button up + pleats

so after spending way too much money at Nordstrom’s half yearly sale for women, i’m here to show you what i wore that i did not get at the sale. ;) i really love wearing flowing skirts like this, they’re fun to twirl in (when no ones paying attention,¬†because i feel like you can only get away with that if you’re under the age of 8) and super airy for warmer days, which surprisingly we’ve had quite a few of so far this season!

Phillip Lim For Target button up + Pleated skirt / hello, rigby!

the only problem with this sunny weather? taking outfit photos! finding shady areas with enough light and not a lot of shadows isn’t the easiest thing in the world. who knew?!

Phillip Lim For Target button up + Pleated skirt / hello, rigby! Phillip Lim For Target button up + Pleated skirt / hello, rigby!

who else is super stoked for this weekend? not only is it um, the weekend, but it’s also memorial day, which means extra days off. woohoo! i hope everyone gets to enjoy a day off in honor of those who have served our country and are no longer with us. and thank you to those that have served who still are!

Phillip Lim for Target Button Up / hello, rigby!

this weekend i’m going to continue spring cleaning by purging my closet, hitting up my local consignment shop, and donating the rest. what are your big plans this weekend?

what i’m wearing:
top: phillip lim for target
skirt: forever 21
shoes: merona
cocktail ring: margaret elizabeth via rocksbox
gold ring: forever 21

31 thoughts on “button up + pleats

  1. ADA

    Jen, your blouse and shoes are gorgeous. What excellent finds at Target. I also love the Midi Skirt. It suits you.

    This is a fantastic giveaway from an excellent store. Fingers crossed here. =) If I won I’d get the Stripescope Maxi Dress and the Hibiscus Tea Buttondown which are both on sale.

    Thanks for the giveaway and enjoy the weekend. <3 Ada.

  2. Sara Strauss

    I love your flowy pleated skirt!! It’s so so pretty! Thanks for this giveaway! I’ve had this striped sweater with crochet on the bottom on my wishlist forever! I would totally get that if I won!

  3. Natalie Brown

    Hi! You look so cute! Since I just moved into my own place, I’d get something to decorate. Fun! Thank-you!!

  4. Mica

    Love that printed shirt, it’s really nice! :)

    Hope you have a great long weekend and you manage to do everything you want to do :) I’ve been trying to clean out my wardrobe more often too – it just keeps growing, haha!

  5. Sarah Grace

    I would buy some of their unique home decor items ! They always carry such an eclectic collection of items that just seem to mismatch perfectly into my little abode.


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