Knots, Anchors, & Giveaway

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You guys, we’re leaving in less than a week for Europe. I’m kind of starting to freak out. We haven’t even reserved all of our travel plans and hotels. Usually by this point I’d have everything more than planned out, but since we’re going with Dave’s co-workers (they’re going to a 2 day conference while we’re there) we’ve been dependent on others’ plans.

I’m sure it will all work out, but until then, I may be kind of a nervous wreck. I’m not one of those laid back, calm traveling types. Nope. Not at all.

Knotted Crop Top & High Waisted Skirt Outfit / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

Today’s outfit is my take on the crop top. I honestly have had a horrible time finding a cropped top that works for me as most of the fitted ones have looked unfortunate across the chest, and the looser, oversized ones tend to make me look kind of frumpy and/or are not actually cropped on me. The struggle. It’s real.

Striped Crop Top Outfit with White Skirt / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

What I’m Wearing
Top: Puella Swing Top (different fabrics)
Skirt: Chelsea28 A-Line Skirt (similar)
Shoes: Mossimo Caged Rylee Heel, Target
Necklace: Anchor Sideways Pendant, c/o The Collegiate Standard

But I was playing around with this top I have and knotting it and was like… hmm, I wonder what this would look like if I knotted it super short and faked a crop top? And so I did and I actually kind of dug it. So, here it is. Who needs to buy a crop top when you can just make it out of a shirt you already own, right?

Knotted Crop Top & White Skirt Outfit with The Collegiate Standard / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

In addition to my crop top escapades, this outfit features a cute little sterling silver anchor necklace that I received from The Collegiate Standard. As some of you may know, even though I went to traditional university, I wasn’t in the Greek system. I just didn’t feel like it was for me, but if you were in the Greek system, you’ll love a lot of the jewelry that The Collegiate Standard offers! If you’re like me though, you’ll probably be a bigger fan of the non-Greek pieces like this elephant ring or this pearl one.

The Collegiate Standard Anchor Sideway Pendant Necklace / hellorigby seattle fashion blog

They’ve offered 5% off any order with code “RIGBY” (not an affiliate code) and to give one of you the same necklace I’m wearing here, so be sure to enter below! *Please note, this giveaway is open to US addresses only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Were you in the Greek system in college? How would you style this necklace?

53 thoughts on “Knots, Anchors, & Giveaway

  1. Christy Peeples DuBois

    I wasn’t in the Greek system. I could style this necklace with so much of my summer casual wear. I wear jean shorts and tanks that are nautical looking often.

  2. Ree

    I went to University in Canada and was not in the Greek system. However, my blog partner was a member of Delta Gamma so the anchor is perfect for her! Love the outfit and the faux-crop top. Clever idea!

  3. Portia

    I went to the University of Washington and I, also, was not in the Greek system. I have a lot of friends that were, though, so I got to attend a lot of fun activities :) This necklace would be perfect for my friend who’s husband is in the Navy :) Love your pics!

    1. Jenn Post author

      Thanks so much, Portia! I also had a lot of friends in the Greek System so I got a little taste of it too. Thanks for entering the giveaway, and good luck! :)

  4. Leanna

    I’m loving this outfit! I have such a hard time finding crop tops that flatter me as well. Same issues as you, either they look frumpy or they make me look wayyy too busty for my liking. Great idea just turning a normal t into a crop top! And? those sandals are so cute, I can’t believe they’re from Target!

  5. Nataile Brown

    I would style this super cute necklace with a red & white striped top and blue jean shorts. Also, cute white sandals and other silver jewelry. So nice! Thank-you. :)

  6. Miranda @ Miranda Writes Blog

    What a cute idea! I can never find crop tops that work for me either so I might have to try this one. Have fun on your trip! I am not a calm traveler either. I’m always stressed about missing flights or getting lost so I totally feel you on that.

  7. Amy

    After going through 5 pregnancies and now having a teenage daughter, I think I’m past the crop top stage of life. lol. But the necklace and shoes are really cute.

  8. Julie

    That necklace is so cute! I love how dainty it is. I don’t like wearing chunky jewelry in the summer because it’s just too hot for that. I actually have the opposite problem with crop tops. I am pretty tall and have a long torso, so the crop tops end up coming up way too high. I’m afraid if I raise my arms my chest would be out. LOL

  9. Sarah

    I haven’t tried a croptop, but I like the way you wear that shirt! I did get one shirt that ties in the front, and I got totally wild and crazy and tied a chambray shirt in a knot in front of an olive green maxi!
    (I clicked the link and like that shirt untied, too! Super cute!)

  10. Shannon Hall

    Cutest outfit! I should do something like this because I have a few pants/skirts that would look so much better with a crop top but I am not really a fan. I wasn’t in the Greek system either but I have some friends that were and would love this jewelry! I do love the pearl rings on their site though!

  11. Kelsey D

    Im in AXiD but anchors have always been my favorite. They are a symbol for someone who has had a significant impact in my life. They reminded me to stay true to my word, hold my ground, and don’t get defeated. Anchors are the perfect symbol for that! Such a cute giveaway!

  12. Kimberly

    I’d wear this with a sleeveless white sundress, a blue and white striped cardigan and a red belt and red pumps.


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