Golden Tote August 2015

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So, I wasn’t planning on purchasing a tote from Golden Tote this month, but I did. I know, for shame. I was planning on being so good this month, but like always, clothes happened. Oops.

Anyways, if you’re new to Golden Tote, it’s a non-subscription mystery clothing grab bag. You pick 2 items for $149 and receive 4-5 bonus “surprise” items, or pick 1 item for $49 and receive 1-2 bonus “surprise” items. Each tote is curated by a stylist based on a style profile. Don’t like everything you receive? While you can’t return individual items, you can trade or sell them on the special trading group on Facebook. Don’t like anything? Send it all back for a refund.

So, what did I pick and receive in this month’s tote? Let’s check it out!

Golden Tote August 2015 Review & Styling // hellorigby seattle fashion blog

Golden Tote August 2015 Review & Styling

Golden Tote August 2015: Puella High Low Trapeze Dress in Black/White Stripe // hellorigby seattle fashion blogPuella High-Low Trapeze Dress in Black/White Stripe, Size Small (Chosen)
Kind of obsessed with this dress already. I wore it this weekend to the fair when we were on the coast and it was perfection with my military jacket and sandals. I like that this will be easy to wear this fall with sweaters, jackets, and boots.

Golden Tote August 2015: Umgee Daydream Believer Dress // hellorigby seattle fashion blogUmgee Daydream Believer Dress in Turquiose, Size Small (Chosen)
We’re attending a couple of weddings this fall in warmer climates. The color of this dress screamed Miami to me (where one of the weddings is) so I had to have it. Sorry not sorry. It’s a little big for me, but honeslty, I kind of like it that way. I may try to shrink it a bit, as it is made from a cotton blend.

Golden Tote August 2015: Orange Creek Floral Shift Dress with Crochet Detail // hellorigby seattle fashion blogOrange Creek Floral Shift Dress with Crochet Detail in Navy Multi, Size Small (Surprise)
Out of the box I loved this. On, not so much. There’s nothing wrong with the dress, but sadly it’s too tight in the chest and thus across the upper back and shoulders. Sadly, this will have to be traded.

Golden Tote August 2015: Tea & Rose Cutwork Blouse // hellorigby seattle fashion blogTea & Rose Cutwork Blouse in Grey, Size Small (Surprise)
I absolutely love the detail on the shoulder and the buttons down the center… however, in my profile I’ve listed no drop waisted items which this definitely is. Unfortunately, I don’t find them flattering for my shape so this will be traded too.

Golden Tote August 2015: Lime & Chili Aztec Trim Top // hellorigby seattle fashion blogLime & Chili Aztec Trim Top in Beige, Size Small (Surprise)
Out of the box I really liked this. To me, this screams fall and I definitely am ready to bust out the fall tops. Sadly, when I looked at the pictures of this, I just wasn’t in love with it. I feel like the sweater cuts me at an unfortunate point (not quite cropped and not quite long enough) so I think this would work better for someone a little taller than I, so off to trade this one too.

Golden Tote August 2015: Potter's Pot Cotton Top with Cut Work Detail // hellorigby seattle fashion blogPotter’s Pot Cotton Top with Cut Work Detail in White, Size Small (Surprise)
Loveeee this. I was unsure opening the box how I would feel about this since it looked awfully large, but I love this with bright shorts while it’s still warm and will go well with jeggings and boots come fall.

Overall, I thought Golden Tote did a good job this month of sending me items that are my style. Unfortunately, the issue was mostly due to sizing, and with following my profile requests. Because I’m a big fan of my two chosen items and the Potter’s Pot white top, I will be keeping my tote. Would I try Golden Tote again? Yes. I think the experience is fun and overall is a good value. Six pieces for $149 is a great deal, and I’ve never had an issue selling or trading for something I liked more.

Have you tried Golden Tote before? What do you think about the items I received?

20 thoughts on “Golden Tote August 2015

  1. Chelsie

    Eeee! I’m planning on getting a tote next month after we move and have an address. OBSESSING over the swing dress, it it the perfect summer-fall transition piece!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Agreed Brittany, it’s absolutely my favorite piece and it’s going to be great to layer with this fall. Now if only they had more prints and colors of it… ;)

  2. Lix

    This is a great box. I mean, I personally would wear most of this stuff, which is rare for what you (specifically you, I think you’re the only person I follow who does reveals on subscription clothing boxes) are usually sent in these boxes. The last two tops aren’t my favorite, but everything else is right up my alley.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Agreed, I was thrilled with this month’s box. I was honestly super surprised to like everything, even if they all didn’t fit exactly how I wanted, it was very much in line with what I asked for/my style preferences. Glad you liked it too, Lix!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Agreed, I like it too. I may end up just keeping it, it’s only a smidge too small so I may be able to make it work. ;)

  3. kristen

    that sweater is so odd, lol. i feel like, even though i’m tall, it would look awkward on me. i really like that dress on you that is a bit small, the print is super cute! but i also like the other two dresses, that striped one looks fabulous on you!

    1. Jenn Post author

      I’ve seen it look good on a few (taller and thinner) people, but agreed, it is a bit strange! I may end up just keeping the floral dress… it’s just a smidge too tight in the chest and I think I can make it work. ;)

  4. Tania

    This sounds like such a great deal, but I wouldn’t spend that much on clothes every month. I am thrifty :)) I also like to pick out what I like to wear and enjoy doing it so much. You look wonderful in your outfits, and I do think they all fit you so well, even the top you didn’t really like. It looks good on you! Happy Wednesday. :))


    1. Jenn Post author

      The nice thing about Golden Tote is you don’t have to receive a tote monthly – it’s a one-time purchase type of deal so if you only can do it every few months that’s totally fine. My last purchase previously was in March, as I can’t justify it monthly either (and I also like picking out my own clothes!) Thanks Tania! :)

  5. Trish

    Wow all of these items are great! It’s a shame some didn’t fit right. I am still really on the fence about subscribing.. one of these days…

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks Trish! It’s always a bummer when something you like doesn’t fit. The nice thing about Golden Tote is you don’t have to subscribe, but you might want to join their email list – they just had a warehouse sale and I believe may be having another promo soon! :)


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