rigby reviews / doggie lawn

rigby reviews doggie lawn potty patch / hello, rigby!

when my mom told me that a nice lady from doggie lawn wanted to send me something to try out, she seemed so excited for me. i didn’t quite get it. i mean duh, mom, who wouldn’t want to send me cool stuff to try? clearly she’s got me confused with just an average dog. so when this patch of grass showed up for me and mom tried to coerce me onto it, i thought she was crazy. how old does she think i am?

rigby the shiba and doggie lawn / hello, rigby!

then she started throwing a toy for me. okay, i guess i can get down with that, i thought. then i started sniffing it, because it actually smelled kind of good. i may have given it a taste test or five. just to try it, just to see how it tasted.

rigby the shiba inu and grass / hello, rigby!

but then she told me to “shi shi” which in some sort of human language means do #1. why would i go in the house when my slave can take me outside to use the great outdoors as a potty pad? nevertheless, we had fun playing on this indoor grass. too bad i’m too good at being potty trained to need this anymore, because mom thought it was pretty cool.

rigby out.

as rigby explained, he wasn’t super into using the doggie lawn as a potty patch, but i was super impressed with the quality. we’re going on 3 weeks of having it, and the real grass is still super green and looks even better than the day it arrived. (granted, he hasn’t used it for its true purpose, but i assume it would last for awhile even if he was!)

rigby reviews doggie lawn / product review / hello, rigby!

if we were getting another puppy (i wish, but geez they are a lot of work!) this would make a fabulous potty training tool. i don’t know how many times i picked rigby up to have him finish his business on the tile in the house… a doggie lawn would have been much easier to plop him onto!

if you’re looking for a potty pad alternative, we highly recommend doggie lawn. and just a note if it wasn’t clear, DoggieLawn sent us this sample to review, but we weren’t compensated otherwise. you can find out more about doggie lawn and what they offer here. :)

have you ever tried any potty training tools for your dog? what worked best for your pup?

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  1. Mica

    That is a pretty cool idea! Our little fluffball hates to go outside in the rain so he might use something like this on rainy days instead of looking at us all sad wondering why we won’t turn the rain off, haha!


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