The 5 Things That Should Be On Your Holiday Gift List

I may be a little late to the game, but I’m just now beginning to put together my holiday gift list. I try to make a rule that I’m not allowed to start holiday shopping (even planning!) until the week of Thanksgiving, and typically don’t make my first actual holiday purchase until after Thanksgiving is over. Weird? Maybe, but I try to stick to one holiday at a time if I can.

Shopbop Sale: Holiday Gift List // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion BlogDisclosure: This post contains affiliate links and some items that were provided c/o of the brand. I also maintain a partnership with Shopbop to share their sales a few times per year in exchange for credit. All thoughts are my own.

What I’m Wearing

Sweater: Banana Republic {similar for $75}
Jacket: Levi’s Trucker Jacket
Skirt: Uniqlo {similar for $50}
Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim Mini Pashli Satchel {on sale!}
Shoes: Top Guy Palm Lace Up Bootie via Nordstrom Rack
Pins: Georgia Perry c/o Shopbop
Rings: Fred Meyer {similar set for less than $10}

I’m probably a little old to be anticipating what’s under the tree, but at the same time, there’s nothing that brings me more joy than seeing someone enjoying a gift I’ve picked out for them. I by no means expect lavish gifts, which is why I’m all about treating¬†myself during the holidays. It’s a stressful time, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes to treat themselves at least once to a nice gift.

Holiday Gift List: Shopbop Sale // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion Blog

Before I jump into the crazy hoopla that is every holiday season here in blog land, I thought I’d share a few fun items that I’ve purchased for myself recently. It just so happens that this falls right in line with the Shopbop sale that started this morning. Can I get a high-five emoji? They’re running a tiered promotional discount, which means the more you spend, the more you save. If you’ve had a few items on your gift list for yourself and someone else, this would be a very good time to combine the purchase to save big! But hurry, the sale ends on November 28th at 11:59 pm PST.

Shopbop Buy More Save More Sale Banner // Hello Rigby Fashion Blog

So what have I been treating myself to? I thought I’d share a few items I’ve been absolutely loving lately, and are perfect for special gift to yourself. Treat yourself, girl, you’re worth it!

1. A fabulous new bag

Would it be a treat yourself post without highlighting my absolute favorite accessory? A handbag is something that I think can totally change both your entire outfit, and your mood. I don’t know but there is something about carrying a beautiful bag that just puts a smile on my face and ups my confidence. Is that weird? Probably, but I’m okay with it.

Holiday Gift List Ideas: Georgia Perry Pins // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion Blog

2. Adorable pins for my favorite jacket

My friend Hilary from The Cutie Life has inspired me to embrace pins. She has quite the collection of cute ones, and I’ve recently added a few to my favorite Levi’s Denim Trucker Jacket to add a little pop of fun to the collar.

3. The coziest sweaters

Am I the only one who is seriously always cold? Yes, I’m that girl. As soon as the temperatures fall below 50 degrees, I’ll be living in a sweater. That means that I always add a new one, two, or ten to my wardrobe, and this year is no different. Shop a few of my favorite styles below!

4. A new pair of booties

I’ve been loving the lace up trend, from my sweaters to my shoes this season. I found these adorable booties earlier this season at Nordstrom Rack, and I just love them! While it is chilly, for some reason my feet haven’t been which is why I’m still able to rock the open toe. I’ve included a few of my favorites that don’t include open toes though for those who are already totally freezing or have snow on the ground!

5. The best jacket

I’ve made a couple of jacket purchases this year that I’ve loved. The first was my Levi’s Trucker Jacket that I lived in this summer. It’s one of those jackets that the more you wear it, the better it gets. That broken-in feel of a good denim jacket was difficult to beat. That was, until, I found my absolute favorite buy this year: the BLANKNYC Morning Suede Jacket. I decided to spare you another outfit post featuring the jacket, but I couldn’t help mention it again. Trust me, if you’re in the market for an edgy moto jacket, this one is hard to beat. And it comes in a variety of colors, so there’s one for everyone! ;)

Holiday Gift List Ideas: Philip Lim Mini Pashli Satchel // Hello Rigby Seattle Fashion Blog

And if you’re curious about what my recommendations are for the Shopbop sale, I’ve got you covered there too. Check out my latest YouTube video where I’m breaking down 10 of my favorite things that are available at Shopbop and on sale right now!

What’s on your holiday gift list for yourself this year? Have you already started holiday shopping? I’d love to hear what you’ve been shopping for so far!

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