their store here!!! Just bought this for my little chiweenie as she’s got allergies & will not eat hardly anything!

  6. Susan

    I always cooked for our 3 guys, since I switched to pet fresh seven when. I try to give them freshly coked food they prefer the pet fresh over the cooked honemade food, crazy do u know that’s how I can tell they like ur food over home cooked

  7. Kim

    I have an older mini daushund and a puppy shitzu mix can I feed them both fresh pet. I’m having trouble they keep eating each other’s food.

  8. Sue Kasee

    I also have a Chihuahua and I’ve been feeding her Fresh pet for over. a year. She was a rescue dog and missing a couple of her back teeth. Fresh pet is easy for her to chew and she loves it. I wouldn’t feed her anything else and I thank you for your concern about our canine loved ones and their health.

  9. Pennie

    We have 2 Great Danes with one being a very picky eater. She is under weight and needs to gain. I don’t want to give her a food that if she likes, is going to cause weight loss. Thanks read where one dog lost a good bit of weight. Is this true with all who eat it?

    1. Jenn Post author

      Hi Aleathea! That’s going to depend on what it is that cause the skin allergies. If your dog has allergies to certain ingredients like grains or chickens, trying one of the Freshpet formulas without those ingredients might be helpful. You can find ingredients on each of the product pages, like this one here. Hope that helps!

  10. LindaWilkerson and

    Our 3 puppies are very much in love with Freshpet. The are poodle mixed with bichon. They have so much energy. And they are very happy.


    I’m on low income need dog food and cat food been used pedigree for the dogs and cats variety pack

  12. Debra Evans

    My pets love fresh pet food. Their coats are beautiful, their energy level is amazing. They are beautiful poms now. I love what fresh pet has done for them.

  13. Rose Nixon

    I have a 3 year old part terrier that always threw up after she ate. I started feeding her the smart pet rolls. She loved it & did so much better. That lasted about 6 months, now she won’t eat any more than once a day & not until she is so hungry. I let the food out in case she eats. Any ideas why she just changed & how long can the food stay out in a day.

  14. Betty Apel

    My baby is a one year old Beagle he is very active and very gentle around children How do I go by getting some free help with doggie food for my son ,milo.

  15. Norma Jean Anderson

    I would like healthy dog food for my dog I can’t afford that and healthier dog food is better for their coat they’re moving their bath

    1. Lori Marie Fowler

      Depending on size of dog(we have boston terriers) and how much you feed them..freshpet is affordable. We switched from Cesar’s wet food to freshpet tubes and it is actually cheaper per serving

  16. Jennifer corbin

    I feed my dogs fresh pet and Iams I buy it at wall mart I would love to have some coupons to help me out I’m a single mom and I struggle but will not compromise on my 4 baby chihuahuas health !


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