4 Simple Ways to Keep Your New Years Resolutions

As you may remember, I’m taking a little break from my New Year’s resolution to eat a little better, de-stress, and yoga more while I’m cruising, but when I get back it’s time to get back on track! That’s what Brooklyn from A Little Too Jolley is here to help you out with – 4 simple ways to keep your New Years resolutions! Take it away, Brooklyn!

Hey guys! I’m Brooklyn from A Little Too Jolley, and here we are a few weeks into the New Year. I can’t even believe it’s 2015! Oddly though, I like it, I’ve always had a thing for odd numbers. But with the New Year usually comes New Year’s Resolutions. So I’m here to share 4 simple ways to help you keep that resolution!

1. Find a cheerleader!
Find a friend, spouse, group of friends, or like-minded people to cheer you on. Maybe you can swap, and check in on each other every day via texting or tweeting to make sure you are staying up on your commitment.

2. Make it public.
Share your journey on Instagram, your blog, Facebook, or just wherever works best for you! Do a daily check-in, even if you screwed up that day. That’s okay! Beyonc√© wasn’t built in a day, or something like that.

3. Create something physical to remind you.
I like to cross things off a to-do list. Print off a calendar or create your own that you can use daily to cross off whether or not you accomplished what you were hoping to. Knowing you get to cross off a little box sure motivates me.

4. Journal. 
This is similar to blogging but more personal. You can write about ANYTHING. Try to keep your thoughts focused positively, but it’s okay to write about how you had a bad day, but tomorrow will be better. Journaling can be therapeutic, and buying a new notepad from Target is one of my all time favorite things to do.
Whether you’re wanting to lose weight, grow your blog, improve your marriage, save money or do a fashion challenge, goals can make a HUGE difference in your life. You might not see changes overnight, but believe me, they are happening.

Now come say hi so we can cheer each other on and kick our goals butts in 2015!

Brooklyn Jolley is the author of the blog A Little Too Jolley. She’s a hairstylist by day and by night you can find her blogging about fashion, faith, healthy living and self-love. She’s a wifey to her husband of a year and a half and a mom to one puppy, two cats, & a hedgehog.

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What New Year’s Resolutions did you make this year? Do you have any tips for how to keep them?

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