Stitch Fix November 2015

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Happy November! Of course I kicked off the month with another Stitch Fix. I’m always surprised at when these show up on my door step because it signifies another close to another month. Kind of bittersweet, but with November comes Thanksgiving, and we’re another month closer to Christmas, my favorite holiday of course!

I won’t lie: this month’s Stitch Fix isn’t my favorite. My old stylist, Kim, seems to be MIA and I’m now being styled by Kate. While I think she did a good job of sticking to my style profile and following things I’ve pinned recently, I just am not blown away by any one piece. You’ll have to give me your feedback in the comments below, as I still have one more day to consider keeping any of the items! Without further ado, onto this month’s Stitch Fix!

Stitch Fix November 2015 Review & Styling // hellorigby seattle fashion blog

Stitch Fix November 2015 Review & Styling

Stitch Fix November 2015: Skies are Blue Lano Embroidery Detail Top in Burnt Orange // hellorigby seattle fashion blogSkies are Blue Lano Embroidery Detail Top in Burnt Orange, Size Small $58
I like the concept of this top, however based on how wrinkled it was in transit, I have a feeling this is a bit more high maintenance then I’d prefer. It also has an open back which makes it a little too much of a spring/summer top for my taste.

Stitch Fix November 2015: Papermoon Livi Dress in Navy // hellorigby seattle fashion blogPapermoon Livi Dress in Navy, Size Small Petite $58
This was something I’d pinned, and I really like it in theory, but on me I feel like it’s far too boxy. I like the length and cut, but wish it was a bit more fitted at the waist to balance out the oversized print.

Stitch Fix November 2015: Market & Spruce Elissa French Terry Moto Jacket in Light Grey // hellorigby seattle fashion blogMarket & Spruce Elissa French Terry Moto Jacket in Light Grey, Size Small $74
I believe I may have pinned this as well, because it does look like something I’d like. However, with that said, I  feel like it’s a little sporty for how I’d want to wear it. I think the same jacket in blush would be perfect.

Stitch Fix November 2015: 41Hawthorn Gideon Polka Dot Sweater in Black & White // hellorigby seattle fashion blog41Hawthorn Gideon Polka Dot Sweater in Black/Off-White, Size Small $68
This is cute, but honestly not really my style. I do like polka dots, but something about this sweater doesn’t really feel me. As you may notice, the sleeves are very long on me, and overall it’s kind of a loose (but comfortable) fit.

Stitch Fix November 2015: Liverpool Colleen Straight Leg Jean // hellorigby seattle fashion blogLiverpool Colleen Straight Leg Jean, Size 2P $78
I really like the fit of these, but the cut is so weird! The straight legs almost flare out at the bottoms, which makes them look super strange with shoes on. If these had a tapered ankle, they would be perfection.

So what do you think? Should I keep any of these pieces or send my entire Stitch Fix back? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

36 thoughts on “Stitch Fix November 2015

  1. Carly

    So strange about the jeans- I definitely thought they were going to be more of a kick crop, not a straight leg! I love the dress, but am with you on the fit being a little too baggy/boxy, but still looks super cute on you!

  2. Kyle

    I actually really like the dress and think it would be adorable for holiday parties – add a colorful statement necklace or sparkly belt and you’re done!

  3. Kristen

    oh i am obsessed with that polka dot sweater!! seriously, i think i pinned it 100 times and they never sent it. totally understand why you don’t love it though…. though i have literally never had anything be too long in the sleeves hahaha. my arms are so awkwardly long. anyway, i really like the jacket, but agree, it’s a bit sporty.

  4. Cat

    Bummer about your box this month! I agree, nothing here is really “wowing” me, but my favorite is the polka dot sweater. I can see that the sleeves are a little long on you, but it is adorable and it looks very cozy :)

  5. Jackie

    I don’t think any of those are really homeruns or must haves. That’s why I haven’t signed up for Stitch yet. It seems like they are either on point or way off.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Usually I have at least one piece in my box that I love, but unfortunately this month that wasn’t the case. It will be interesting to see if it’s better next month!

  6. Macy

    I actually really like the polka dot sweater! I think it’s cute, and longer sleeves can always be rolled up, or worn under a chambray.

  7. Crystal Ward

    I pretty much agree with your opinions on those across the board! I just ordered my 1st Fix since March (gave up after too many 0/5’s), hoping I don’t have similar luck! I do think the grey jacket is really cute on you, but if you’re not loving it, probably no point in dropping that much $.

    1. Jenn Post author

      My thoughts exactly! I did end up sending it all back, and if the 0/5 streak continues I’ll definitely be rethinking it as well. Hope you get a great fix, Crystal!

  8. Meg O.

    I agree with all of your comments, although you can wear anything and look awesome. That first top is my favorite on you… too bad it is so high maintenance! Ain’t nobody got time for wrinkles!

  9. Sarah

    I’ve been so disappointed in Stitchfix that I don’t have them coming regularly anymore. I like the dress, but it seems like it needs definition in the waist. Like the print is great. I love the polka dot sweater but it looks like something you could wait and pick up on sale at The Loft or The Limited.
    I like your fix a lot better than the last one I got, though! I miss the stylist that I used to have.
    My current one must not ever look at my Pinterest board!

    1. Jenn Post author

      That’s what I thought on the sweater too. It’s not super special for the price. I’m hopeful next month will be a little bit better as my new stylist gets to know me. We shall see, I guess! ;)

  10. Megan Pribble

    My Stitchfix was huge let-down this month, too! In fact, the past several have been mediocre. I do like the dress in your box (the print and style are cute!), but I understand that the fit is boxy. Hopefully we both get better boxes next time :)


  11. Maegen

    I think Stitch Fix continues to not get what a teeny, tiny person you are! I think that dress would fit two of you!

    I do really like the color of the 1st top on you, and I think the moto jacket would be cute if you needed something casual.

    1. Jenn Post author

      Haha! Honestly it fit pretty well in the shoulders/chest, it was just unfitted in all the wrong places. I did like the idea of the dress and the other pieces, but since I didn’t love them I decided to send it all back.


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