Silly Halloween Costumes for Picky Pets & Giveaway

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I don’t think it’s a secret that Rigby is a typical Shiba Inu. He’s full of attitude and finicky as all get out about nearly everything. Except food. He’s not very discerning about that… But clothes? You are kidding, right? The first time I tried to put clothing on him he was about 4 months old and it was one of the first times he’d ever copped an attitude with me. The next time I attempted it, he had wised up and was not shy about growling at me.
Halloween Costumes for Picky Dogs & Cats (Like my Shiba Inu, Rigby!) // hellorigby seattle lifestyle blog

Halloween Costumes for Picky Pets

I did attempt a Halloween Costume with him last year. I found the cutest glow in the dark skull outfit at Target and thought Rigby might have changed his mind. Nope. He stood like a statue, and if I touched him he growled at me. And when I took it off, he wanted nothing to do with me. Point taken.

In the past I’ve done roundups of Halloween costumes for pets, however, most of the time Rigby can’t actually wear any of them. Makes a lot of sense, right? Not. So this year, I thought I’d pick out some costumes that Rigby and other finicky pets could actually wear. But I couldn’t control myself so I also picked some full costumes for those dogs and cats who don’t mind being dressed up. There’re so many cute ones, sue me. ;)

For the Rigbys of the Animal Kingdom (aka Picky Pets)

Halloween Pet Costumes for Picky & Difficult Dogs and Cats for 2015 // hellorigby seattle lifestyle blog

Bowtie Collar $3 / Jester Collar $6 / Count Catula $4 / Yoda Ears $6 / Reggae Rocker $5 / Glitter Pumpkin Bandana $9 / Striped Bat Collar $7 (Rigby is wearing this above) / Spiders Collar $6 / Shark Fin $10

For the Kind-of-Sort-of Finicky Pet

Halloween Pet Costumes for Dogs & Cats for 2015 // hellorigby seattle lifestyle blog

Pumpkin $12-14 / King $8 / Banana Split $8-10 / Octopus $8 / Triceratops $ / Gnome $7 / Turtle $13 /  Skeleton Glow Wings $11-25 / Butterfly $13

For the Pet that LOVES Clothes

Halloween Pet Costumes for Dogs & Cats for 2015 // hellorigby seattle lifestyle blog

Pickle $13 /  Where’s Waldo Woof $18 /  Despicable Me 2 Minion $13 / Bat $10-11 /  Hula Girl $13  / Beetlejuice $18 / Lady Dogga $22 / Banana $12-18 / Skunk $13

Additionally, Martha Stewart Pets was kind enough to send over an extra Halloween Collar so I thought I’d give it away! It’s a super cute bone candy corn print, and is a size large, which fits necks between 18 and 26 inches. I’ll be throwing in a few tricks and treats of my own from Rigby and me for your pet too! Because I want to make sure it makes it before Halloween, U.S. residents only please.

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Do you dress up you pet? If so, what are they dressing up as this year?

P.S. I hope you guys love Halloween because this is the start of my Halloween coverage. I hope you enjoy the posts, I’m super excited to share them with you! :)

38 thoughts on “Silly Halloween Costumes for Picky Pets & Giveaway

  1. Audrey

    I love that little shark fin :) My two dogs like/don’t mind being dressed up so we go all out every year. We actually have that minion costume for both the dogs! We also have a Buzz Lightyear suit!

  2. Mickie Hinds

    I haven’t considered if I will be dressing my fur baby up this year. I have an Australian Shepherd who would look pretty darn cute with the kiddos though :)

  3. Lindsay

    I’ve seen some pretty hilarious and creative costumes, but sadly my boys can’t be bothered. I dressed them up when they were little but they won’t tolerate it any more. I don’t blame them. Lol

    1. Jenn Post author

      Haha, I don’t blame Rigby either, I’m sure it’s rather uncomfortable and hot for him anyway! ;) Cute collars will have to do!

  4. Happy Hazel

    Aww love Rigby! That’s a lovely collar too! All those costumes are so adorable! I don’t know if we are gonna dress up but if we do maybe I wanna do a matching costume with me and Happy! ;)

  5. Ashten

    Did I tell you that Gatsby is going to dress up as a Shark for Halloween?? Since he’s so big and white we’re saying he’s a “great white shark”. Can’t stop laughing about it.

  6. Chelsie

    These are all so cute. Rosie HATES it when we try to put clothes on her, she gets so sulky and acts like her back legs don’t work. I brought her home a lady bug costume last year and the second I pulled it out of the bag and said: “Look, Rosie!” she hi-tailed it to her kennel. So, I definitely need to find a fancy collar or bandana for her to wear this Halloween!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Ha, seriously?! I would have thought Rosie would have been a trooper. Hilarious! I’m sure you’ll find a cute collar or bandana for her! :)

  7. valerie hansen

    Ha ha …I love this post…those costumes are all so adorable! The cat cape especially. I have never dressed my kitty, I had a horrible time keeping the Seahawks hat on her head, let alone a

    Hope to see you again soon, Are you going to the style event at Pacific Place?

  8. Alanna @ Alanna & Company

    I was thinking of doing a superhero theme with Starla. So she could be batgirl, I could be superwoman, and my boyfriend will have to find a superhero of his own. First halloween with Starla (last year I had to work)!

  9. Martha

    Aw! Rigby is such a cutie. I’m going to give Halloween costumes a shot for the first time this year, each of my cats has a very different personality so we’ll see how they each react! I used to have a cat who would very grudgingly tolerate being dressed up. He didn’t bite, but he sure didn’t like it.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Haha! Growing up my cats surprisingly were fine with me dressing them up. Rigby on the other hand… not so much. Hopefully your cats will handle it well! :)

  10. Natalie Brown

    My boxer boy does not do well with outfits/costumes. lol I have put things on his head just long enough to take a picture and he pouts. So silly! This year we’ll be handing out candy at the house which he does think is pretty fun. :)

  11. Michele E

    I always attempt to make my dog dress up. The night starts off well, but my the end he has wiggled out of one part of the costume!

  12. Andrea Darst

    I’m not a dress up your animals type of person – no judgement upon those who are, it’s just not my thing. We try to get all the nieces & nephews together and trick-or-treat together!


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