Rigby’s #Dogventure with DogVacay

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Mom woke me up this morning and threw me in the bathtub. What on dog’s earth is going on?! Doesn’t she know I love to smell ever so slightly of Fritos and whatever I most recently rolled in? Ugh, moms are the worst.

Rigby's Dogventure with Dogvacay / hellorigby!

I digress, it was a terrible thing to wake up to, but I figured there must be something good in it for me. And you know what, I think there was! She gave me special cookies after my bath (no, not those kind of special cookies) and told me I was a good boy. Little did she know I was plotting my post-bath time revenge.

Rigby the Shiba Inu Gets Bath / hellorigby!

As soon as I got out of the tub, I wriggled out of her arms and shook all over the bathroom. Mom was so excited about it, that she started chasing me down with a towel! Oh boy, I was barking, and zooming, and spinning around and around. Mom and Dad love it when I do that. They call it the “zoomies” and laugh at me, it’s great fun. Especially when I get to bite them.

Rigby the Shiba Inu Takes a Nap / hellorigby!

Anyways, after that, I was tired so I took a little nap. But not too long after, Mom woke me up and told me we had to go, that we had plans! Plans? Sounds suspiciously like Mom wants to take me back to the vet for another “special procedure” or to the “farm for bad dogs.” Uh oh.

Well, I was leashed up and ready to go, when Mom dropped me in the car. Car rides are not my favorite activity, but I’ll keep up appearances for the humans and pretend to tolerate it. Anyways, Mom was driving and we ended up at this park. I was very relieved when she leashed me up, that must mean we’re going on a walk!

Shiba Inu gets taken for a walk in the forest / Dogventure Dogvacay / hellorigby!

Of course the first thing I had to do when we arrived was, um, mark my territory. You know how we boy dogs do. But then it was exploring time!

Shiba Inu Walking in Rocks by Water / hellorigby!

And we explored and we explored. I even sang the song of my people to the other dogs in the park. Oh boy, Mom and Dad really loved that!

Shiba Inu in Creek / Dogventure Dogvacay / hellorigby!

Mom even tells me that next time she and Dad have to travel that she’ll leave me with someone extra special from a place called DogVacay to continue the Dogventure. Have you heard of them? Mom says it’s a pretty sweet service – you search for a sitter in your area, and a list of people nearby shows up. You then can read their profiles and decide if you think we’d be a match! With a couple of clicks, you can book your stay, and it even includes pet insurance, 24/7 customer support, and daily photo “pupdates” from your sitter. They’ll even come to your house if you want!

So I guess if Mom has to leave me, it’s best to leave me with a sitter through DogVacay. Though I’m still not sure how I feel about Mom ever leaving me. Shh, don’t tell her I said that!

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Thanks to DogVacay for sponsoring today’s post and helping us have a fun #dogventure.

Have you heard of DogVacay? Would you trust your furry friend to a sitter?

72 thoughts on “Rigby’s #Dogventure with DogVacay

  1. Olya

    Aww, looks like Rigby had a fun dogventure! I have a few friends who have used DogVacay and liked it so I will definitely give it a try. :)

  2. Angel The Alien

    Hmm, I usually give my dogs a bath AFTER their walk! Your mom is brave!
    I have a hard time trusting someone to take care of my little Lily. Usually she goes to a doggie daycare here in town, because I know she’ll be safe and secure there. I would be a little worried about taking my dog to someone’s private home to be watched, because she might try to escape, and get lost! In the doggie daycare, I know the outdoor area is very secure and supervised, so I feel better about her being there.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Haha, he’s a pretty clean dog! He’ll groom himself and everything. :)
      I know what you mean – we have Rigby in doggie daycare too, and they’re our back up when we go out of town since they know him so well already! I love the idea of DogVacay because they highly encourage meet and greets in advance, which is what I would do before leaving Rigby!

  3. estherjulee

    that sounds like a pretty awesome service. my dog lives with my parents now and we have two cats that live with us.. so when we go on vacation we don’t have to worry a doggy hotel or sitter.. we have someone come in once a few days and make sure the food dispenser isn’t broken and the water is still out. we’ve been meaning to get another dog to add to our family.. (mine is not fond of jacob) but i think it’s usually so hard / expensive to leave the dogs behind.

    1. Jenn Post author

      That’s the nice thing about cats – so much more low maintenance when you go on vacation! Dogs definitely are not cheap to board or have taken care of if you travel, thats for sure!

  4. Katie Matthews

    Oh my gosh, I thought Rigby was a fox until I saw his tail! How funn, such a similar face. Sounds like a fun day out. I love the idea of a pupsitter, although I think I would look after anyones dog for free – I’m so desperate to get one!

    Katie <3

    1. Jenn Post author

      Haha, he gets told he looks like a fox quite often! :) I was totally like you – desperate to have a dog! They’re so much fun, but a ton of work too.

  5. Alisha H.

    That is a soft and cute dog… cuter than normal! I have never heard of dog vacations, but I wouldn’t trust mine with a sitter probably. I’m always paranoid about people.

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