Getting Over Writer’s Block

Do you ever have those times in life where you’re feeling like you have plenty of ideas, but when you try to put the proverbial pen to paper nothing comes out? After blogging for 3 almost 4 years now, I feel like I’ve hit my first big case of writer’s block, and the struggle to get through it and back to writing daily has been real.

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Why does writer’s block hit when it seems like everything should flow easily? We’ve had plenty of things change in our lives this year (well, our living situation mostly. Hello, home ownership!) that should give me plenty of blog fodder. I have folders on my computer brimming with photos to share. But when I sit down to write, it’s like all the creative ideas that came to me in the shower vanish and I’m left struggling with the words that used to come so easily to me.

Overcoming Writer’s Block

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So, here’s me sitting down, putting keys to my WordPress Editor with the hope of me working through this small blip of a lack of creativity in my blogging career. While writer’s block may not be the end of the world, it certainly does feel like a struggle, and one that I need to work my way through.

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Instead of writing blog posts, here’s what I’ve been doing instead to get my creative juices flowing again. Even though it hasn’t always translated over to the blog, I can feel the creative energy in some of the outfits and future post ideas I have shifting. Perhaps this little creative block will end up being good for the blog? Time will tell, but I hope that if you’ve been feeling creative burn out or writer’s block, that these ideas might help you too.

Free writing

I’ve noticed that when I put my mind to it, the words do come. But for me, it means I need zero distractions and just an empty screen in front of me. There are so many things to do each day beyond writing when it comes to being a blogger, and I find that I can be very easily distracted. I’ve been using the Notes App for this and then transferring whatever I write over to blog posts as I see fit later.

Letting myself just veg

I think part of my problem is when I don’t have time to unwind I often feel overworked and exhausted. Lately, I’ve been allowing myself more time to just watch YouTube or a movie when I feel like it. For a while, I was just forcing myself to work on content in any spare time I had, and unfortunately, this led to burning out.

Saying no more often

Speaking of burn out, spending time trying to be something to everyone benefits no one. I’ve found that by saying no more often, I’m able to focus on the few projects that I’m truly interested in. By saying no, I’m preserving my creative energy for the things that truly matter, like friendships, family time, and creative projects that I’m excited to work on.

Spending more time in the shower

Am I the only one who comes up with the best ideas in the shower? Seriously, I’ve written entire blog posts in my head in the shower and have come up with some really great content ideas. Sometimes I end up spending way too much time in there just thinking of ideas, but it really has helped.

The other thing that helps me is taking a walk to clear my head, or taking a drive. (Preferably not in traffic. That just makes me ragey.) While these can be tough times to be able to actually write something, I have found that dictation apps can help. I occasionally will turn one on when I have an idea in the car and can talk out bits and pieces of a blog post.

Getting creative with friends

I feel really fortunate that many of my close friends these days are also bloggers. When I have new ideas for photo locations or just want to escape routine and try a new coffee spot, they’re often down for an adventure. While they can’t write for me, they can indulge my creative side and help me create fun content and come up with new and different ideas.

Ignoring the problem

So this one sounds weird, but if you focus on feeling creatively blocked, how are you going to get through it?! By acting as if there isn’t a problem and pushing through to just write something, even if it is just a few words, you’re not letting the block win and are working on getting back into your groove.

Work on a routine

Speaking of getting back into the groove, it might be a good idea to set a routine. Instead of just randomly working on blog posts at midnight, I’ve been trying to get up a little earlier in the morning to write a bit of a blog post. Sure, it takes me a lot longer now to get one post up, but changing my routine has made a positive change for me.

Be okay with where you are at

Learning to be okay with where you are at in your creative burn out is tough, but important. Sitting around feeling like I had nothing to write wasn’t helping me, so learning to admit that I was having writer’s block was my first step in coming up with a way to fix it. By working a smaller amount each day to get back to normal, I know I’ll be back to writing 2-3 posts a week again soon.

While I’m still struggling with writer’s block, and am not back to 100%, I know I’m making strides. By making writing a part of my everyday routine again, I’m making positive steps into getting back into my old groove again, and hopefully with better content to show for it.

Have you ever had writer’s block or a creative burn out? How did you get through it? I’d love to hear about your tips and tricks in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Getting Over Writer’s Block

  1. Jae (@gorjaeous)

    My, my. You hit the nail in the head! I’ve been feeling the same way towards blogging these days, but I can’t give it up just yet. Oh, and I also come up with ideas while I’m in the shower, but I always end up losing my train of thought as soon as I step out of it. Like I said in my recent blog posts, I’ve accumulated a year’s worth of back[b]logs (mostly from our travels last year), and it actually motivates me to keep sharing about our trips. I may not blog as often (as it happened), but at least I have content that I can work on when I have time.

  2. Kay

    I had a huge dose of writers block for the majority of last year and into the early part of this year. It was bad and Im just crossing the hurdle back into blogging, so I get it. Great tips!


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