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I’ll admit it: I’m a creeper, and I love seeing how others decorate for the holidays. I thought this year I would actually document our decor since our home is beginning to come together after some renovations. I’ll admit: It’s not as done as I would have liked (hi, bare walls. I see you.) but it is progress, so that’s something.

Home for the Holidays: Modern Christmas Decor // hellorigby seattle lifestyle & home decor blog

Holiday Candles: White Barn Fresh Balsam & Voluspa Spruce Cuttings Candle // hellorigby seattle lifestyle & home decor blogCandles: Voluspa Spruce Cuttings, White Barn Fresh Balsam

I’ve always loved the holidays. Growing up, my family always went out to get a tree at a tree farm. I looked forward to the adventures into the forest, finding the perfect tree, and the hot cocoa at the end of it. The older I got, the harder finding the tree became, and eventually my family stopped with the annual tree-hunting tradition. The first year that Dave and I were together, I wanted to bring back the tree adventure. Honestly, it ended up being an epic failure. We went out to Snohomish to a tree farm that was touted as being really great. Apparently we waited too long (or it was a bad year for trees… or both), and all the trees were brown, dry, and expensive.

Christmas Tree from Swanson's Nursery: Pick the Perfect Tree Program // hellorigby seattle lifestyle & home decor blogHoliday Counter/Top Mantle // hellorigby seattle lifestyle & home decor blogStockings: Pottery Barn Monogrammed Stockings, Fox Stocking, Stocking Holders

We ended up getting our tree from a grocery store a few miles down the road from the farm. Not exactly what I had in mind. But it worked. The year after, I bought a fake tree. Last year, the stand broke… which meant this year it was either a) find a new fake tree or b) get a real one. I lucked out, and my friends at Swanson’s Nursery contacted me to let me know about their Pick Your Perfect Tree program where you can reserve a tree on social media then come and pick it up. They sent me a little gift in the mail, and it was so nice of them to offer us a tree. I tweeted them; they picked out a tree for me, and I popped by to pick it up after work last week. All said and done, it took about 15 minutes for them to find my tree, bale it, and load and secure it to the top pf my car. (Yes, they do that all for you! And no, I’m not being paid to tell you about it. ;))

Christmas Modern Table Decor // hellorigby seattle lifestyle & home decor blogTable Decor: Brace Dining Table, Placemats, Rwanda Basket, Cinnamon PineconesMolded Chairs

I must admit that condo living has a lot of downsides, especially when it comes to space. Our condo, for instance, doesn’t have a fireplace. My makeshift “mantle” is on our back countertop… and while it’s not ideal, I think it works pretty well. I also have this cake plate that I picked up the very first Christmas we spent together at Target. I’d always wanted a cake plate but never had a need for one. Dave thinks it’s frivolous (which is how he feels about almost all holiday decor, if we’re honest) however let me keep it if I could figure out a way to make it look decorated year round.

Home for the Holidays: Modern Christmas Decor // hellorigby seattle lifestyle & home decor blog Similar Cake Stand, Garland, Cinnamon Pinecones, Candle

I put my creative hat on and decided that I could dress it up seasonally for the holiday. For Christmas, I picked up a berry garland at Target and wrapped it around a candle. I added a few pinecones for a festive touch, put the lid on it, and called it a day. I’ll probably keep it like this for the rest of winter and switch it out in March for spring.

Christmas Couch Decor with Shiba Inu // hellorigby seattle lifestyle & home decor blogCordona Sectional, Similar Wreath, Red Plaid Pillow, Pine & Berry Pillow, Dog (just kidding, he’s not for sale!), Dog Collar, Dog Toy, Blanket

Our first Christmas together,  I also decided to host Christmas Brunch. I went a little domestic goddess and Pinterest crazy. I went out and bought a ton of decor, new ornaments, and way too many groceries for our brunch feast. I wish I had photos, but honestly, I ended up spending most of that Christmas in the kitchen. I tried out a bunch of new recipes, and while I don’t have any horror stories (though there was a pumpkin bread that ended up in the trash…) I would never recommend doing this. I learned my lesson that year: as much as I may want to impress on the food and entertainment front, I also want to enjoy the holiday. The next year I asked others to pitch in and bring a dish to share to prevent one person (me) from doing all of the work.

Christmas Bookcase with Martha Stewart Throw & Coffee Mug // hellorigby seattle fashion & beauty blogBookshelf, Chair, Plaid Throw, Coffee Mug

This year we’ll be keeping things low-key again for the holidays. We’re fortunate in that the majority of our families live in the area, so we don’t have to do much more than an hours worth of travel to get wherever we need to go.

Martha Stewart Coffee Mugs & Ground Coffee Sherpa Plaid Throw // hellorigby seattle lifestyle & home decor blogPlaid Throw, Coffee Mug, Martha’s Blend, Humans of NY Stories via my Blogger Secret Santa, Jennifer! :)

And finally, I have a little giveaway for you! Martha Stewart (okay, not Martha herself… she has people!) sent me over a few goodies from her holiday line and I decided to do a little coffee giveaway. Honestly, who doesn’t need some serious caffeine this time of year?! I’m still trying to finish up my holiday shopping over here. This giveaway will be open through 12/29 and is US only because I’m not comfortable with shipping breakables internationally. Enter below and good luck!

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Now I want to hear about you! How do you decorate for the holidays (if at all)? Do you have any family traditions that you do every year? Let me know in the comments!

29 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays & Giveaway

  1. Abby

    Love how you decorated your table! And very obsessed with the cake plate too. I do a fake tree, hate sweeping the pine needles up. Also have red, green, silver and gold candles everywhere!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks so much Abby! I think we may switch to a fake tree again next year, or get a permanent plant instead! Trees are so messy! ;)

  2. Mattie

    I love your decor! I’ve been wanting a cake plate like that, or at least some sort of cloche to fill with seasonal decor. Also I am always amazed (slash jealous) when people who live with men have such clean homes.

    Our tree is a tiny ghetto fake one from Ikea. And we hang stockings and have some random signs and stuff. Honestly this year it’s been kind of meh because we just moved in last month so I still don’t know where I want everything to be!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Ha, our home definitely is not always this clean! We had family coming over so I was working to get things straightened up and figured I might as well take photos while it was looking nice. ;)

  3. Samantha Dopp

    My husband’s family always went up in the mountains to cut down a tree so this year we did that! I’ve never had a real tree before so it’s a new experience and might become a new tradition for us!

  4. Olya @ The Siberian American

    We are so low key on decorating this year since we didn’t bring much from Texas to Chicago for just one year, but usually I love to go all out! One of our traditions is to have our own mini Christmas before going and celebrating with our families! :)

  5. Mickie Hinds

    My husband, daughter, and I always spend the day listening to Christmas music..decorating the tree and pulling out my many snowmen and other decor! my daughter and I spend the week of christmas baking!

  6. Mar

    I know it’s over a year away, but I’m so excited to have our own place and be able to finally decorate our way for the holidays. Next Christmas will be baby’s 1st Christmas, so I am so excited to introduce family traditions such as cookies and milk for Santa, and create some of our own as a new family!

  7. Natalie Brown

    I have a small apartment that I keep a seasonal/holiday tree up in year around. lol It’s only a couple of feet tall but I change it each Fall, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Spring, and Summer. It’s fun and I like having the colorful lights all year. :)

    1. Jenn Post author

      That’s such a fun idea! I may have to borrow that idea from you. The struggle of getting a tree in and out of our condo for one month a year is real!

  8. Christy Peeples DuBois

    The day after thanksgiving or the weekend after thanksgiving anyway we put up the Christmas tree and decorate. That’s about the only thing we consistently do at the same time year after year.

  9. Emmy

    The decor looks awesome, although I’m sure it looks quite different now as I’m stumbling upon this post 2 years late ahaha

    Also, great choices on the candles for Christmas time! We actually featured both of those on our favorite Christmas candles list this last December ;)


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